At long last! An election in which every candidate deserves to win


November 4 was disappointing, but we have got to shake it off.  To help with your post-election blues, let me direct you to the Gay Patriot’s Grand Conservative Blogress Diva 2012/13 Official Ballot. If you look closely, you will see that yours truly is one of the candidates.  I would, of course, appreciate your vote, but here’s the good thing:  No matter who wins, she will be worth.  I mean, the lineup is incredible:

Grand Conservative Blogress Diva 201213 Official Ballot

So, vote early and, because it’s sometimes fun to go the Chicago way, vote often.  (You can vote once a day.)

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  • Danny Lemieux

    I see that you are currently in 2nd place and catching up. Go, go, go! 

  • Charles Martel

    Fresh from my triumph at Tours over Islam (PTUI), I am wheeling my 30,000 battle-hardened Frankish warriors to assault the Gay Patriot site with vote after vote after vote.  Au victoire!

  • bizcor

    Some pretty stiff competition…I read many of these women and often but you get my vote Bookie. I also love the new newsletter. I don’t know how you keep up with it…

  • bizcor

    Speaking of elections…for the first time in my life I am running for an elective office. Vice Chair of the County Republican Committee. Our team met this morning to map out our strategy. I have always worked behind the scenes helping others get elected so being on a ballot is absolutely a first for me. Does anyone think that my not having been a community organizer will hamper my chances? (Perhaps there is a crash course online?) Anyway think of me January 9th, 2013 7PM EST.  

  • Bookworm

    Thanks, all of you.  Michelle Malkin is, of course, the ultimate conservative blogress diva, but I’m not sure she’s aware that this competition is going on — which works for me, of course!

  • Call me Lennie

    Hear about my campaign slogan for you, Bookie?
    “The ‘Worm Shall Have Her Turn!!” 😀