Two great Glock commercials (including Gunny)

Thanks to beefrank for making me aware of these new Glock commercials.  The first is funny, while the second is unnerving and should, I think, be watched by every parent in America.

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  • JKB

    I like the way they kept the “Wrong Girl” ad, non-gunny friendly.  Instead of showing the guy turn and run or being blasted to bits, they implied both with the symbolic collapsing of the attack when faced with an armed person. 

  • Indigo Red
  • JKB

    I saw that, Indigo Red.  The big government types, are in a tizzy.  But I’m concerned even on the smaller government side, the cattle mentality has taken to deep a root.  That is, so many seem to refuse the basic truth of the American experiment.  
    Namely, that if the hired help, government, in this case the police, cannot do the job, for whatever reason, it falls upon the citizens, the employer, to take up the duty they’d delegated to the police.  
    It is from this basic responsibility of the People, that the right to keep and bear arms informs.  When the police, the hired help, are not available to do the job, the individual must take up the banner.  That is not to say, such a system is not fraught with danger and opportunities for misapplication, which is why we utilize the supposedly disinterested third party of the police normally.

  • Ymarsakar

    Nobody expects slaves or serfs to take up arms to defend the aristocrats. They’re not that stupid.

  • Ymarsakar

    If I recall correctly, there have been instances where slaves, loyal to the family that owned them, attacked and even killed some white criminals on the plantation or in cities, protecting their owner’s children or women from harm. By law, those slaves would be put to death, because even though the slave was demonstrating loyalty to their owner, it was still illegal for slaves to have weapons, use weapons, or otherwise harm the white class.
    The central reason was pretty simple. Nobody was stupid enough to expect slaves to defend them. Even though some did exist, they didn’t outnumber the ones that were different.