Information wanted about the types of watches favored by frontline military guys

If you knew a young man who is fascinated by the military and by watches, what watch would you give him?  I would like a watch that is favored by the guys on the front line, whether Marines, Navy, Air Force, Army, or Coast Guard.  It can’t be too expensive, though.

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  1. Wolf Howling says

    It can be a simple, cheap Casio or Timex.  Both brands produce good, cheap watches that can take a real beating.
    The watch needs to be water proof (50 meters or more), have a digital display, tell military time (i.e., 1300, not 1 p.m.)and have a manual backlight for reading at night.  All other bells and whistles are optional, but you will do a lot of running in the military, so its nice to have a stopwatch function.   
    As an infantry officer, I bought my first Casio right before airborne school.  It lasted over 25 years.  I considered giving it a burial with full honors when it finally died.  I replaced it with a Timex with the same functions.

  2. says

    Thanks, WH.  That’s exactly where my thinking went.  Now all I need to do is to convince a certain young man that military guys would never subject a very expensive watch to the risk of loss or breakage, when they could get a perfectly functional cheaper watch. 

  3. NavyOne says

    I’ve seen different watches, depending on mission. The Citizen Eco-drive seems to popular with the aviators. There is even a Navy version (blue and gold.) I think it was Blue Angels themed. The G-Shock is also widespread as is the Ironman. Black tactical watches are popular. And I saw a SEAL once with a big, honking dive watch. . .If more intel is needed, let me know!

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