The UN’s ugly obsession with Israel

I don’t believe there is anyone in the world who knows more about the UN’s ugly obsession with Israel than Anne Bayefsky.  In this short video, she nicely sums it up.  Almost none of this is new to me, but I appreciate her calm, objective, organized approach to the information.  The only thing that I had sort of known, without ever thinking about it, is how radically different the UN’s make-up is now, as compared to its make-up in 1949.

Just as the Democrat party is no longer my Dad’s Democrat party, so too is the UN no longer my parents’ UN.  If you’ve washed your hands of this loathsome institution, it’s not because you’re betraying it, it’s because it has changed beyond recognition and is betraying you.

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  • lee

    i greatly admire Anne Bayevsky. She has a tough beat–covering the UN. The people who established the UN were insanely naive. They should’ve made democracy a prerequisite for membership. (Though they were kissing Soviet a$$ which made that problematic.)

  • Earl

    Why are we giving these B*****ds one thin DIME!!
    We need to cut the budget?  Start with the U.N. — not another CENT, John Boehner!


    2010 the United States paid over 7.6 billion dollars to the UN. Payments to UN peace keeping / defense missions are not part of the regular budget. The State Department budget paid 5.5 billion, other agencies contributed various amounts to different US initiatives.
    We are funding the “jihad” a/k/a the UN annually at 22%.  Is there an accountant out there who can tell me exactly what my portion is – I want to withhold it on my taxes.

  • Mike Devx

    Sadie, you said: We are funding the “jihad” a/k/a the UN annually at 22%.
    Our national security priorities should change over time.  It’s clear that fundamentalist/radical Islamic jihad (call it what you will) is an ever-increasing threat these days.  Our priorities should be shifting accordingly.  In some ways they are – even Obama is drone-striking jihadist terrorists.  
    But in other ways we’re way behind the curve.   The behavior at the UN is among the worst.  We should be taking a VERY hard line against the current activities at the UN.  If you believe in classical Western liberalism and democracy/republican government, it may be time to accept that the UN is an active agent of deliberate harm.


    Mike, our priorities should have changed long ago. They haven’t. They won’t. Before the embassy takeover in Iran in 1979, the writing was on the wall. One of the many problems with the Feds/State Dept. is that they a) can’t read Arabic or Farsi and b) when they can read and speak Arabic (think John Brennan here) they believe the crap they spew. !993 should have been a lightbulb moment – it wasn’t. September 2001 should have sent shockwaves rippling for decades – it didn’t.  Not from the Right and certainly not from the Left.  As in life and death, not all of us die peacefully in our sleep. We’ve all witnessed the slow and painful demise of loved ones and friends over the years from illness, hoping beyond hope that something – a miracle will happen. Lightbulb moments went the way of 100-watt bulbs.
    Long before we heard of Benghazi ….


    —Adolph Dubs, in Afghanistan, 1979
    —Francis E. Meloy Jr., in Lebanon, 1976
    —Rodger P. Davies, in Cyprus, 1974
    —Cleo A. Noel Jr., in Sudan, 1973

  • Spartacus

    The UN is the perfect example of what might be called the Principle of the False Substitute: it performs no useful function, but its very existence displaces anything useful which might otherwise fill the void.
    For example, take UN “peacekeeping” missions.  US forces do any heavy lifting that actually occurs, while being forced to coordinate with and accomodate token forces from other countries who often lack any substantive capabilities, basic fire discipline, and operations security (i.e. you can’t tell them anything you don’t want the enemy to know, but are still expected to include them).
    Over and over again, the main contribution of UN “peacekeeping” forces is to provide hostages for the hostile forces, and deflower all of the local 12-year-olds.  Oh, but sometimes they write up some really good reports.  Remember Srebrenica?  Due to UN restraints on the mission (to prevent it from being useful), the “peacekeepers” there dutifully watched the slaughter and took very good notes.  Having the Serbs heavily outgunned, they could have said something like, “Um, excuse me, but would you mind not doing that?  So we don’t have to vaporize you?  Thanks!”  And that would have stopped it.  But that would have been useful, so it was out of the question.
    Meanwhile, low-information folks all around the world say things like, “Well, that’s sure a bad situation in Wherever, but I understand that the UN is on the job, so that’s good, and what more could anyone do?”  And so nothing useful happens.  Peacekeeping is just one example.  It would be far, far better if this facade were torn down so that we could all get a clearer view of world affairs.  When needed, “coalitions of the willing” would be formed, as they are today, except without the extra delay and interference of trying to convince a Satan-animated organization to do something good.
    We should withdraw our membership, kick them out of NY, refuse to recognize the authority of any of their actions with which we do not affirmatively agree, and watch the whole thing go the way of the League of Nations within five years.
    NATO also, in straying from its origins as a unified defensive alliance of free countries lying generally to the west of a unified bloc of potential aggressors, into a “coalition of the randomly violent” has Kellogg-Briand’ed itself as well, but that’s a whole different topic…

  • Earl

    What Spartacus said…….

  • Freddie Sykes

    Alger Hiss played a leading role on our negotiation teams at Yalta and in San Francisco, the two conferences instrumental in setting up the UN. He was always in a position to share with Stalin the US minimum fallback position. Gee, I wonder why things turned out so poorly over the years?

  • 11B40

    In a similar vein, the Progressive (née Public) Broadcasting System is doing its bit. Last evening, one of our local PBS channnels, KQED, airded a “Masterpiece Classic” program entitled “Page Eight”.  The plot was basically about the British Prime Minister not sharing intelligence information with his MI5 spooks. But then the progressive propagandists found their high gear.
    First, there was the well-respectedhead-wrapped Muslima secretary to the intelligence troika. Then there was the irrepressible homosexual good spy guy. Then, there were the Americans who had black sites where they not only were doing torture on those who should not be tortured but failing to share the information they gleaned with the more ethical MI5 types who had now become unsure if they were really, in fact, truly, still allies. Then things got even more progressively interesting.
    Across the landing from the non-homosexual good spy guys there lives an attractive young woman, a Damascus, Syria native, whose brother had been killed by Israelis on the West Bank while he was waving a white flag. The Israelis, in the way we’ve come to expect, were hiding the outcome of their investigation into their atrocious atrocity. And the murder had effected the attractive young woman, and her bearded professor father, to such a degree that she was barely able to release herself to a romantic relationship with the good heterosexual spy guy until he provided her with documentation documenting the Israeli perfidy. 
    But, the non-homosexual good guy spy, chronic philanderer that he was, left her away but for really, really honorable reasons.
    A teaspoon of this, a pinch of that and soon you have a near perfect progressive media cocktail. And as they know so well and have no ethical qualm about doing, once the Lie is established in the media and the weak-minded, low-information folks of this era, the casual-est of mentions supplies the desired reinforcement. Kind of like that global warming/climate change/climate whatever thingy.