Rachel Maddow’s distant relationship with the truth

I have to admit that I can’t stomach more than one or two seconds at a time of Rachel Maddow.  She’s such a party hack that, even if one stops pretending that she’s a journalist, she doesn’t come anywhere near being entertaining.  She’s also in touch with her Leftism by being fiercely anti-Israel (an irony, given that her open lesbianism would pretty much see her ripped into teeny, bloody pieces if she were to go into Gaza, not as a propaganda spewing Leftist journalist, but simply as a Western lesbian).

Fortunately, there are others with stronger stomachs than mine, and I very much enjoyed this Maddow take-down at American Power.

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  • Charles Martel

    Like most here, I can’t take Maddow for more than a minute or two. Life is too short to engage in eternal fisking.
    But she does have her uses: Maddow is an outlier who lets us know what bizarre notions the more rabid and radically uninformed segment of the progressive world is feasting on. As we begin the war to take back the culture and the media, it’s good to know the most outré forms of opposition and rationalization we’re going to run into.
    Also, I take heart knowing that she doesn’t exactly have national prominence or all that big a following. Yesterday’s TV viewership numbers (tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com), admittedly a snapshot, show her with 1.27 million viewers—roughly 1 in every 250 Americans is tuning in to her. You get the feeling that watching a butch Marxist prevaricator just isn’t all that entertaining for the great majority of us.


    I have heard her amusingly refered to as Rachel Madcow.