Eco-friendly homes more expensive than promised

I think Al Gore must have been behind this eco-friendly housing subdivision, because it’s making money for the rich and screwing every one else:

Residents promised cheaper bills to live in a multi-million pound eco-friendly ‘homes of the future’ complex say they will have to move out after being hit with sky-high electricity charges.

The Pavilion Gardens complex in West Bowling, Bradford, West Yorkshire, was heralded as being the most environmentally-friendly in the county when it was completed in July 2011 at a cost of £5.6million.

Residents were told their electricity bills would be £500 cheaper than average because the houses are super-insulated with biomass boilers for heating and solar panels for electricity.

But just 18 months after moving in, many residents say they have been hit with massive electrical bills almost double the annual average and they can’t afford to live in the properties.

Read the rest here.

Green — it’s the color of the wheelbarrows full of money the scammers are weeping over as they head to the bank.


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  • JKB

    Green scammers?  You mean those who took government grants to build more EV charging stations than there are EVs in the state?
    1. Tennessee Department of Revenue officials estimate that at least 530 electric vehicles have been registered in Tennessee in the past two years, based on the number of buyers seeking a state tax rebate of $2,500, in addition to a federal tax credit of $2,500 to $7,500 for the purchase of an electric vehicle.
    2. There are about 700 public charging stations across Tennessee to cater to cars such as the Nissan Leaf, Ford Focus Electric, Mitsubishi i, Smart Electric, Tesla S and Roadster.
    Bottom Line: In the state of Tennessee, public electric vehicle charging stations outnumber electric vehicles.…disturbing-green-energy-facts-of-the-day/

  • Mike Devx

    I have a few words of advice for those residents:  You should have gotten it in writing.
    So, they “promised” you, did they?  “Residents were told their electricity bills would be £500 cheaper than average”
    Word to the wise for all of us:  Such promises are worth, well, zero.  Get it in writing.
    There’s a sucker born every minute.  Seems these days that most suckers are born green.


    That’s why they’re called “green horns”.

  • jj

    Opposed as I am to most of the green BS we’re fed – while being not at all opposed to making some effort to stretch a gallon of gas, clean up the air and water, and stop turning pockets of the Great North Woods into toxic dump sites as the lumber companies routinely do – I have to think this story is somewhat unfair.  Not in the sense of the point they’re attempting to make, with that I’m in full agreement and sympathy, but there had to have been somewhere other than England to do this.  England, and maybe the republics of the former Soviet Union, and possibly China, would have to be about the worst possible places on the planet to illustrate anything sensible about energy conservation or a neat environment – because they’re clueless.
    I read the story, and I had to laugh.  In fact every time I reread it I laugh some more.  If you had to choose the five worst places in the world to put solar panels and expect anything good to happen, all of England north of, let’s say, Lincoln – which includes Yorkshire – would probably rank right behind communities north of the Arctic Circle; the northwestern coast of North America (temperate rain forest: forty days a year of sun, tops); and maybe Kharkov, in Russia, which owing to a meteorological oddity is cloud-covered 95% of the time.  Then would come Yorkshire.  (Though I must say I see from the photo that the solar panel guys obviously knew they were engaged in a sham: each house seems to sport only one smallish panel.)
    Pavilion Gardens looks like every horrid suburb in England built in the 1870s to be factory-worker housing.  Given that it’s brand new there’s even less excuse for it now than there was then.  It looks like the slums of Leeds, Surbiton, Kennington, or Liverpool, for God’s sweet sake!  In a thousand years these people have learned nothing.  Hey ya silly bastards – plant a goddam TREE here and there when you build these godawful horrors!  They have leaves in the summer to shade your sorry ass and keep you cool, and in winter the leaves are gone so the sun (such as it is) can beam down and give you a touch of warmth!  All for free!  Having lived in the same place since God was a pup, how the hell could these people not have noticed this?  It’s a uniquely English form of cement-headedness – and that’s exactly what they do: cement, or pave, every inch – and then wonder how come it’s a hot spot.
    So I think it’s really unfair to hold up England as an example of failed green-ness.  I mean: it’s England, of course they f***ed it up – what would you expect?  They haven’t figurted out trees yet!