Watcher of Weasel’s winners and the forum

I have been remiss, since I haven’t yet posted the winners for last week’s Watcher’s Council vote.  Before I do, though, I’d like to encourage you to check out this week’s forum, which sees the Weasel Watchers (plus some friends) try to look into the future and predict whether the Republican party will still be around in a few years.

And now for the winners:

Council Winners

Non-Council Winners

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  • Mike Devx

    Congratulations, Book!  And well deserved.
    Can we use this as an open thread?  Just saw on Drudge the story of CNN cutbacks.  Here’s the best part.

    Zucker launched his makeover Tuesday byannouncing the imminent arrival of ABC News anchor Chris Cuomo to take over the troubled 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. slot currently occupied by Soledad O’Brien. According to network sources, Cuomo, who was said to be unhappy at ABC’s 20/20 since being passed over in 2009 for the top job at Good Morning America, will be joined in the morning by the current anchor of CNN’s Erin Burnett OutFront, leaving a hole for Zucker to fill at 7 p.m.
    CNN veteran O’Brien’s fate is up in the air, though it’s probable she’ll receive a plum assignment. “Soledad is very important to the network and we are discussing various options with her,” a CNN spokeswoman said in a terse statement.
    Soledad O’Brien, one of the worst excuses for an “unbiased journalist” NOT at MSNBC, has been demoted! She’s been demoted from her “troubled” 7am to 9am plum spot.  Pardon the schadenfreude, but it couldn’t happen to a nicer “journalist”. I especially like the second paragraph’s affirmation of O’Brien’s “importance” to CNN and the note that it was a “terse statement”.  That’s the kind of support you see from a Sport Team’s athletic director for his coach… just days before the guy gets canned.  YES!!!
    I’m sure they won’t can her.  And they’ll slow-walk her demotion, step by step, until she’s in the CNN position of an office in the basement’s closet.  If she’s smart, she’ll jump to MSNBC while she’s still got some liberal bona fides.
    Happy feet, stop dancing.  Schadenfreude is now complete.