The Tim Tebow haters out themselves as . . . haters

Yes, I like Tim Tebow.  I like his eclectic playing style, I like his deep commitment to his non-hate-filled religious principles, and I like that he’s been raking in money and basking in fame for a few years without being involved in a sordid scandal.  The same things that I like, of course, drive certain people nuts.  Two sports commentators (and please understand that I don’t really follow sports) have spent the last couple of years trying to gnaw away at Tebow’s image.  The most obvious line of attack, of course, is his skill (or lack thereof) as a quarterback.  Just a few days ago, though, they thought they’d hit the jackpot with “proof” that Tebow is a poor sportsman and that his whole “good Christian” persona is therefore a lie.

Factually, the reporters were barking up the wrong tree.  Still, the whole kerfuffle was still worth something.  As Rick at Brutally Honest amply demonstrates, while the reporters didn’t hurt Tebow, they made a very convincing argument that they themselves fall far short of the true measure of a man.

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  • Oldflyer

    Hooray for you Book!
    Since I avidly followed Tim throughout his college career–Go Gators–and have done so whenever he has had the chance to get on the field in his short NFL career, I have a sense of who he is as a person, as well as a football player.  I have watched for a slip or misstep along with his detractors.  While they watched with hope, I watched with apprehension.  Never happened.
    I admire him greatly.
    It is fascinating that he has become such a divisive influence, simply by living his life in an exemplary fashion, and striving for professional excellence.  The reaction says more about the critics, and perhaps about our society today, than it does about Tim.

  • Earl

    Other than anti-Jewish animus, anti-Christian bias is the only currently-acceptable religious bigotry – at least among the “elite”.
    I’m sure it would be denied, but what else explains these “sportscasters'” outrageous, and ultimately false, accusations against this young man.
    One would think they’d be analyzing the Jets’ disinclination to give Tebow the shot he thought he would get in New York….or maybe the idiocy of paying a player the kind of money Tebow gets, and then relegating him to the bench, while your regular quarterback implodes.  Or even that some genius on the Jets decided to replace Sanchez with the third-string guy, who gets sacked ELEVEN times, but apparently earns the right to start the last game of the season, thus denying your expensive acquisition any chance to show what he can do with a full game at quarterback. 
    It can’t be that the stakes are so high….since the Jets have been eliminated from the post-season race.  I’m willing to be educated about this, but to me it looks like embarrassment over Tebow’s outspoken Christianity.  I simply don’t believe all the outside carping about practice insufficiencies — why would that have suddenly showed up after a stellar record for his whole life?  It fails Occam’s test…..

  • weathtd

    The situation has all the appearance of a deliberate attempt to destroy any possible career he would have in the league.  By not letting him play, his value on the trade and free agent market is destroyed.  Makes no sense.

  • Earl

    weathtd:  You’re correct, *IF* you analyze it strictly from a football perspective.
    That’s the foundation of my suspicions, written above.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Whoops! This comment was supposed to be posted on this thread:

    It just confirms that so many people will hate practicing Christians and Jews precisely because they represent mirrors put in front of their detractors’ eyes.  

  • MacG

    It is interesting how the writer in the second article focused on Tebow’s lack of playing: “He has been only a role player – whenever he actually plays.” neglecting that he has had two fractured ribs for the last four games.  I’d say it was fortunate when one who has two fractured ribs to be left out of a game where the QB got sacked 11 times. That a QB got sacked 11 times may indiacte why Tebow’s perfomance has not been up to snuff – when he actually plays 😉  Given the Coaches statements the ‘reporters’ who act more like gossipy chirpies, got it wrong because they love to gloat over the enemies falling – another antithetical biblical value (yes, yes it’s true, some in the bible did go against its advice).
    I was going to say that RG3 got the worst treatment because it was one of his own but then was it one of his own?  It would depend on which qualities that one holds dear and RG3 would more than likely hold to “In Christ there is neither Jew nor Gentile, male nor female, slave nor free we are all one in Christ” over some strict color first allegiance.

    “whenever he actually plays.”  Does that mean he can play without actually playing?  Now that’s talent!