Post-Thanksgiving stupor Open Thread

I’ve been spending a delightful Thanksgiving with my in-laws. They have an almost ridiculously comfortable home and they provided a postcard perfect Thanksgiving dinner last night.

Today, I’m in the usual post-Thanksgiving coma, and am finding it almost impossible to martial my thoughts or to deal with the difficulties of writing posts using an iPad. So, it’s open thread time.

If you’re less stuporous than I am, I’d certainly be interested in your take on the “cease fire.” (The scare quotes are because and I fully understand that the only one ceasing all firing will be Israel.)

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  • Charles Martel

    Spent Thanksgiving dinner with a lib/atheist/socialist couple my wife and I go back with 32 years. We learned long ago to avoid politics. All 12 at the table except me were die-hard “progressives,” but I made it clear long ago that I will duke it out with anybody and any number of anybodies if they cross the line and start an abundant spewing liberal crap.
    But the mindset slips through no matter how hard they try.
    For example, my friends’ daughter, a lovely 23 year old who just graduated from UC Berkeley, is now interning at the office of the mayor of San Francisco. Her ambition after the internship? To work as a salaried legislative aide to one of California’s recently elected state assemblymen or senators.
    I just shake my head. This bright young woman has decided to become a parasite, adding nothing to the common wealth, either materially or intellectually. Her life’s mission will be to live well by helping her bosses extract more time and treasure from the rest of us. Besides her salary for doing nothing, the delusion that she is helping the cause of social justice will be a bliss-generating lagniappe. Hard to believe that only six years ago she was seriously contemplating applying to one of the U.S. military academies. But the steady drip of her parents’ liberal acid worked its way with her.
    One dinner guest, an incredibly charming and likeable New Zealander, is a financial whiz who’s working with a local start-up on a solar panel project. He had the bright-eyed look of a true believer, but, it’s his money and his time he’s devoting to the cause. When our discussion briefly touched on Solyndra, he attributed its failure to a lack of technological nimbleness in an highly volatile marketplace. The concept of crony capitalism and the question of why government dimwits who don’t know the first thing about economics, business, or science would use my money to invest in a speculative venture never occurred to him or anybody else at the table. 
    There was a brief discussion of Israel and Hamas, with a “pox-on-both-your-houses” vibe emanating from the group. Of the 12 people there, three were either self-hating or deracinated Jews who long ago bought into the moral equivalence meme that the left’s covert anti-Semitism has so cleverly generated. 
    The turkey was great. I will be the last to say that atheists and “progressives” can’t cook. (I’d probably change my mind if it could be proven that some turkeys are gay, transgendered, Latino, or Muslim.)

  • BrianE

    Growing up in the 50’s and 60’s, I remember talk about how Americans were going to use their new-found leisure time as technology was replacing manual labor.
    Machines were going to do the work for us, and we would reap the benefits. Some of that has come about, but not nearly to the extent imagined at the time.
    We are stuck on a 40 hour work week, and manufacturing environments like the one I work in often see 50 hour weeks as the norm as overtime is cheaper than extra employees and the high cost of benefits.
    Let’s suppose that ‘part-time’ employment is the new full time employment. 30-35 hours will become the norm. Usually those shorter work weeks are the means by which employers pay benefits, especially health care.
    So are APA rules that effectively encourages employers to move employees to part-time a feature or a bug? By doing that opening subsidized exchanges the effect would be full time employment taking a wage cut.
    So we have our health care benefit no longer tied to employment (which even many conservatives agree with) and the potential of increased employment (since for each 4 persons moving from full time to part time allows one new employee.
    Now that has moved the burden of providing the benefit to the federal government, and we can all agree that is a bad thing, being so broke and all.
    But is that something that liberals would like to see, but are unwilling to articulate?


    Many years ago, a man named John Louis Anderson wrote a book called, Scandanavian Humor, and other  Myths. A book about growing up Lutheran in the Upper Midwest. In the chapter about lutheran food, he wrote about the pot luck meals that the Lutheran Ladies would serve in the churches’ Fellowship Hall. He did not give any of the recipies for the hot dishes served, but he did list some of the names, the one that I remember being Turkey Lurkey Hoo-Hah!  

      I have come up with my own recipie for Turkey Lurkey Hoo-Hah. One puts a nice, thick layer of mashed potatoes on a plate, and cover it with leftover turkey chopped into large chunks, one then adds a layer of corn, and a layer of stuffing, slather in gravy, and nuke it until it glows.  Gadzooks, but it is good!  It’s even better, if you have the patience to warm it up in a large, deep skillet.

    Serve with some leftover cranberry sauce, and a mug of hoy apple cider for your beverage.


  • Ymarsakar

    We’re certainly reaping the benefits of machine politics. Although I doubt that was what the sooth sayers were thinking of.

  • Ymarsakar

    Martel, an interesting story of what goes on behind enemy lines. It is due to the work of all of the Left that evil is produced. People have been led into the false religious belief that totalitarian systems work their evil as if by some grand magician’s magic. As if one person, whether it is the tyrant or somebody else, harbors such darkness that he or she can cast a dark spell upon the millions of a nation and turn them into screaming nazi fanatics.

    That’s not how it works. Evil is done by stealing somebody else’s hard won fortunes and using it to set fire to a thousand homes and villages, while somebody else (good souled) takes the blame. And it requires the unthinking loyalty of those Democrats, those LibProgs, those cannonfodder Leftists. For without it, not even the most evil of the vile, could do anything bad on this Earth. 

  • Caped Crusader

    The doctor will see you now. Coming here soon! Surgery=office visit in limeytalk.