Chuck Hagel — a litmus test for Republican weakness and stupidity

Hagel’s been confirmed.  As Sean Hannity keeps saying, “Elections have consequences.”

The Democrats did what Republicans never do, which is to march in lockstep formation behind their leader even when he chose as Secretary of Defense a man with an IQ that doesn’t exceed the double digits, and a management history that proves his role model was the Pointy Haired Boss from the Dilbert cartoons.

We shouldn’t be surprised.  The Democrats’ world outlook is collectivist, and they behave collectively.  They have given their fealty to Obama.  If he ordered them to drink Jim Jones’ Kool-Aid, jump off a cliff, or retire from politics en masse, they would obey.  It doesn’t speak well of them that they subordinate their Creator-given gifts to party politics,  but it does make them effective.

And then we have Republicans.

Herding cats

The problem with Republicans is that they’re individualists.  Trying to get them to work together, even when pulling apart means sure death, is about as easy as herding cats.  What’s worse is that they’re not cool, sophisticated, self-assured cats.  Instead, they’re the dumb cats that John Hawkins describes:

Can you teach a cat to sit? To roll over? To come when it’s called? No, because cats are stupid. Granted, dogs are stupid, too, but they’re probably on the same level as your two-year old. A cat is closer in intelligence to a geranium — if a geranium had claws and a certain feral cunning it could use to track, torment, and kill smaller plants for its own amusement.

Hawkins had his tongue firmly in cheek when he wrote that.  As for me, when I apply those words to the flailing Republicans in Washington, my tongue is nowhere near my cheek.  Republican politicians are dumb.  Really, really dumb.

I have a few words for these dummies.  I applaud them for having the courage to run but that doesn’t make up for the fact that, once they get to Washington, the collapse in a spineless puddle the moment the drive-by media turns it sights on them.


Here’s the deal, doofuses (doofae?):  Because the media will play everything and anything to make Obama look good and you look bad, stop trying to look good.  You are the geeks in high school, the losers at the work place, the dork at the dance.  No matter what happens, you will look stupid — in the short run.

But we smart people (and that group does not include you guys in D.C.) know that those high school geeks who stuck to their geek guns made smart decisions that made many of them rich and famous.  We know that the smart losers in the work place left their cubicles behind and became successful consultants.  And those dance floor dorks?  They’re the ones who managed to avoid the vapid blonde with STDs and, instead, find pretty young women of substance.

You idiots. . . . Sorry, I mean you Republican politicians think you’re playing a long-term game that goes like this:  “If we bend here, bow here, and scrape there, the new mandarins, especially in the media, will finally give us credit and the voters will support us.”  Dumb.  Dumb.  Dumb.

What you should be doing is stand up, vocally, for core conservative principles.  If those reporters ask you about rape, ignore them.  If they ask you about gay marriage, ignore them.  Right now, the media is making these pressing issues only doing so is a cheap and easy way to appeal to people’s emotions and deflect attention from the fact that we, as a nation, are going broke.  And you guys (and gals) let them get away with this shoddy tactic, simply because you’re so pathetically desperate for New York Times‘ approval.

If you were lucky enough to be a Republican who made it to (or stayed in) Congress, voters elected you pretty much for one reason:  Fiscal responsibility.  Even if the Tea Party candidates weren’t quite ready for prime time, it was the principles they asserted that created the wave that got you guys into office in 2010, and that kept some of you there in 2012.


So what should you be doing?  You should be harping on fiscal responsibility.  You should be screaming to the rafters at the way Obama is punishing ordinary citizens (e.g., releasing previously-arrested illegal aliens; threatening to make the TSA even worse; and threatening old people and children).  You should be reminding them that Obama is lying about the sequester.  It was his idea and it doesn’t cut past spending, but merely slows future spending.

Be loud in your conservative beliefs.  Jon Stewart, Bill Maher, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, WaPo, NYT, NPR, and CNN are going to ream you a new one regardless.  Stop making conservative bloggers do all the heavy lifting.  All we can do is preach to the choir.  If enough of you in Congress start making a loud noise, the media will have to report it.  At the very least, do yourself the favor of going down like a man, or a woman, not a sniveling coward.

And speaking of sniveling cowards, those Republicans who cast a yea vote for Chuck Hagel are exactly that.  Senators have a Constitutional duty to protect American citizens from a president who chooses a cabinet member who is manifestly unsuited for the post.  Hagel’s testimony and the information that started surfacing about him established conclusively that he is mean-spirited and dumb as a rock.

Hagel is anti-Israel, even though Israel is our ally; pro-Iran, even though Iran is our enemy; hostile to the American armed forces, even though he’ll now be in charge of them; antisemitic, even though his baseless canards have their roots in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, rather than the real world; devious, as was shown by his prevaricating about his past and his refusal to release documents; and really, really, really stupid.

I guess it’s that last factor — his rank stupidity — that proves that, all of his other qualities to the contrary, Hagel can still call himself a Republican.  Dems have turned on Israel, look longingly at Iran, hate the military, have a festering antisemitism in their ranks, and routinely lie about and hide information that Americans should know.  But when it comes to butt-numbing stupidity, Republicans win, hands down.  I guess you could call Hagel the double threat, seeing as he has the worst qualities of both parties.


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  • Earl

    How can you be more STUPID than to say “Hagel is unsuited for Secretary of Defense…..but every nominee deserves an up-or-down vote.”, when you KNOW that the Dems will put him through in any up-or-down vote?
    To vote for cloture and then vote against Hagel is to vote in favor of his being confirmed in the only vote that matters – the cloture vote!!
    The Republicans had the votes to make sure that this incompetent and execrable human being didn’t get NEAR the office of the Secretary of Defense, except as a visitor.  But they’re not called The Stupid Party for nothing!!
    Every GOP senator that voted for cloture ought to have a primary challenger from a real conservative in 2014.  Start NOW!!

  • Mike Devx

    I’m thinking of getting some t-shirts made up that I can wear around town.  T-shirts with simple messages, propaganda if you will.  I’ll leave the nuanced arguments for blog comments.  😉
    But what simple messages to put on my t-shirts?  I could use some help.  I want it simple, with big bold letters no one can fail to see.  Very very simple messages.  I’m thinking of:
    Just like that.  Three words vertically, front and back.
    Or a t-shirt with two messages.  Might be too subtle:
    Front: Big Govt : Elite
    Back: Little Guy : Sucker
    with pictoral of chains.
    Or another subtle one with two messages.
    Maybe a big yellow smiley behind the words on the front, a child in tears behind the words on the back.
    Still thinking.

  • jhstuart

    Endumbification: When the CEO appoints two dolts (one of whom proclaims his right to say stupid things) to key management positions.

  • lee

    Over at National Review I read something that chills me to the bone: What sort of message does this (Upchuck Hagel’s confirmation) send to Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas?
    I often wonder about some of the weird stuff out of DC these days. How much this may or may not have had to do with what I am about to say, I am not sure: I think the real puppet master has assembled dossiers on all sorts of people in side the beltway containing some sort of blackmail worthy material (or at least material that can be used to leverage the person.) Having said that, I think most, if not all, the turncoat, spineless republicans just jellied out on their own, without the threats. They just followed the lead lemming…
    However, I still think there is a lot of blackmail of some sort going on. Maybe not quite “blackmail” but at least leveraging people with the subtle use of some sort of threat. There are too many people doing jack-a$$ed s#!t these days. Something being held over their head makes a lot of it make more sense. Or at least the threat of outing something that may not even be true. (Vide Reid’s accusations against Romney concerning taxes.)
    And you KNOW there are a lot of things about people in DC that they don’t want getting out. Most all of us have some sort of secret. In the everyday world, little of it matters, but for the DC iluminnati, the secrets can destroy their political careers, if leaked, and leaked in a damaging way. And as we learned during the election, it sometimes doesn’t have to even be true. (Again, Reid/Romney)
    I think that Petraeus chose to fess up to his wife and the public and resign rather than submit to the blackmail. I suspect it was not specifically presented as “blackmail” but he was probably presented with a sort of choice “Take care of this. Oh, and by the way, it would be such a shame if your wife found out about Paula…”
    I have NEVER been a fan of McCain, I think he is a RINO, but I also think his actions indicate someone who was given some sort of ultimatum: toe the line, or… Hagel was just too WRONG–not only his insideout politics, and idiotic views of the Middle East, but the guy is just too stupid. The hearings SHOWED how bad he was. I think the Puppetmaster behind the chief is too smart to make out-and-out blackmail attempts.  But I wouldn’t put it past her.
    And while I think Chuck Schumer is an obsequious a$$ki$$er, I still am mystified by him on this–he really had a leg to stand on with his “Ooooh! I am a friend of Israel” baloney on this and call out Hagel as a BAD choice. Not ony is the new IdSecDef an anti-Semite, Hagels’ performance at the hearings was TERRIBLE. (“Id” short for IDIOT.)
    How much CAN the Whitehouse destroy a Senator’s career for not toeing the line? Especially if that senator’s constiuency would prefer that he did not? Why are people bending over so happily for this Whitehouse? I can only understand it if they are being forced to in a very quiet, VERY damaging way.

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  • Spartacus

    lee — Much as I really, really, really try to avoid getting sucked into conspiracy theories, I’ve been thinking the same thing.  And really, we’re not talking about UFOs or diluting our Purity Of Essence through fluoridated water; we’re just talking about something that’s been a part of government since about 30 minutes after government was invented.
    Partly, I worry about what these resigned-in-protest NSA analysts have to say about the extent to which our communications are recorded.  “But the NSA doesn’t have time to analyze all that anyway,” apologists will say.  No, but they can certainly do a search on individuals who interest them — like members of Congress.
    And partly, scientific studies have shown that 96.3% of all people elected to public office have a dominant Flamboyancy gene.  (Related: Research indicates that 83.2% of all statistics cited are just made up).  Unfortunately, there is a strong positive correlation between a dominant Flamboyancy gene and foolish behavior.  The same urge to jump into the public spotlight and shout, “Look at meeeee!  Please love me, everyone!” also translates into an urge to jump into… er, more private spotlights and shout, “”Look at meeeee!  Please love me, my dedicated campaign staffer!”  And of course, the desire to be loved above all other things precludes any consideration of telling blackmailers to go stuff it.
    A friend of mine once said, “I’m from New York.  I see a cockroach crawling across the kitchen floor, I assume there’s 10,000 underneath.”  Unfortunately, when it comes to things like vote fraud, bribery, and blackmail, the tendency of most folks in this country is to say, “Oh, my God!  There was a cockroach in the kitchen!  Well, I’m certainly glad we caught him!”
    Yes, many elected Republicans are execrably stupid, and that’s the bulk of the problem.  But it seems statistically unlikely that none are being blackmailed.

  • Mike Devx

    I seem to recall that LBJ was infamous for using threats of all sorts to arm-twist congress critters into supporting his programs.  “Leverage, leverage, I need leverage!” he might have thundered.  When he got the information he needed that could be used as leverage – of any sort – he would use it.  No one was immune or safe.
    A lot of that probably goes on behind the scenes.  It needn’t require actual blackmail.
    Once our CongressCritters get elected, the vast majority of them are immune to challenge by the way the entire system is set up.  It’s practically a lifetime appointment, once they get there.  They begin to see it as *their* seat, belonging to them.  An elitism similar to royalty develops.  All an LBJ (or an Obama) has to do, then, is threaten them in some way such that their re-election would become risky, and they will fall into line.
    This royalty-flavored elitism and permanent seat status is one reason I’ve moved to supporting term limits.

  • lee

    I think modern technology has given greater, uh, “leverage” to those that hold the dirty linen. The dirt is deeper, and there is more of it. Back when, the hint of impropriety was impropriety itself.
    The idea of blackmail has been in my mind for awhile. (Not me doing it! But that there is a LOT of it out there.) 
    Back when I used to work in an design field, the firm I worked for worked on a project for a “resort” in China. It was being built by the Chinese government, but being organized by a Chinese business man. This resort (which was HUGE) would only be for foreign businessmen, and they could only stay at the special invitation of the Chinese government. This “resort” was/is essentially an emormous brothel. And I figure that the Chinese government either “leverage” guests with promises of more “entertainment” or by threatening to release proof of some previous “entertainment.” I find it, uh, interesting that the primary architects have NOT included this on their website in their portfolio. If I could remember exactly where it was, I’d try taking a peek on Google maps. (All I recall is that is just outside of Beijing.)
    I guess I figure if that is a contributing factor to our shipping more and more of our stuff to China, then it is very likely a contributing factor to what transpires in DC. I don’t trust the Puppetmaster–I wouldn’t put anything past her. She might very well make Jiang Qing look likea pussycat, given the opportunity. (And I am NOT referring to the Flotus!) Much more likelis her tappng into security files and getting dirt on any and everyone. Ya think Johnny wants to jeopradize his marriage to Cindy Lou—and all that beer money? I think not…. And while his constituency probably wouldn’t care, she very well might.

  • Ymarsakar

    There are two centers of demonic Hell power in this nation. Hollywood and DC.
    Merely being in the presence of a portal to Hell corrupts your soul.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Lee, your example of a Chinese honey-trap brothel is not at all farfetched.
    Back in the 1980s, whilst conducting business in Arkansas, I was presented with account by an insider of a large business concern that maintained such a honey trap out in the country, using underage “escorts”, for businessmen and politicians. 
    I tend to believe that this happens quite a bit. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to learn that a large number of Washington politicians have been so compromised.

  • Spartacus

    And I recall seeing an article a few years ago about one of Castro’s former intel chiefs who had defected to the US (or at least somewhere other than Cuba), and claimed that Fidel had a special hotel for visiting celebrities.  Perks included a ready supply of young girls (or boys, if that was the preference) and cameras behind the mirrors.  The article appeared right around the time some Hollywood type who had previously been quite critical of Cuba had returned from a fact-finding trip with a completely changed opinion.  Fell into the “completely-unverifiable-but-the-shoe-fits” category.