Obama’s role model

We keep being told that Obama, who is the military Commander in Chief and the nation’s chief executive, had no knowledge of the various scandals plaguing his administration.  These range from Fast and Furious to events in Benghazi.  Obama’s latest area of ignorance is the sexual soap opera playing out over at the CIA and FBI, which Obama allegedly (and conveniently) didn’t learn about until after the election:

Watching that, I finally realized who must be Obama’s role model:

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  • JKB

    It’s quite obvious, Obama’s not in charge.  Others are making decisions that rightfully belong to the CinC and President.  

    BTW, I see now Jill Kelly’s sister is involved which drags in Sens. Kerry and Whitehouse.  Geez, feels just like high school when one little scandal snowballed into the entire coaching staff being fired for sex with several female students.  

    I’m still not certain Patraeus didn’t light this firecracker rather than be under the thumb of Chicago.  Even if not intentional I see Brietbart lives.  It’s a sideshow but every salacious detail in the papers makes it harder to hide the real scandal (Benghazi) when it lights off with testimony.

  • http://OgBlog.net Earl

    I can’t figure out how Jay Carney can keep doing what he’s doing.
    Either he knows that he’s out there telling  lies, in which case, how does he get through doors, or ride in cars?  Wouldn’t his (six-foot long) nose be bleeding constantly?
    OR, he’s being fed lies and really knows nothing more than what he’s spouting….but the man HAS a brain, doesn’t he?  Is he just so attached to his current employment that he’s willing to knowingly play the part of a sock puppet for the Chicago thugs?  Or does he actually worship at the shrine of Obama and figure that so long as he hasn’t been told what’s up, he’s “clean” in purveying the c**p they’re feeding him?
    It’s impossible for me to imagine how an honest and honorable man keeps coming out and doing what he’s doing — and his delivery indicates to me that he’s got at least a bit of stress about it.
    I really (Really….REALLY) want to see a set of hearings along the lines of Watergate on this.  But, since the guys in the dock are Democrats, you won’t see any bipartisanship as you did in the ’70s with Nixon. The GOP doesn’t play the game the way the Dems do — they still have a sense that the country is more important than “their guy”.


    The GOP doesn’t play the game the way the Dems do — they still have a sense that the country is more important than “their guy”.

    We’ll see what the GOP will or won’t do or say. It’s simply impossible that only Democrats knew/know what’s what.  I realize that there missions and secrets that should never be aired in public.  The administration mixes colors with the whites, dirty with clean and sends out Jay FeBreeze Carney with talking points on “how to launder the story”.

    It’s obvious …we’re missing socks.    


  • lee

    My personal theory is that someone connected with the Whitehouse tried to hold the affair over Petraeus’s head to make him toe a certain line, and he decided to come clean and get the hell’outta Dodge rather than live under the threat of blackmail. (I also suspect the blackmail threat wasn’t laid on him until AFTER Tuesday.)

  • skullbuster

    The final straw is when Susan Rice is appointed Sec. of State.  Unbelieveable.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Lee, your argument sounds outlandishly paranoid. It also sounds right.

    It certainly would conform to the Chicago way.  


    lee, if blackmail was held over post Tuesday, why did he stick to the “video riot” story in hearings?

  • http://OgBlog.net Earl

    Thank you, Sadie….that’s precisely the question.
    Petraeus KNEW that Stevens, et al were murdered by a planned and coordinated al Qaeda attack within 24 hours of their deaths.  Yet he testified to the “party line” in front of Congress — although, I’ve heard, not under oath.  Not that it makes any difference to an honorable man. 
    Did anyone see his hands while he said that?  I’d be willing to consider cutting him some slack if he had his fingers crossed.  sarc\off

  • Mike Devx

    Earl said, I can’t figure out how Jay Carney can keep doing what he’s doing.  Either he knows that he’s out there telling  lies, in which case, how does he get through doors, or ride in cars?

    Earl, just remember Baghdad Bob.  “Saddam Hussein is winning!  Our streets are awash with the blood of the American enemy.  Every day we push them miles back and we will soon rid the entire country of them!”

    Even as, far in the background behind him but in camera shot, American tanks are rolling up the hillside.  😉

    He had a job to do.  And so does Jay Carney.

  • Mike Devx

    “It sure would be a shame if all these emails and your little affair were to go public, wouldn’t it, Director?  Now, about your testimony to Congress next week…”

    That’s not quite as bad as “You shore have a purty little girl there.  Would be a shame if something bad were to happen to her.”  But bad enough.

    I am convinced, but with no proof, that the Administration threatened him with blackmail.  It’s their way.

    And I want to think that he simply lost his moral compass, but only for a couple of days.  And he forgot a truism: Once you are under a blackmailer’s thumb, you are never a free man, ever again.  Luckily he came to his senses, and realized, not only would he never be free again, but also that THIS crowd of Chicago thugs would ensure that by the time they were done with him, and threw him under the bus, they would make sure he was a complete ruin.  And so he got out from under them while he still had time.

    Then again, there is the worse alternative:  Though a smart man, he really is nothing more than a political General, and he will go whichever way the political winds are blowing.  And in fact, the Administration knew he wasn’t ever a team player with them anyway, and immediately after the election, THEY purged HIM.

    I hope we find out the truth. 


    There’s another hideous layer, one that hasn’t been discussed – undermining our faith in the military. It’s bad enough we have little to no trust in politicians, but when and how the military becomes a target of a 2012 version of Bob & Carol, Ted & Alice – we’ve got very deep problems. Still missing from the timeline and details: Gen. Carter Ham, relieved of duty immediately after 9/11/12, Ambassador Ryan Crocker, relieved of duty in July 2012 due to “health issues” – only if a DUI in Spokane is a health issue. Crocker was supposed to speak at the World Affairs Council this month in Philly. It’s been delayed until December as well as Crocker’s hearings for DUI has been postponed 3x.

    I need a map to follow all the details and a younger brain to maintain what I’ve read so far.

    Video maker – already in jail for a year. That was quick.
    Eric Holder – off the front page along with Fast and Furious.
    Hillary – wine tasting with friends in Australia and soon to leave the administration.


  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    We all know they’re getting rid of Constitutional loyalists in the military and filling the posts with their goons or at least those who will kowtow to the Civilian Security force of Obama’s martial law declaration. Not all of us are willing to admit it, even at this stage.