England’s welfare state is a victim of its own success

It’s no wonder Brits, contra Obama, want out of the EU.  Aside from exerting nit-picky control over every aspect of British life, the EU makes it virtually impossible for Britain to stem the endless tide of immigrants coming in, legally or not, and immediately getting public benefits that are not available to the Brits themselves.

Here are two articles and a video regarding that problem.

First, a woman talks about living the lush life on her benefits.

Second, some fed-up Brits raise their voices in protest song:

Third, a shy, unlikely voice emerges to oppose, not just the welfare state, but the lies that the ruling class tells about the welfare state.

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  1. Mike Devx says

    Here is an article with quite a few statistics on America’s entitlement society.  It’s even worse than I’d thought, and I’m a pessimist.  Sigh.
    Read if you think you can stand it.  The statistics, and the TREND of the statistics, seem overwhelming to me.  Especially I noted what is happening in the area of “disability” entitlements…

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