Post-Christmas blahs Open Thread

As I’m sure has been the case for you, my life over the last few days has been all family, all of the time.  This is the way it should be over the holidays.

Indeed, when I do glance at the headlines, I’m almost glad that this is the way things are.  The headlines in ObamaWorld, whether foreign or domestic, are depressing.

I’d be less depressed if I knew that, in three weeks, Obama was retiring to Hawaii.  As he’s not, though, I see these headlines as the inevitable prelude to even worse news.

Do you have anything cheerful going on?

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  • jj

    Yeah!  A new scope for my “assault weapon!” 

  • Spartacus

    You’re a right-wing hate-monger, jj.  I’ll remember to take a couple of minutes to curse you, and all your kind, later today while I am driving down to the range to continue breaking in my barrel.