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  • Ruth H

    Keep it up.  We can handle a day or two per week without it but please don’t stop!

  • Charles Martel

    Whenever I see your newsletter in my mail queue, Book, I instantly click on it. Keep it coming!

  • Mike G.

    Just got your most recent newsletter. Not good news from NYC.
    I remember when I broke my hip in 1998. After the surgery, they had me hooked up to a Morphine drip. When ever I felt pain, all I had to do was push a button that was hooked up to the machine. Of course, they had it set up so that you could only get a “shot” about every four hours.
    When they sent me home, I had a prescription for a month’s worth of Demoral. I couldn’t wait to quit taking that stuff. About the third night, I woke up in a crying fit, bawling my eyes out. I switched to over the counter pain relievers except when I was in the most dire pain after that episode.
    Keep them coming when ever you get the chance.

  • Wolf Howling

    The newsletter is good.  My only comment would be that most of the “newsletter” stories are invariably worthy of being stand alone posts.  
    As to Dr. Bloomberg’s medical decision to deny pain medication, NYC voters keep voting for this joker.  Let them suck on 16 ozs cokes while they writhe about in agony.  Just like for all those who voted for Obama, I no longer have the slightest bit of sympathy.  Indeed, at this point, I applaud Bloomberg’s desire to be the omnipotent nanny of NYC and wish him the best in his dictatorial reign.  I wait with baited breath to hear of the next cause celebre he wishes to take up and pronounce on by fiat.  
    As to your own story of being denied pain medication, what a nightmare.  Importantly, as I understand it, effective pain management is not merely palliative, but it also directly impacts on the speed and course of recovery.  And you can bet your bottom dollar that if Bloomberg was ever experiencing real pain, he’d have a year’s supply of morphine next to his bed in a heartbeat.