1. MacG says

    Was Victoria’s Secret dropping the Native American costume really from pressure by Native Americans or just some PC activists?  Or was the whole thing a marketing ploy by VS?  Seems Gwen Stefani’s No Doubt group bowed to similar pressures.

    All of the media attention was virtually the same language leading me to believe they all used the same source.

    If it really offended NAtive AMericans then I get it but if it was just hypersensitive PC activism that looks the other way for similar things Judao/Christian then I have a problem with it.

  2. Spartacus says

    How else could the fine readers here be so prescient?  ;)
    Actually, it’s prolly just @%#&@# “Daylight Savings Time.”  One of those “Does your server offset for DST, or should my client offset, or if I offset, then will I be offsetting your offset, and are you offsetting according to the 2007 standards, or the previous ones?” kind of things.  We used to have lightbulbs that were simple and nontoxic, and clocks that kept the time.  So the feds outlawed one, and completely screwed up the other.

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