Didn’t tune in but Althouse has some comments on the prevalence of God in the speech.  Atheists weep, i suppose.  
    I also listened to Charles Krauthammer’s commentary.  Seems Obama idea of forward is back to the 1950s.  Although, he chose not to speak on the economy or employment or the debt.  
    Here is a nice description of business in the era Obama wants to rekindle:
    Is the big and successful corporation its own master, then?  Not quite.
    To begin with, it is severely circumscribed by the government.  as Professor Sumner H. Slichter has said, one of the basic changes which have taken place in America during the last fifty years [1900-1950] is “the transformation of the economy form one of free enterprise to one of government guided enterprise….The new economy,” says Dr. Slichter, “operates on the principle that fundamental decisions on who has what incomes, what is produced, and at what prices it s sold are determined by public policies.”  The government interferes with the course of prices by putting a floor under some, a ceiling over others; it regulates in numerous ways how goods  may be advertised and sold, what businesses a corporation may be allowed to buy into, and how employees may be paid; in some states with Fair Employment laws it even has a say about who may be hired.  “When a piece of business comes up,’ writes Ed Tyng, “the first question is not likely to be ‘Should we do it?’ but ‘Can we do it, under existing rules and regulations?’ “He is writing about banking, but what he says hold good for many another business.  Furthermore, in the collection of corporate income taxes, withholding taxes, social security taxes, and other levies the government imposes upon the corporation an intricate series of bookkeeping tasks which in some cases may be as onerous as those it must undertake on its own behalf.  Thus the choices of enterprise are both hedged in and complicated by government.  

  • jj

    No, didn’t have any interest.  I’m trying to hold my meals down, these days.

  • Libby

    No, I’d rather have had root canal than watch the inauguration.

  • Mike Devx

    I was at a local Mexican Restaurant for a late lunch, and the Spanish TV station had the inauguration parade on.  There seemed to be some cheering and some big dark cars moving slowly down some big avenue, but whatever. I wasn’t paying much attention; my nose was buried in a book.

  • Beth

    That was today?  How many showed up? 
    Wonder if the msm will even mention the March for Life coming later this week?  Oh yeah, crickets.

  • Alix

    Nope, like jj — I couldn’t stomach it.  First one I’ve missed in 40+ years.  

  • Charles Martel

    Dang, second inauguration in a row I’ve missed watching.
    On another note, tomorrow marks the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. At last count, I believe we are closing in on an exhilarating benchmark: the elimination of 55 million non-human, non-living blood clots that, had they been allowed to metastasize, would have paid a few trillion dollars into Social Security and Medicare.