One that I missed and would like to share with you

I managed to miss Sheldon G. Adelson’s pre-election op-ed piece in the WSJ about the sea change in Democrat party values, but it’s never too late to read a good editorial.  This opinion piece couldn’t change the election’s outcome, but I think it’s still worth reading, especially if all of us are committed to changing one Progressive/Democrat mind before the next election.

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  • Gringo

    PaulScott @ #45
    You’re all cowards. Snively, pseudo-intellects who just like ganging up on the enemy.

    Yup, you really know how to win friends and influence people. If you had any valid arguments with which to convince others of the validity of your arguments, you wouldn’t need to revert to such insults.
    Book and most of the commenters here used to be libs. As such, your attempt to shame us falls on deaf ears. Having grown up among libs, we are well accustomed to lib tactics, and simply roll our eyes at such attempts. As another former lib said, “There you go again.” You are simply rehashing the “smart Demos..stupid Pubs” meme that has been around since the intelligentsia fell in love with Adlai, if not earlier.
    Are you so lacking in original thought that you need to recycle a meme that is 60 years old?