This and that, from here and there — the good and the evil from today’s news

There’s nothing I enjoy more than seeing someone slice and dice Paul Krugman’s latest idiocies.  Randall Hoven does a magnificent job.  The only sad thing about it is that he’s preaching to the choir.  The ones who really should read his article — namely, the ones who think Krugman is actually smart and honest — will resolutely turn their eyes away from anything that doesn’t bear the liberal media’s imprimatur.


I’ve been feeling smug because, next month, I’m going into San Francisco to hear Stephen Moore speak about his new book, Who’s the Fairest of Them All?: The Truth about Opportunity, Taxes, and Wealth in America. I’m feeling even more smug now, because the inestimable Thomas Sowell gives it the highest possible praise:

If everyone in America had read Stephen Moore’s new book, Who’s the Fairest of Them All?: The Truth about Opportunity, Taxes, and Wealth in America, Barack Obama would have lost the election in a landslide.

Now I’ve added excitement to my previously existing smugness.


There’s something wrong with America when it’s Germany that leads the way in announcing that it will not back the formation of a Palestinian state at the UN.  Germany’s absolutely right, of course.  The Palestinians, despite getting Gaza to themselves, have done nothing to create even a semblance of a state.  They have no civil structure, no law, and no economy other than handouts from other nations.  All they’ve got is a thriving genocide-centered terrorism industry.  I wonder when Susan Rice, who currently does occupy the position of the U.S.’s ambassador to the UN, will get on board with this one.


Speaking of Rice, Republicans on Capitol Hill, and those few RINOs to whom the media grants access, are again allowing themselves to be silenced by the strident Progressive/Democrat bleat that they are “racist” for opposing Susan Rice’s possible nomination to be Secretary of State.  As for me, I hadn’t realized Rice was black.  I’ve seen her pictures, but I just assumed she was darker of complexion than I am.

Frankly, everyone is darker of complexion than I am.  When I was a baby in my stroller, my mom stepped onto an elevator that already held a woman and her young child.  The woman took one look at me, and then pulled her child towards herself, saying “Say away from that baby, Amanda.  She’s a very sick baby.”  I was not sick.  That was me in the pink of health.  I just assumed that Rice was really healthy.  That she self-identifies as black actually surprised me.

But back to the topic at hand, which is the real reasons Rice is unqualified for the post of Secretary of State.  (Although I will say that anyone who takes on the job from Hillary Clinton is in the fortunate position of having  very little shoes to fill.)  For those who lose their brain power every time the word “racist” comes from the Democrat party, Joel Pollak has assembled a list of the top ten substantive reasons to oppose her nomination.  Because I wasn’t really paying attention in the 90s, I didn’t realize that her habit of lying to protect the Democrats is an old habit:

9. Refused to call Rwanda genocide a “genocide,” for political reasons. According to Obama advisor Samantha Power, Rice urged the Clinton administration not to call the Rwandan genocide what it was, for fear of the political impact on U.S. congressional elections in 1994. She and others worked to sanitize references to the genocide, scrubbing government memos to remove words such as “genocide” and “ethnic cleansing.”

The other facts in the top ten list are equally damning.  It’s not Rice’s dark skin that means she’s not fit to serve.  It’s her absence of any sort of moral compass.


And finally, while we’re on the topic of people lacking a moral compass, here’s a short primer on all of the photo and video fraud that Hamas and its media enablers were able to propagate during a conflict that lasted a mere seven days:


Consider this an Open Thread, and feel free to add your own interesting comments and links.

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  • JKB

    Book, shame on you.  In regards to Rice, you know we are not to judge by content of character but by color of her skin.  We are in upside down world.  A world were judging by skin color is the goal of the civil rights movement and being taken care of based on vagina possession is the ultimate feminism.  And let’s not forget the promotion of diversity over inclusion.  

  • Mike Devx

    So, this Book post concerns good and evil, and is an open thread!

    I am thinking of this headline from today’s news:

    Beck Dips Obama Bobblehead In ‘Urine’ To Create New Work Of ‘Art’

    And the tag is, has Glenn Beck gone too far?

    After all, Glenn Beck then put his Obama-In-Urine on E-Bay.  Bids soared, I believe, to $11,000.  At which point E-Bay actually PULLED the item from bidding, if I remember the news correctly.

    Did Glenn Beck go too far?

    Absolutely not.  E-Bay went too far, and should be ashamed.

    Glenn Beck has engaged in PRECISELY the kind of culture war we have to engage in.  It is startling, and it is populist, and it catches the news.

    And the liberals paved the way for it, so they have absolutely nothing to complain about, though complain they will.  Anyway.

    Andres Serrano gave us “Piss Christ” many years back.  The Christ in a vial of urine, photographed.  It was hailed as provocative art by the Left.  Thank You, Left.  If it is *justifiably* provocative to do so for the Left, then it is equally *justifiable* to do so for the right.

    Then we have the recent painting of Obama as a crucified Christ, complete with Thorns.  This ties Obama to Christ, by the Left.

    And finally we have Jamie Foxx, at an awards show, exhorting the audience to praise “Our Lord And God Barack Obama”, and urging them on to cheer Obama, cheer Obama!

    And thus the circle is complete.  Piss Christ, Christ Obama with Thorns, and exhortations to praise our Lord and God, Barack Obama.  As a cultural statement, then, it becomes COMPLETELY appropriate to submerge a bobble-head Obama doll in a bottle of (fake?) urine.  This succeeds as cultural commentary in, oh, at least ten different defensible ways.  I could list at least ten, including the bobble-head symbolism indicating our disposable culture.  And others of you could just as easily come up with another FIFTY cultural commentaries, I am sure.

    So, hurrah, Glen Beck.  And let them complain.  And let them shout RACISM.  It is nothing of the sort.


  • Ymarsakar

    I’m not even sure Krugman is worth shooting when it comes to it. Some people are just too stupid. And he’s had his run for a few decades now.


  • vinny

    FLOTUS doesn’t want her floater sold on EBAY. That sounds like a reasonable request.

  • Caped Crusader

    Book, you young and innocent creature, you are too young to know this, but the proper terminology in the Middle Ages of Darkness and Unenlightenment from which I spring, the proper terminology was “high yellow”. It was used frequently in old movies of the period.


    “high yellow” – not just for old movies, I often heard it used in high school along with “banana skin” with an implied sneer. Oh dear, I grew up in the Middle Ages – time flies.

    p.s. Mike Devx, don’t forget to add the LGBT rainbow halo to the list. No wonder they want all vestiges of religion removed from here and yonder – it conflicts with the Ten Commandments.    


  • Charles Martel

    Count me as surprised to learn all these years later that “Old Yeller” was really a story about an old black man!