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    The more sophisticated among the Dems will argue that since the popcorn and soda factories are running at less than full capacity, the money-printing will not cause nearly as much inflation as one would think from the pure quantities involved.
    And moreover, that once the economy is fixed by this stimulus, the Fed can prevent continuing inflation by removing the excess money (by selling bonds and taking the money it get for them out of circulation.)

  2. JKB says

    Here is a very good, and funny, video from Australia on ‘The History of Terrible Taxes’
    A couple observations.  First, excepting a few tax names and the guy’s Australian accent, this applies to the U.S….scarily.  Who knew the Aussies had their own cash for clunkers and first time homebuyer credit?  They also had their “business friendly” “conservative” PM (president) that introduced new grants (subsidies) increasing the costs on taxpayers.  They also have had things get much worse in recent years under a “liberal” executive.  


  3. JKB says

    I don’t want to hijack this thread but the guy who did the video I linked to above has another, ‘The Little Government that Could”  A very powerful bedtime story for America.  It doesn’t really reveal much that most of us here don’t already know but it should give you nightmares.  This guy is an amazingly effective videographer.
    “I am your Government.  And I am big. And I am strong. And you need…me.   ….And I have everything under control.  All you need to do is go back to sleep.”

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