Yet another sign that Chanel No. 5 is not the fragrance for me

Perfumes are very personal.  What can smell wonderful on one person can smell vile on another.  Chanel No. 5 does not work well with me, nor do I like it much on other people.  There.  I’ve now admitted my bias.

Acknowledging my prejudice is important, because it might explain my incomprehension at using a disheveled, vaguely-dirty looking Brad Pitt to sell this fragrance:

Is it my bias speaking or is that a less than appealing advertisement for a classic product?

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  • Earl

    Gracious!  Is that the entire ad?
    Who expects THAT to sell a product?

  • Spartacus

    “… a disheveled, vaguely-dirty looking Brad Pitt…”
    Granted, he has played a few clean-cut roles, but for the most part, are you not being repetitively redundant here?  😉
    And does anyone know if they are saying, “Wear this, and Brad Pitt will be attracted to you” (problem: he’s already taken, isn’t he?), or, “Brad Pitt wears this, so you should, too” (problem: isn’t this perfume for women?)?

  • NancyB

    Chanel is a has-been for old ladies – they’re trying to appeal to a new group of people.  Young people (hey, could be males and females) who are attracted to the Brad Pitts of this world because of his semi-bad boy reputation?  He’s a bad boy all right – yes, he’s just a boy trying to act like a man but his mom is more of a man than he is!!  And Angelina is too! Maybe she was busy so she sent her boy as a stand in.

  • JKB

    Looks like he’s thinking of stealing that golden bottle to bring some color to his drab existence.  Although, it could just be to cover his lack of showering that has made the world black and white.

  • DL Sly

    Oh c’mon guys!  This is about one thing and, honestly, the *only* thing that ever seems to count in an ad these days.  Think about it.  It’s just like when they got Joe DiMaggio to say that Mr. Coffee made the best (not best coffee, just *best*) he’s ever tasted…..he was married to Marilyn Monroe – that generations “Woman In Red”!  Now we’ve got Brad Pitt saying essentially the same thing about a perfume….he’s married to the current generation’s “Woman in Red”.
    Apparently, Kevin Nealon’s SNL *Subliminal Suggestions* skits are required courses in advertising.