The mainstream media has elected another president

My sister, who is only vaguely interested in politics, told me the other day that the Dems are lucky, because they’ve got such a deep pool of candidates for 2016 — and then proceeded to name Hillary and Cuomo.  She had no idea who Rubio, Jindal, West, Love, etc., were, and she knows who Ryan is only because he was on the Romney ticket.  The reason for my sister’s ignorance is simple:  On the rare occasions when she tunes into the news — meaning the MSM, not alternative media — these stations make no mention whatsoever of rising conservative stars.  Further, if she bothered to watch Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert, who do mention young conservative guns, she would come away believing that they’re stupid and cruel, and that they hate old people and minorities (or are self-hating minorities).

Here’s the dirty secret of the 2012 election:  The mainstream media still rules.

We conservatives, optimistic to the point of stupidity, foolishly believed that the liberal media’s lies and hysteria during the Bush years was such that Americans stopped trusting it and tuned out.  Obama’s election, we thought, was the last gasp of a dinosaur press.  We assumed that it had impaired its brand so much that it would soon be reduced to irrelevancy.

What we didn’t realize was that during the Bush and Obama years, the drive-by media didn’t destroy its credibility.  Instead, it effectively destroyed the average American’s credulity.  The media still rules and it easily managed to put another one of its own into the White House.  Even more impressively, this year the media did it with the gloves off.  It made no pretense whatsoever of objectivity and, as it happily discovered, the voters didn’t care.

It’s at times like this that I really miss Andrew Breitbart.  He understood how to play the media.  No one else seems to, and I say that with all due respect to the energy, effort, and initiative that conservative stalwarts show every day.

As Breitbart understood, Obama and his ilk are not the enemy.  They’re the enemy’s spawn.  The real enemy is the media, and the question that must occupy us during the next I don’t know how many years is how we re-balance the media, either from the inside by breaking the Progressive hold or from the outside by setting up equally strong media alternatives.  Fox and AM radio, despite their popularity amongst core conservatives, are not changing the nation’s zeitgeist, which is still manipulated by a very-much-alive Progressive media.

One of the worst things about the media is how slavishly America’s young people follow it.  Whatever happened to teenage rebellion?  For better or worse, in the 1960s, teenage rebellion was about remaking the world, with drugs and sex as an enjoyable byproduct.  Now, though, teenage rebellion is about drugs and sex and, once having attained those “edgy” attributes, America’s young people willingly fall into the lockstep dictated to them by old Hollywood and Manhattan fat cats.

Can we make Individualism edgy?  That is, can we entice young people into breaking with their parents by embracing individualist, free-market ideas as an act of rebellion that goes beyond drugs, sex, and mimicking the latest mindless Leftist out of Hollywood?

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  • vinny

    Not sure if we can but you hit the nail on the head. We have an ignorant populace. We need to teach them to think and it won’t happen for generations. 

  • zabrina

    I’m afraid the individual(ist) will always be outnumbered by the crowd. In a true democracy, that means the crowd eats the individual. Seems like that’s where we’re headed now.

  • TAKirk

    What do you propose?

  • jj

    Yeah, Vinny’s right.  Without meaning to be unfriendly: the reason for your sister’s ignorance is that she’s ignorant.  She is the product of her teaching.  There was a time when part of what we were taught was to develop a healthy intellectual curiosity, with a good appetite that required constant feeding.  “Go and find out” was a catchphrase of my youth – and I mean quite young youth: by third grade we were facile finder-outers with constant recourse to the dictionary, encyclopedias, almanacs, and the non-fiction sections of libraries.  Newspapers and radio were there too for more current events; TV was barely a blip on the horizon (sheesh, I’m old!).  We were taught to be curious, which automatically generates a measure of scepticism, (no, Microsoft, I will not put a “k” there), because one quickly notes there is often more than one version of the story.  Wading through this teaches discernment.  One becomes discriminatory which, despite the constant low-level BS that permeates society like background radiation, is a good thing.
    Your sister is the beneficiary of a modern education which, if anything, tends to stifle such innate curiosity as those who still have it at all possess.  (I note that young people today are increasingly incurious.  I don’t know why this is, but it seems that among the very young the drive to “go and find out,” even if stoked, is operating at greatly diminished intensity.  We are breeding badly.)  Your sister does what most seem to do today: she accepts.  It never occurs to her, as it occurs to fewer and fewer, to wonder what’s behind the curtain.  She has no drive to go and look.  She has no interest in independent thought about matters to which she sees no direct connection with herself, and she’s not intellectually curious enough to go look for those connections, even just to make sure that she’s out of the line of fire.   An American education has killed whatever intellectual curiosity with which she began.  She is not atypical.

  • lee

    Here is my rambling reply:

    I mentioned something to this effect in an earlier response to one of your blogs. (Or maybe it was DQ’s?) We need to take over or destroy the lame stream media.

    I agree that Andrew Breitbart was working on it, and that he had a better handle than most on what the problem is. But… Fox isn’t bad, and you see how the Left sneers at Fox. Any “replacement” will just be another Fox, as far as they are concerned.

    There are a lot of reasonably intelligent people on the left, that maybe, just maybe, if they learned a little something, and were open to learning a little something, they might stop voting the way they do. But they drink deep from the wrong pierian spring, the one filled with the Progressive Kool-Aid. I have friends that I want to grab by the shoulders and shake, “You are so smart!? Why are you so FRIGGIN’ STUPID abut voting!?!?!” Of course, they does not convert anyone…

    Many of Bookworm Room followers, and Tea Partiers are former lefties ourselves. What did we do before we saw the light? What made us wake up? What was our road to Damascus? Can we bottle it and feed it to the folks in Marin and on the Upper West Side, et al?

    Like it or not, the New York Times and friends have us protrayed as Rich Old White Men or Crazy Religious Nutjobs. So what if their pals at Goldman Sacks give money hand over fist to the Democrats, and their Moslem pals are blowing people up. How do we shake that, and grab back the Party of Lincoln? How did they shake the IMAGE of being Corrupt Tammany Hall party? (THey still ARE the corrupt Tammany Hall party; they just shook the image of being that.) Okay, so it does help to have the New York Times in the tank for you….

    Maybe we should all just focus on converting one person a month, each of us. And for every ten of us, in one year, there will be 100 (figuring that some conversions won’t “take.”) and in two years, 200… and so on. And if THEY reach out to convert so many per year…

    A lot of Monday-morning quarterbacking has been talking about, “Oooooh! We must find ways to broaden our appeal to women and to Hispanics.” I think WE don’t need to “broaden our appeal” (i.e., change to become Pregoressive? What else can that mean?) But what we need to do is to EFFECTIVELY COMMUNICATE WHAT IT IS WE ARE ABOUT. And such as it is, the route of effective communication is controlled by the “lame stream media.”

    So, how do we get Rachel Maddow and Soledad O’Brien, and Chris Matthews OUT? And the voices of reason in? I say, put our money where our mouths are. STOP WATCHING ANY PBS AT ALL!!!! No more Big Bird! (Okay, so CNN’s rating are in the tank. And Jon Stewart doesn’t have a huge audience either, comparatively speaking.) Make demands of advertisers and sponsors: Stop supporting the lies propagated by the “Main Stream” Media, or we will stop buying Mr. Clean.

    Someone else (here or at another blog) suggested an Oprah for the Conservatives. (I forget who they specifically mentioned.) I love that idea. Not an “Oprah FOR THE CONSERVATIVES” so much, and an Oprah who happens to be conservative. Because really, a lot of the Oprah fans are deep down inside conservative about a lot of things. Money matters to most people. And with a popular day time talk show personality making the info Keynes and Hayek and Bastiat accessible to the masses via mass media, well, we could educate oodles of concerned couch potatoes.

    I learned a loooooooong time ago that it is virtually impossible to argue with liars. And I have never solved that problem, except LIE ONE’S SELF. If you don’t have the facst at hand, make some up. And if they challenge you, challenge them to prove it. That’s what they do. And that is what happened in this election and one four years ago… And the MEDIA HELPED WITH THE LYING!!!

    We still gotta take ’em over or get rid of ’em.

    On a slightly unrelates note:

    We also need to find someone WE ARE THRILLED ABOUT. In four years, we need a candidate we are ebullient over. None of this “Mitt! Mitt! He’s our Man! If he can’t do, well, someone else probably can. He just happens to be the one running at this time…” That helped sink us–if the conservatives are less then thrilled with the “conservative” candidate, how can we expect fence-sitters to even warm up to him? And if we wind up with another candidate that we are lukewarm about, GET OVER IT!!!! AND BE FRABJOUS OODLY HEAD OVER HEELS OVER THE CANDIDATE!!!!!

    We have four years to groom, vet, and get crazy about the next candidate.

  • Libby

    It’s the entire culture, from music to movies, TV, and books, that reinforce the Left’s ideals. Who are the villains? Corporations & business men, crazy Christians, and psychopathic military/intelligent officers. Who are the heroes? Activists, NGO’s and non-profits, eco/gender/racial warriors just trying to make a better world. After decades of every story telling them that Lefty activists = good, businessmen = bad is it any wonder that tens of millions would find a community organizer appealing and a responsible, upstanding business man threatening? The MSM only had to find and then push the right buttons.

  • Jose

    Lee’s plan to attract and influence the incurious sounds good to me.  It does occur to me that we need our own versions of Jon Stewart, and Bill Maher.  And then I realize we have Dennis Miller.  Perhaps if he stepped away from Fox and styled himself as an independent he’d reach a larger audience.  If the liberal media would let him in.  It would have to done surreptitiously, as the left has done.
    Not to beat this to death, but it occurred to me that the article about FEMA closing due to bad weather never mentions Obama, despite widespread starvation, looting, dumpster diving, and people crapping in the halls.  If Bush had been in office we know the sensational headlines would all have blamed him for abandoning the under classes. 

    Obama may not have stopped the rise of the oceans, but at least he eliminated cannibalism.

  • Libby

    Jose, Dennis Miller has a daily radio show and he is definitely independent: fiscally conservative, socially liberal, and raised Catholic but not currently practicing any religion. Where he excels is in communicating his values while putting issues in the proper perspective (i.e., he’s for same sex marriage but knows that it is less important than a strong military and controlling the deficit). He has a variety of interests, is a voracious reader, and welcomes guests from all over the map. He’s the least offensive and most entertaining non-Lefty radio host we’ve got. How do we get more like him in front of the public?

  • Beth

    I would like to think that the youngsters of today will indeed rise up when they have to take care of their parents who have been strutting around like teenagers for the past twenty years.  When their jobs don’t come and then the nursing home fills up and so their parents have to move back into their own homes that their children now live in….maybe they will wake up and say, “Wait a minute!  Why are you suddenly acting your age?”
    Oh, wait a minute, I forgot, Obamacare will take care of that scenerio….no, maybe they won’t ever grow up…

  • jj

    Along with actually taking the fight to the opposition, maybe in cases like this our side could be a little less puritanical about things, too.  You know – in the interests of winning?  Now that we’re 48 hours past it and the final numbers are out there, we come to the knowledge that nearly 3.5 million registered republicans stayed home, engaged in being ideologically pure.  Jackasses was what they were being, of course, presumably because they couldn’t stand another moderate.  No question, Mitt wasn’t the choice of the conservatives – nor mine, either – but not to the point of staying home.  Staying home was a vote for Jugears.  You stay home you cut your own throats, you dumb bastards – had those 3.5 million showed up, Romney wins by about 180,000.  Hard numbers.  (And I don’t give a s— if you cut your own throats, but do it privately: by not voting you also cut mine, thanks.)
    Everybody’s going through a lot of angst here, and a lot of it’s unnecessary.  It isn’t like democrat ideas or talking points triumphed.  We had a crap candidate who either didn’t know how to or didn’t want to fight;  he ran a crap campaign – marginally better than the other idiot, McCain – avoiding the main issues; we didn’t let the military vote again; 3.5 million republican voters stayed home – and he still came pretty damn close to unseating an incumbent.  I see all these blitherers on the box talking about how the republicans have to fundamentally refine the party, take a real careful look at how they manage their message, make fundamental adjustments – it’s all crap.  We didn’t get nearly as badly beaten two days ago as the democrats did two years ago.  What the hell happened in 24 months, that we have to so fundamentally rethink everything from the ground up?  Only one thing: we ran a moderate nobody liked.   3.5 million of us didn’t vote for him.
    The only difference was , in 2010 those 3.5 million who stayed home Tuesday came out, because the Tea Party ideologically involved them.  Romney didn’t.  So clearly, the message doesn’t need to “be refined,” or change much at all, but we need to be goddam sure of our messengers in future.  The GOP saddles the true believers with GHW Bush, Dole, McCain, and Romney – and expects that they’ll show up to vote for them anyway, just because, in the cases of McCain and Romney, they aren’t Obama.  Not good enough!  And it turns out republican voters have standards, 3.5 million of them just showed you, GOP, that they aren’t showing up just because the moderate candidate you put up isn’t the other guy.  They require a reason to show up – to our detriment, and I wish they weren’t so goddamed stiff-necked in this instance, but you have to admire the standards.  (Don’t forget: Romney still damn near won, and if that 3.5 million had showed up, he woulda.)  You should not be listening to any of this BS emanating from wherever it comes from about needing a fundamental rethink.  It isn’t necessary.  We are not democrats.  Democrats would vote for Reinhard Heydrich if he had a little (d) after his name.  3.5 million of us wouldn’t even vote for Romney because he was a damned moderate.  That kind of thinking could be softened a little, though as I say: you have to admire the standards.
    The big thing remains: you have to fight for it, just as though you really wanted it.  Romney should have spent two hours a day, every day, on Pelosicare.  (She wrote it, Obama’s just one of the many who never read it – let’s call it by the correct name.)  That was the issue that galvanized the smear in 2010, the single, big, overarching issue.  Romney never mentioned it!  (Maybe he did a time or two; if so I didn’t hear him.)  It should have been unavoidable.  It should have been hammered.  It should have been non-stop.
    And there’s the fundamental change we make.  Good-bye GOP, with your taste for moderates.  A moderate is a person who essentially believes in nothing.  We proved, in 2010 that we like red meat.  We like people who believe, and do it passionately.  On the actual, numerical evidence, that’s the only change that needs to be made.  Instead of nominating the moderates and hoping the hard core show up, how about we try nominating the hard-core and hoping the moderates show up?  They’re far more likely to, they have no standards.       

  • b.

    In reading postmortems, I’m surprised how few strategists take into account the media.  If Romney had spent more or said more or… Too bad.  The media had him in a ziploc baggie all year, and they were squishing it. The morning after Stevens is murdered, before Obama jets off to Vegas before he has a cozy interview with Kroft, what were the media doing?  Grilling Romney about whether he regretted his tone. The media are relentless with “have you stopped beating your wife.”  Just relentless.

    As per Klavan‘s take, and the commenters here, we need an alternate universe of media that includes Oprahs and Stewarts.  

  • lee

    Here is another thought–four years or BRANDING. We conservatives need to: A) stick together; and B) Get our message out there.

    We need to hang together, we will most assuredly hang separately. Because there are way more Democrats out there then the rest of us combined. If we go the third part route, we are unlikely to pull too many Democrats away to it. (Though it did floor me, back in my lefty-nut-job days, how many Democrats I knew voted for Ross Perot. Go figure.)

    I also think that for the next four years, we need to ADVERTISE like crazy: well crafted, spectacularly produced commercials, video and print media that get out the message what it is to be conservative, and why should YOU (the reader/watcher/listener) be conservative. And maybe it’s a teaser for one year: “Do you worry about your job? Your future? Your children’s future? So do we.” And leave it at that. In Year Two, we let a little more information; in Year Three, more, until Year Four, the great unveiling, yes, you, too are a Republican.

    And what was it that made us former lefties wake up and smell the coffee? For me, 9/11 and the left’s response to it was the big slap in the face, as well as the growing demonization of Israel by the left. From there, I started to realize that I had been veering right for awhile. Sure, I voted to reelect Clinton, but I was disappointed in his behavior, and extremely angry about Whitewater–the people who got snookered were average working stiffs. And I was getting miffed about changes in credit card laws that were screwing ME. But I still went out and (gulp) voted for Gore in 2000. (We really dodged a bullet there!)

    I read (past tense) the NY Times religiously. I lived on the Upper West Side! I was a grad student for ever. I bought into the whole “green” bull-oney. However, I am fairly intelligent–and I had the time to realize that there were a lot of disconnects. Solar power is highly problematic, and no one was talking about how problematic it was–and how it was only almost approaching something POSSIBLY being “cost-effective” only with mucho breaks and rebates galore. That I, as a tax payer and energy consumer, was paying for. I also became totally disenchanted with the so-called “women’s movement.” I started to feel that it, and especially the “sexual revolution” did a disservice to women. At least MOST women.

    I have had some success in presenting my thoughts to my lefty friends, but I have never convinced them to convert. I may have given them some food for thought, but I think after mulling it over, they forgot about it and left it at that,

    So, here is my resolution: I am going to convert one of my lefty friends. And I will see how long it takes, and report back.

  • Ron19

    We had some real fire-breathing candidates in the Republican Primary.

    Unfortunately, every time one of them seemed to be rising to the top of the heap, the MSM attack dogs went all out to find something trivial and blow it up, until the candidate dropped out.  The last one standing was Romney, who stayed the course.  No fire breathing conservatism, but no history, either, according to the Republican Party. 

    They did the same kinds of attacks on Sarah Palin in 2008, starting with the announcement of her as the VP pick.  I was all set to actively support her in 2009 forward, until I saw the results of a poll that said that 94% of Americans or likely voters would not vote for her, no matter what.  That could only be the result of the MSM.

    Monsignor (later Bishop) Fulton J. Sheen once commented that millions of people hated the Catholic Church for what they thought it was; only hundreds of people hated the Catholic Church for what it actually is.  In the 80 years since he wrote that, the Church has not been able to overcome that impression of the millions.

    As many commenters have noted in the past two days, Republicans have the same problem:  People all across the political and social spectrum like Republican/conservative values, until they find out that they are Republican/conservative values; they hate what politicians do, until they find out that it’s the lefty politicians that are doing it.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Unfortunately, due to Democrat demagoguery supported by a complicit media, I would maintain that most Americans have no idea what Republican values are.

  • LCP

    Folks…TURN OFF THE MEDIA.  Seriously.  TURN THAT SHIT OFF. No movies (except torrents)..[What?!!  HOllywood is all for taking my shit and giving it to everyone else, why shouldn’t I take their shit and give it to me?!]  

    Seriously, turn it all off.   PBS, NPR, CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, HBO, even FOX….It is all corrupt.

    My family (wife and 2 kids under 10) and I unplugged cable 10 years ago and we’ve never looked back.  WE LOVE IT.  Our house is more peaceful and our kids are outdoors constantly.  We read, we hike, we ride bikes and the kids simply have no idea what television is or what you might do with one.  Take the money you spend on TV in a year (easily $100.00 month) and put it towards a private school.  GET YOUR KIDS OUT OF THE ENEMY’S PROPAGANDA MILL.

    How do I get news?  I have a well-developed blogroll and instead of whatever propaganda the enemy of our society would be pumping into my house, I read Bookworm, Legal insurrection, Insty, Powerline, ProteinWisdom, Patterico, Hewitt, Michael Totten, David Thompson and a few others and I am WILDLY better informed than any of my peers. 

    As far as converting liberals, it takes a huge investment of time.  If I get one liberal to actually THINK once a month, I’m making tremendous progress.  But it takes a tremendous amount of investment in time and patience.  Liberals, in general, are so unused to thinking, it’s ridiculous.  They’re trained to emote and to intimidate.  So…to get them to think, you have to be willing to be creative…to bring them out of their fearful little mental rituals.

    Thus far, the single most effective technique is to take the essence of the leftist argument and to argue it to its logical extension and stand back while your leftist friend tries to argue against it.   Like this.

    Me: “Oh, I totally agree that health care should be single payer.  But that’s not enough.  We need single payer grocery stores.  If you think not having medical is dangerous and expensive, try going even three days without food!  You could DIE!  And why – in America – should we allow some people to buy better food than others?  That’s un-American.  We need state-run grocery stores and everyone MUST buy food insurance.  Think how much better and cheaper food would be if people weren’t allowed to be swayed by fancy advertising.  Think how much better it would be if everyone HAD to eat broccoli.  We’d all be so healthy!  And the ObamaFood store can then determine whether you’re allowed to have steak or if you need chicken or cornmeal and cauliflower.  And they can set up a board to determine if you’re getting enough vitamin D. And it would eliminate the profit that grocery stores charge and everyone would be better off.  Except Congress.  They’d have their own private grocery store.

    And once we’re done with grocery stores, we need to move on to socialized lawyers.  Have you ever tried reading your mortgage?  Good grief.  Or incorporating a business in California?  Or fighting the IRS?  Everyone needs a free lawyer.  And the government can provide it!”  And so on.   This last one works especially well on left wing lawyers.  Watching them give birth to a kitten as they try to argue against it is absolutely priceless.

    You should see the Left-wingers’ eyes bug out when THEY realize for themselves that the position THEY’VE been advocating is nothing but fashionable totalitarianism with a smiley face on it.  

  • Bookworm

    Oh, my gosh, LCP.  The idea of single-payer grocery stores is brilliant!! I never thought of taking reductio ad absurdum arguments in the directions you talk about.

  • LCP

    Well, gosh, thanks Bookworm. I’m flattered you like it.  I love your blog.  

    That’s the simplest and most evocative one I’ve come up with, so far.  But the concept works for just about everything.  

    After growing up in San Diego and living in the Bay Area (Twin Peaks) my whole life, I’ve came to realize that no amount of presenting counter-evidence was EVER going to convince even one hard-core leftist.  You have to make an argument that forces the leftist into being the “conservative.”  Force them to advocate limits on behavior and to try to defend that limit.  You’ll be surprised at how many of them can’t.  And how fast they get WILDLY uncomfortable and reactionary.

    Try it with gay marriage:  “Gay marriage is a great idea!  But it’s not enough.  Why should we limit it to ONE person married to ONE other person.  What are you some kind of bigot?!  It’s NATURAL that I love a man and a woman and I want to marry both of them.”    

    The trick is to make it just radical enough that you’re able to adopt that ever-so-edgy and smug pose that liberals inhabit.  It has to be just plausible enough that it’s edgy without being too obvious a ploy.  Sometimes…when I’m on a roll…it’s like freakin’ Kryptonite for liberals.  They want SO BADLY to be the ones pushing the boundaries, to be “cool” that they don’t know what to do with themselves.  And that’s when it hit me.  The vast majority of your garden variety liberals CAN’T actually think.  They remember little factoids.  They remember little macro-routines that end with moral scolding and an attempt at shaming you, without ever making even teh shallowest attempt to convince anyone with logic or reason or fact.  They put themselves on these high moral pedestals of faux-radicalism and they look down and sneer at us.  But when you evict them from that perch, a huge number of them are revealed as the unthinking acolytes of the totalitarian religion that they are.  And when they realize it for themselves, they really can’t handle it.

  • Charles Martel

    I don’t know who this LCP person is, but I’ll have whatever he/she is having.

  • Earl

    OK, denizens of the BookwormRoom….you assignment is to go and read Andrew Klavan’s terrific column in the City Journal.  b. recommended it up above, but it’s clear that most of you didn’t pick up on his link.  It starts like this:
    “Life is short, said Hippocrates, but art is long. There is a practical corollary to that great truth: elections are won and lost in the politics of the moment, but it’s the culture that makes the nation.
    “In the aftermath of President Obama’s victory, conservative political thinkers will have to ask themselves some hard questions. How much of our defeat was due to strategy and how much to structure? How can we reach out to struggling workers without sacrificing our commitment to free enterprise and individual liberty? How can we speak to single women without losing voters committed to family values and the lives of the unborn? How can we welcome the children of illegal immigrants without compromising our belief in the rule of law?
    “The smartest political writers in the country, all of whom are conservative, will now be addressing those questions. I’m an artist; I play the long game.”
    Read it ALL:

  • LCP

    Glad you like it.  I’ll try to be a little more active around here in the future.

    We have to be fearless.  We have to work at educating our children and our families and our communities in the defense of freedom.  And even though I’ve never put my kids in a government indoctrination facility, that’s not enough.  You can never rest when it comes defending yourself and your kids from the seductive power of surrender and the ease and the luxury it offers.
    We know we’re right.  But we have a hard time explaining it, because it’s not easy to reduce an explanation of the complexity of human freedom to a bumper sticker.  But we MUST.  We must find ways to explain the truth to people who have never even been exposed to it. 

    I was not kidding when I said we should ALL turn off ALL major media.  All of it. No TV, no ESPN, no “popular” music. No drive time radio.  No ads.  Fill your kids brains with classical music and great books on tape and podcasts from interesting scientists.  We all know the major media is enemy.  Do we let it in our house and in our brains because we think they’re somehow not the enemy?  Or do we do it because it’s easy?

  • Ymarsakar

    I operate 100% of my operations on the net. Because they find it hard to tax the hell out of you there and I’m seeing a great many innovations for the commons there too. Creative licenses from kickstarter that actually pays the developers directly from the consumers, rather than 40-90% being taken up by the “middle men” of Hollywood and Democrat wholly owned production companies.

  • Ymarsakar

    It’s fine for the individual to be outnumbered by the crowd. I can train an individual to kill every single person in a crowd. And that’s all that really matters, when it comes down to it.