The Left — criminalizing childhood

The news is filled with stories lately about the way in which Progressive-managed public schools are behaving insanely when it comes to kids and faux-guns.  My friend Mike McDaniel, whose regular home is Stately McDaniel Manor, has an article up at PJ Media today which combines surreal (yet sadly real) stories about teeny-tiny kids caught in their school’s anti-gun cross hairs.  To the extent the world is going to hell in a hand basket, I can only say that the Progressives are making the trip there a whole lot faster and uglier.

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  1. Wolf Howling says

    So should the parents be suing the school districts for a violation of their children’s second amendment rights.  It would be an insane law suit, but then again, far less insane than the actions of the schools.  And as I recall, PJM, in their column, didn’t list the latest – a teenager who stopped a murder by disarming a student on a bus who had pointed a gun at the head of another student.  The teen who stopped what likely would have been a murder:
    a)  was feted by the school district and police for his heroics, or
    b)  received a phone call from President Obama congratulating him on stopping violence in schools, or
    c)  was suspended by his school for taking part in a violent incident.
    Do you really even need to guess which of the three options actually occurred.  Honestly, public schools need to be dismantled.

  2. says

    The conditioning required for good slaves start when young. If people are allowed to think they can grow up and rely on themselves or their classmates for protection, that would be heresy against the State. Only it shall be Mother and Father to the new generation.

  3. JKB says

    An update on the pastry “gunsmith” brought this in a letter sent to parents
    If your children express that they are troubled by today’s incident, please talk with them and help them share their feelings. Our school counselor is available to meet with any students who have the need to do so next week. In general, please remind them of the importance of making good choices.
    These were very young kids but I can see some, not being cowed, asking, “Mommy, why are my teachers morons?”  “Was freaking out over Josh’s Danish really a good choice?”  
    They’ll wear the kids down but the absurdity of the state will remain. lingering, waiting for teenage.  

  4. says

    I’d like to offer a small antidote– by way of a couple of anecdotes– for this insanity.
    The other day my young neighbor (~13-14) showed up at my door dressed in full camo-gear and carrying his single shot .22.  Could he come on the property to do some coyote hunting? The coyotes had gotten after his little dog the night before. Why, sure!
    A few days later I happened to see my neighbor’s friend in his own yard pointing his .22 into the tree. It was one of the last days of squirrel season. 
    So take heart knowing there are still places in this country where boys (& girls) are assumed and encouraged to be on their way to becoming mature, responsible adults.  

  5. Libby says

    I guess I’m cynical, but most of these recent overreactions have happened since the Newtown attack, and it wouldn’t be surprising if this has been encouraged by teachers’ unions and other educational organizations for political reasons (i.e., creating incidents to push the idea that something has to be done NOW to save our children from the ‘gun culture’!). It sure looks like teachers and school administrators are trying to make guns seem as scary as possible to these young, impressionable  kids, because none of their classmates have been quoted as being the least bit concerned about imaginary grenades and pop-tart handguns. No, it’s only the supposed adults who can’t handle this.

  6. JKB says

    Libby, it is the adults who see the Devil in every piece of toast and every innocent invocation.  It is also they who give guns supernatural status.  They are tools, yet these adults are treating them as a taboo object whose mere appearance in school will result in eternal damnation.  
    It is a bit ironic that these “educated” teachers and school administrators would be the first to point and laugh at the country bumpkin who might yell “Witch” at the flare of a match are now quick to condemn and call for the salvation of counselors at the slightest hint of a sideways “L” shape.  We see their fear of the Devil(gun) in how they quickly banish the child lest they to be found in consort with the evil.  

  7. says

    The Left continues to claim that they are for safety and that this controlling guns will get it done. Why can’t you just leave them to get it done, they proclaim.
    Well, as we have seen, it’s not really about control of “guns”, but control of thought and humanity. Only by controlling humans and their humanity, will the path to Utopia be opened and the the purified state of perfect social justice achieved with all the untold sacrifices it requires.

  8. Spartacus says

    This is a microcosm of a larger problem: Somehow, we as citizens are failing to follow these symptoms to find and fix the root of the problem.
    Children are suspended for drawing guns, but there is no suggestion that the school administrators responsible for the policy — who are not likely distinguishing themselves by excellence in other areas — might lose their jobs.  Government agencies knowingly and willfully violate the law, but instead of someone being fired and prosecuted, the greatest consequence we ever see, in rare cases, is an insincere, “Oh, sorry, our mistake.”  After a war not authorized in any way by Congress, a stockpile of heavy weaponry that used to belong to a North African dictator is likely shipped to Islamic militants in another country, security is completely neglected, and calls for help are completely ignored, the only consequences we see are that the people are lied to, the subject is changed, and the survivors are locked away from public view as if they are infected with some terribly lethal bio-weapon.
    So, what causes us — supposedly the freest people on Earth and the shareholders in the “government by the people” — to shy away from pursuing these sorts of things to their logical and accountable conclusions?

  9. beefrank says

    The Daily Caller reports the outcome of Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move event in Chicago on Feb 28th.  It is a shocking reveal because the scathing criticism is from one of their adoring supporters.  If this is how they treat their close constituents and their children, what consequences, inconvenience and pain is planned for the rest of us?  We all are simply just props to this Administration.

  10. JohnC says

    Everyone has read the story about the kid who was suspended for making his pastry into a gun, right?
    Here’s the letter the school sent home with every kid:
    “Dear Parents and Guardians:
    I am writing to let you know about an incident that occurred this morning in one of our classrooms and encourage you to discuss this matter with your child in a manner you deem most appropriate.
    During breakfast this morning, one of our students used food to make inappropriate gestures that disrupted the class. While no physical threats were made and no one [was] harmed, the student had to be removed from the classroom.
    * * *
    As you are aware, the … Code of Student Conduct and appropriate consequences related to violations of the code are clearly spelled out in the Student Handbook, which was sent home during the first week of school and can be found on our website,….
    If your children express that they are troubled by today’s incident, please talk with them and help them share their feelings. Our school counselor is available to meet with any students who have the need to do so next week. In general, please remind them of the importance of making good choices.”
    Isn’t that delightful? School counseling for your little snowflake if he or she is having nightmares about pop-tarts because of the aforementioned terrorist activity.

    The drumbeat continues… guns are bad, guns are always bad, pictures of guns are bad, only bad people own guns, liking guns is a sign of mental illness…     I believe Utopia for Progressives would be a society made up of people who turn into scared bunny rabbits at the sight of a gun that’s not in the hands of a cop or a soldier. As in, grown men and women who actually become physically ill in the presence of a gun.

  11. SADIE says

    “I can only say that the Progressives are making the trip there a whole lot faster and uglier.”
    Making them the world’s worst travel agents – ever!
    Aside from the obvious insanity, there is a purpose and impact for all the children – fear, ridicule, punishment and ultimately controlling their behaviors and natural instincts. The lockstep indoctrination will make individualism seen as a threat to the “greater good” resulting in political neutering – this is the real underlying reason.

  12. Call me Lennie says

    When I was a kid in the Sixties everyone in our neighborhood played “war” replete with fake guns and fake dying.  We even had an acrobatic kid who would climb into a tree and play sniper and when he got shot, he’d actually fall out of the tree — dead.  And this was the case everywhere in America.  And yet, not one of my generation ever shot up a school or any place where where helpless, unarmed people were gathered
    It was only after the hippie culture that held that all of this was ‘evil” took over and supressed this sort of play that school shoot em up became common.  And if I were eaten up with leftist ideolo-tardity, I might say that “I find this SO ironic  

  13. 11B40 says

    I live in the San Francisco Bay area, several soviets south of what the locals, for some unknown reason refer to as “The City”.  A decade or so ago, a sweetheart of mine invited me to her children’s Halloween Parade at their school. Her boy child, whom I had been introducing to the Joy of the (Toy) Gun, wanted to go as a soldier, but the school had proscribed both soldiers and guns in their parade (and what exactly is a parade without soldiers?) due to the previous years’ extremely high casualty rates.
    So, shy-retiring type that I am, when I was introduced to the school’s principal, I couldn’t help but give her a good old Bronx “What for?” or some such. First, she copped to the student safety.  So, I pointed out that a fairy (girl-type) who walked past had a wand that could put a couple of eyes out in an instant.  Undeterred, she gave me one of those condescending smiles of which befuddled closed-minded elites seem to have so many. So, I gave her the benefit of a bit of my experience. “As long as he has fingers,” I intoned, “he’ll have his guns.”
    Indoctrination. Bullying. It’s what they do. It’s what they love.

  14. Libby says

    11B40 – Banning typical boy costumes, how sad! My son’s most recent Halloween costumes have been: commando, police SWAT officer, EMT, astronaut, and police officer.. It’s like they want to destroy all typical boy behavior.
    Regarding the letter home to parents about potential trauma, the only thing that would have been upsetting to them is the overreaction by the teacher for what most of the boys probably do with their fingers during recess play. What the kids see on TV and in video guns is much more violent than the pop-tart kid.

  15. MacG says

    I think the real offense for the poptart kid is that he exposed the students to junk food. It’s that it was shaped as a gun made for a convenient cover. :)

  16. MacG says

    I think the real offense for the poptart kid is that he exposed the students to junk food. It’s that it was shaped as a gun made for a convenient cover. :)

  17. Mike Devx says

    So at  a children’s Halloween gathering, a boy could dress up as a girl, and a girl could dress up as a boy, but neither would be allowed to dress up as a soldier.  I believe they could dress up as a doctor, fireman, accountant or mortician.  
    Last I checked, being a soldier was a legally allowed occupation in this country… and our children can’t dress up as one?  I’d love to see the Leftist explanation of this one; but I could do without the inevitable accompanying smirk of superiority.

  18. Charles Martel says

    11B40, the reason why locals call San Francisco “The City” goes back to the Gold Rush era when instant wealth turned a tiny Mexican pueblo into the largest town west of St. Louis. For many years San Francisco was the only true city for 1,700 miles.
    Even though Los Angeles stole SF’s mantle as California’s biggest burg in 1920, the habit of calling it The City has persisted these many years. Heck, when I’m in a hurry and am mailing something to a friend in San Francisco, I simply write CITY and the zip, and drop it in the box. Never fails to arrive.

  19. 11B40 says

    Greetings:  especially “Mike Devx” @22 and “M. Martel” @23
    Mike:  I wonder if, once the womenfolk become infantrypersons, there will be a dispensation.
    Martel:  Actually, my understanding is that San Jose, down the Bay, is bigger than Frisco these days population-wise

  20. Charles Martel says

    11B40, yes, San Jose is considerably larger than SF, closing in on 1 million while SF is around 820,000. Still, SF is the pretty girl to San Jose’s ugly step-sister. Even though it’s a much cleaner, safer, and better-run city, SF is the one all the boys chase.

  21. says

    Against this kind of power, we have people who just want to fix problems, get policy issues straightened out, and explain law books weighing 5 pounds to the average “volk”. They think by making deals they will get something “done” in DC.
    The only thing they will do is to help the power of evil reign supreme, for it is not merely a political alliance they face.

  22. beefrank says

    Return to Eden?  In my Bible, there were only two adults and no kids in Eden before it ended. Which couple do the liberals elect to occupy the New Eden after they eliminate the rest of us?   Louis and Marie? Joe and Jill?  Nancy and Harry? Kagan and Sotomayor?  Kim and Kanye?  A major obstacle with the liberal obsession with Eden or Utopia is the eventuality of handling the ‘undesirables’ who seem to number more than expected.  Is that the reasoning behind DHS purchasing millions of ammo rounds and Holder’s legal opinion justifying drone assassinations of citizens within our borders?

  23. SADIE says

    beefrank: That’s millions with a “b”. DHS purchased 1.6 billion bullets.
    The Department of Homeland Security (through the U.S. Army Forces Command) recently retrofitted 2,717 of these MRAP vehicles for service on the streets of the U.S. They were formerly used for counterinsurgency in Iraq. These vehicles are specifically designed to resist mines and ambush attacks. Does DHS expect a counterinsurgency?
    And in other news … DC is closed for inclement weather. No matter which way you look at it – It’s a “snow job”.

  24. says

    Many people laughed at the ridiculous notion that the US would face civil war within 50 years if Obama was elected, 100 years if he wasn’t.
    Many people found it unbelievable that Soros and the Left were more than just citizens speaking their mind, their peace, and using their constitutional rights (to be in your face).
    Still others thought that their political deals with blue dog, “rational” Democrats will cause a “beneficial relationship that is good for all”. They didn’t seem to accept that the Left operates on a zero sum philosophy and ethic, not a “mutually beneficial one”. They would prefer to get 5 and make you get 0, then for both of you to each get six. This would mean they have 5 up on you, whereas the latter would mean they have nothing better than you and are thus poor.
    There is one way a slave race can keep up their pride and identity. By crushing and torturing those even more pathetic and weaker than the slaves.
    Well, whether people believed it from 2008-2012 didn’t really matter in the end. It was already too late to stop the Left’s advance with mere “words”. People will now feel the boot of tyranny as it stomps on top of their friends, their family, their children, and themselves. They will come to understand what the fury of dominion truly is, something the Iraqis came to understand. Something the US military freed them from. The US military ain’t going to free Americans from Americans, however.

  25. JKB says

    Perhaps they fear but to no avail.  The dispersal of the MRAPs and ammunition about the country just makes them vulnerable to capture in the event of uprising and requires resources to protect.  On the other hand, rebel capture of the MRAPs would provide targets for the drones.  They can’t just shoot at any old car, they might his a Chevy volt and set the whole city on fire.  
    Ironically, the snow storm force the cancellation of the Congressional hearing on global warming.  Really, these morons can’t figure out spin-wise, it would be better to hold their false worship of climate change hearings in July.  Then if it gets cancelled because of snow, they’ll really have something.
    Another irony, is in the midst of the sequester disaster, DC is demonstrating just how “non-essential” so much of the federal government is.  Well, to the People, it is very essential to the Progs.

  26. Mike Devx says

    Ymar, you said (#29) : The US military ain’t going to free Americans from Americans, however.
    When I contemplate the scope of a rebellion within the USA that requires Homeland Security to need to break out that much firepower, I shudder at the total chaos I envision.  The government would almost certainly run psychological ops campaigns, even to the point of murdering citizenry while casting the blame, with fake evidence, on whichever rebellious groups it would be targeting.  How many would believe?  How many would not believe?
    The US military would not be monolithic in supporting the government.  Nor would it monolithically free Americans from the tyrannical government.  I think the military would fissure and divide, with commitment and resolve on *all* sides.
    If that were to happen?  Chaos.  Thoroughly frightening times.

  27. 11B40 says

    Greetings:  especially “Charles Martel” @25
    Your measured and educative responses force me to confess my facetiousness. Actually, it’s the capitalizations that trip my switch. Saying “the city” would not be near so worthy of a bit of ridicule. But between the capitalizations and the cautions not to call it “Frisco”, I feel compelled to confront the parochialisms. 
    Not that my native New York City didn’t have somewhat similar inanities. In my more native Bronx, the only mainland part of the City, going to Manhattan was referred to as going “downtown” presumably for geographical reasons. In Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island going to Manhattan is referred to as going to “the City” even though the geographical distance is all that different. 

  28. JKB says

    BTW, would this be a bad time to promote my idea of providing gun safety training, “gun proofing” to elementary school kids?  I think it is need now more than ever with guns being made out of pastry, not to mention imaginations.
    NY state has issued an edict that no firearm magazine shall hold more than 7 rounds.  Problem is, no one makes 7-round magazines.  Thus NYS’s law is unconstitutional as it is a de facto ban on keeping and bearing firearms in common usage.  
    I have a solution, the NY state government needs to “invest” in 3-D printing research.  3-D printing has already demonstrated the ability to produce functional magazines and even whole firearms.  With NYS funding, I’m sure the cost of 3-D printing can be brought into the capability of most citizens.  These citizens can then print the 7-round magazines they require to meet the NYS law.  

  29. Mike Devx says

    Sadie, I haven’t read much of the pdf at the link you provided, and I’m already highly irritated.  Why would the government mix, in such a thoroughly confusing manner, the requiresments of “Internment” and “Resettlement” operations?  They call the combination of the two “IR” everywhere in this document.  For resettlement, they refer often to “DCs”, or dislocated civilians.  But “internment” is an operation applied to those whom the military police seek to imprison.  
    One would hardly imprison, or deny freedom of movement, to DCs, or “dislocated civilians”, would they?  Oh, who am I kidding?  I’m not the one lumping Internment and Resettlement, or “IR” together into one document, and treating them the same, am I?
    I don’t want to read too much into just one document.  At the same time, I’m afraid *not* to read too much into this document!  I don’t like it at all.

  30. SADIE says

    “I don’t like it at all.” Understatement of the day. Me thinks, it’s Operation Kibosh. There is no way in hell the powerful would take kindly to an American version of an Arab Spring (too unruly). They tolerated OWS because they focused on the same “eat the rich” agenda and were contained and too busy defecating in public.  The silence of the politicos during Iran’s Velvet or was it called the Green Revolution was a tell. The mullahs came down hard and fast. Oh sure, there were the scattered bodies, blood and guts and bad press … but in the end, the Mullahs and Abudulahs kept their jobs. Well, we being a civilized nation will have none of those sordid details splattered across the headlines in the world. No siree. The “trouble makers” will be hauled off and out of sight. Don’t even try to rescue a friend or two – it’s near impossible to outrun a drone.

  31. Mike Devx says

    Sadie, since I don’t know what prompted the creation of this particular government document, I don’t want to speak as to its motives.  It does seem poorly constructed and laid out, almost like an apparatchik rough draft that needs some work.
    There is an introduction and then ten chapters.  Internment and resettlement are combined in the introduction in a confusing manner.  Then nine chapters are devoted to internment procedures – controlling prisoners correctly, basically.  Only in the tenth chapter do they return at length to resettlement, and they make it clear that internment and resettlement are two totally separate efforts.  But that “insurgencies” will hide within and exploit populations at risk and needing resettlement, and stir up trouble; hence military police will need to be able to conduct both operations simultaneously.  There is even a chart outlining “population types” requiring internment and requiring resettlement, and the two sets of populations are completely separate (at least in the chart).
    So why mix them up so thoroughly in the “Introduction”?  Why not make it absolutely clear that the document is dealing with two totally different sets of responsibilities of military policing?  Break it up into “Part One – Internment” and “Part Two – Resettlement”.  Even though part two would contain just 10% of the document.
    The document also seems more focused on military policing in foreign countries than within the USA… but does seem to encourage the use of its policies and positions within the USA too.
    I’m not ready to call it a step towards the tyrannical destruction of our rights as American citizens.  But I still don’t like it.  Looks like just another government document trying to do and say too much for the government’s own good, and ending up an ambiguous and troubling mess.  I’m glad I got to see it – and thanks! – but I’m not ready to consider it conspiratorial without additional “smoke” pointing to nefarious motive.

  32. beefrank says

    “..SF is the one all the boys chase.”   Too obvious to ignore. Being a transplanted Marin native, I always  referred to SF as ‘the City’ when talking other NoCal natives or when visiting home.  It depends to whom and where you are speaking.  It does not make any sense when conversing in Wichita, KS.

  33. shirleyelizabeth says

    Always late to join the conversation….since everyone has covered the gun issue so well, I’ll just ask, why were the kids in the pastry story eating breakfast at school?

  34. says

    “I think the military would fissure and divide, with commitment and resolve on *all* sides.”
    That would make it into a factional military or militia, similar to the Northern Army or the Southern Army in the US Civil War. The United States military would cease to exist, for there would be no “United” States.
    I’m not yet convinced they are buying up the ammo for their own use. They could merely be limiting supply. If I wanted to siege a nation’s people, I would dry up their food and munitions by buying it all up, destroying it, and then keep buying it all up using the taxes off the people’s back. It is efficient in a fashion. More so than relying on the government incompetent goons access to real firepower, at least.

  35. Mike Devx says

    Ymar, I don’t think the division within the military would be that public or obvious.  I think any such insurgency against a tyrannical government would be obvious on the outside; and when the government forced the military to take action against the rebels, in this case you’d find a lot of *covert* support within the military for the rebellion.  Making use of that covert support would (in my opinion) be necessary for victory, else we’d eventually lose.  The government does have too much power for civilian resistance to be able to triumph over it.  No matter what, I think it would be an incredibly chaotic struggle.

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