The Blue Angels are about to be grounded

Blue Angels

Long-time readers know that Fleet Week is a BIG DEAL in the Bookworm household.  Thanks to our membership in the Navy League, we’ve seen the Blue Angels from the deck of the USS Carl Vinson, as well as from the middle of the Bay on a Coast Guard cutter.  We even had the pleasure of attending a reception at which we got to meet members of the Blue Angels team.

The Blue Angels don’t just fly for my, and my family’s, pleasure.  They are a good will ambassador for the Navy and, for those cities that host Fleet Week, they draw tens of thousands of people who spend hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Fleet Week is one of the most profitable weeks of the year for San Francisco’s hotels and stores, and that’s because the Blue Angels are an incredible draw.
Sadly, though, while the oxymoronically publicly funded “private” Corporation for Public Broadcasting seems untouchable, and keeps grinding out Leftist pap, the military is facing spending cuts, whether from sequestering or from Obama’s knife.  So, bye-bye Blues:

As the sequester cuts Obama signed into law in August 2011 draw closer to implementation, the Navy is making plans to ground the Blue Angels during the latter half of 2013.

This was revealed by Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Jonathan Greenert last week, when he sent out a memo showing the Navy’s plan for complying with the cuts.

Grounding the Blue Angels for half a year will entail canceling 30 shows and will save approximately $20 million.

Greenert says the Navy is already making cuts “because of Congress’s failures to pass…spending bills last year,” and if sequester hits it will cost them an additional $4 billion for 2013 alone.

Given inevitable budget cuts, it’s reasonable to ground the Blues, which aren’t directly related to America’s defense.  I suspect, though, that the military is also making a point.  After all, as Sen. Coburn revealed, the military spends a lot of money on touchy-feely or green programs that have nothing to do with military preparedness or with connecting ordinary Americans to their military, and everything to do with PC pandering to satisfying Beltway Progressive sensibilities.  While the general public won’t care if those programs stay or go, they’ll care a great deal if the Blue Angels vanish from the scene.

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  • Earl

    “Given inevitable budget cuts, it’s reasonable to ground the Blues, which aren’t directly related to America’s defense.”
    You hinted it, but I’m going to say it straight out — the Navy is doing this to punish American taxpayers. They aren’t going to cut the waste and fat that exists in EVERY bureaucracy…they’re going to cut something that taxpayers love.
    Remember what happens when your city or county isn’t getting what they think they “need”….they cut the library, or parks, or police patrols, or they close a fire station. 
    This is extortion, pure and simple.  Somehow, I thought the Navy would be above this, but I guess the politicization of their leadership has succeeded.

  • Danny Lemieux

    I suspect that most of this is political posturing. My Army son talks about all these visible cutbacks taking place, but if you look at how much is actually at stake as a percent of the total budget, it really is kind of piddling and they should have no trouble adjusting.

  • Ymarsakar

    When the Left said Bush was bringing a hollow military to the fresh blood of the battlefield, they didn’t mean they were going to fix or strengthen the military. They meant that they would destroy the military, and make you pay for the privilege, so long as it wasn’t done by a REpublican.
    Everyone else that hopped on the Leftist bandwagon concerning propaganda truths about Iraq, were merely doing what they were influenced to do, in order to support the blood for oil campaign. It would have been much harder to demoralize the American people and make them go to malls to escape the horrors of war if people were told that the wars were empowering the US military and making American defenses better funded and oiled.
    This is how propaganda and operations work together, hand in hand. One feeds into the other.

  • Ymarsakar

    One of the first things to be cut are fuel, maintenance parts, and payment to those at the bottom of the hierarchy. This directly impacts training, with a consequent increase in mistakes during combat, but on paper it looks good since the amount of training accidents decrease. They decrease because people aren’t doing anything in training. Everything looks combat capable on paper though. A paper tiger.

  • zabrina

    I hope they are also cutting back on military transport for Nancy Pelosi and her pals.

  • Earl

    Zabrina: Surely you jest!!
    Alternatively, where have you been the last several decades? 
    Perks for our masters are the LAST thing that will be cut back, after all of the superfluous expenditures on defense, maintenance, etc. have been deleted.
    It’s the way of the world in a banana republic, after all.

  • Ymarsakar

    Saddam had golden toilets. The US politicians have even better.