Hugo Chavez is dead, GR

Hugo Chavez speaks with Barack Obama

Hugo Chavez has finally succumbed to cancer.  Normally when I write a post heading highlighting someone’s death, I add a “RIP” to the post title.  That seemed inappropriate here, given that my very first thought when I read that was dead was “Good Riddance” — hence the “GR” in the post caption.

Chavez was a dreadful man from first to last.  He destroyed any vestige of civil rights that Venezuelan citizens once had, he threw himself (and his country’s oil) in the open arms of the world’s worst actors, and he actively encouraged antisemitism within Venezuela’s borders.  He also tried to destabilize Latin America as a whole and bring it into his totalitarian, anti-American, antisemitic orbit.

Given all the marks in the “con” column of his life’s achievement, and the total absence of any marks in the “pro” column, I’m not at all sorry he died.  I’m only sorry he didn’t die sooner.  Nature shouldn’t have taken so long in purging the earth of his presence.

And proving that my vindictiveness hasn’t been fully spent reviling Chavez, let me add that I wish Nature would hurry up when it comes to hastening the passing of such other evildoers as Castro, Jong-Un, and Ahmadinejad and his Ayatollahs.  It’s entirely possible that, were they to meet their Maker (or just decompose in the ground) their replacements would be even worse.  However, what one hopes is that a dictator’s passing creates a tiny window of space and hope within which people of good will can act to save those of their fellow citizens straining under the yoke of a totalitarian dictatorship.

Please note that I am not asking that these leaders be assassinated or that we wage war against them.  Chavez died of natural causes.  The others should too . . . only very quickly.

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  • Call me Lennie

    Hugo Chavez, RIP — Roasting in Pit
    You see, Bookie RIP can fit; if you “tailor” it just right  

  • Mike Devx

    It’s a good thing that Hugo Chavez lasted as long as he did.  This way, only Sean Penn laments his passing.  Danny Glover might shed one tear or two.  Obama might regret the passing of a fellow dictator.  But by now no one else will give a sh!!t.
    The Chavez legacy is a whole bunch of mothing except for a mountainload of misery.  No one will miss him.  Into the dustbin of history, with nothing but a few pictures in Venezuelan textbooks. 
    If he’d died even a mere five years ago, the Left might have been able to construct a legacy.  Now, not a chance.  A few lefties are trying to call him a “champion for the oppressed”.  Oh, sure, yes, alright, I get you.  A champion for the oppressed while he amassed a TWO BILLION DOLLAR fortune and tucked it away while more and more of his people actually suffered.  He was just another banana republic thug.  Give me a break. Losers.

  • Robert Arvanitis

    The Romans said “De Mortuis Nil Nisi Bonum.”  Of the dead nothing but good.
    Chavez is dead.  Good.

  • Charles Martel

    Mike, I wonder if with all that stolen cash he stashed away whether Hugo was paying Raul and Fidel through the nose for the best veterinary-level medical care money can buy. God knows the Cuban oligarchy could use it.

  • Libby

    At times like this I like to imagine that Dante’s version of hell exists & I wonder where ol’ Hugo ended up. 

  • Earl

    The rest of his legacy is the mess he worked at creating in S. and C. America.  Bolivia is far worse off for his tenure…as is Ecuador.
    Colombia resisted – another reason I LOVE that country!!  Honduras managed to escape his malign influence as well.  Good for them, and shame on the lefties in this country who supported Chavez’ meddling.
    I’m glad he’s gone.  I’d say the Venezuelan people deserve better, except that they got this guy because of their envy and class warfare.  Brought on by the bungling, crony capitalist, “democratically elected” governments that went before. 
    Latin America is full of rich countries with many decent people, but ruled by kleptocrats….very sad.
    Chile stands out, at least at present….I still love Colombia, but the new guy is no Uribe!

  • Jose

    I’ll bet he can smell the sulfur now.

  • Michael Adams

    iAi! Jose, you are a bad influence on me.:-0)

  • Mike Devx

    Jose, thank you for the full belly laugh!  Comment of the Week!
    I had completely forgotten that UN moment.  What a churlish cad and idiot Chavez was.  

  • Ymarsakar

    Death is the greatest equalizer. Socialism and communism? Hah. Mere shadows of the true power.