Steve Crowder on Israel hatred (and ignorance) on the Left

In a sane world, Steve Crowder would have his own TV show, rather than three-minute segments.  Of course, the discipline of a three-minute segment means that every word he says is worthy.  There is no useless, time-consuming filler.  Watch and learn.  (Ah, heck, you guys already know this.  But watch to get talking points for the next time you find yourself talking to someone who prefers gay killers to humanists.)

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  • Ymarsakar

    If I were to lead the counter revolution against the Left’s theology, I would hire all these conservative propagandists and put them in my shadow cabinet.

  • JohnC

    I do not know any Palestinians. I do not know any Israelis.
    Over the years I have heard a lot of talk from people on both sides of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. I looked at all the info and made my decision on who I believed to be in the right. I finally came to the conclusion that it is Israel. (If you are already typing a response at this point without reading my reasoning then you are a officially an ass.)
    Here’s the realization that made up my mind:
    If the Israelis were to disarm today what would the Palestinians do tomorrow? Israel would be annihilated and most every Jew would be murdered. The land of Israel would look like a smoking armpit within a month.
    If the Palestinians were to disarm today what would the Israelis do tomorrow? Um…   nothing. Israel would not begin invading Palestine. No Jews would move in and declare Palestine to be part of Israel. Israel would go on about its business and probably even send food and medicine to help Palestine rebuild.
    That tells me all I need to know.

  • JohnC

    Sorry. The part of my previous post which starts (If you are already typing a response at this point… was meant for another site which is full of trolls who respond with immediate vitriol to any statement which may be interpreted as being pro-Israel. I meant to remove it for this site but I forgot.

  • Ymarsakar

    Israel’s primary problem is that they lack ruthlessness. It is as true today as it was the many years ago in the past. If they really wanted to protect Israeli civilians, they would kill all their enemies. Instead, they and Israeli inside agents, protect the enemies of Israel and of humanity.
     From what, the righteous fury of a bomb? How is that going to do anything to protect the actual lives of Israeli women and children… or is “principle” more important to the Leftist political leaders of Israel than the blood of some cannonfodder they don’t even remember the face of.