Found it on Facebook: Republicans are the party of slavery and Jim Crow

I don’t even know where to begin addressing this one:

Would any of you care to have it? A good start would probably be the fact that blacks are returning to the South because economic conditions are better there and they are better integrated, rather than being consigned to vast, dangerous urban ghettos in the Blue States.  We could also talk about the more conservative values southerners, including blacks, have that have nothing to do with slavery or racism.

UPDATE:  A map that shows votes by county reveals that the election split wasn’t slave versus free or north versus south or black versus white. It was, instead, cities versus suburbs and rural areas:

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  • JKB

    Well, I thought it might be of interest to see how the military place of enlistment compared but I can’t find a map of that.  

    In regards to the urban vs suburban rural.  That would still fit the military map I believe.  It did remind me of this little discussion by Walter Russell Mead in a post about NY and disasters. After Sandy: Can New York Be Made Safe From The Sea? Should We Care? | Via Meadia The urban centers are a century behind the times.  Built as water ports and then expanded as spoke and hum rail centers.  Technology has made dispersion possible again.  But then, the Left is obsessed with killing the auto and recreating the urban center hub.  But with some odd pathology as they outlaw the icky manufacturing in those hubs.  As an irony, the efforts to save the legacy cities will likely accelerate their decline as taxes and recession push people to less costly places to live.

    In the 18th century being close to ports and good rivers was crucial; in the 19th century the industrial revolution and the rise of the railroad created the hub and spokes model of city center and residential suburb that most of us instinctively think of today as the urban ideal. In the 20th century the rise of decentralized automobile based transit plus cheap electrical power promoted the rise of increasingly autonomous suburbs and cities like Los Angeles with relatively underdeveloped centers surrounded by massive sprawl.

  • MacG

    Isn’t cute how ‘they’ used red for the slave states in the first map when the south was blue?  Put blue in those red states in the first map then republish it on facebook.


    A 1950 map. Why not a 1960 or 1970 map of Mass. with a zoom button for Boston. If my memory is intact, Boston was the last city to integrate the public schools by court order, of course.



    Bookworm, you could post another map. It’s green – their favorite color.
    CONGRATULATIONS, DEMOCRATS: Interior Department Blocks Access to 1.6 Million Acres of Oil in the West

  • Ymarsakar

    Well they have convinced many blacks that Abraham Lincoln was a Democrat. The thing is, the reason why South had slavery was because the South voted overwhelmingly for Democrats. The commonality wasn’t the state terrain, but the political party. People like to excuse it by saying the Democrat party has changed over the course of time, but people need to understand something. The reason why the LEft found the Democrats easy to infiltrate was not because the Demos were full of virtuous pro freedom loving people.