A good way of putting the sequester in perspective


Caped Crusader sent me a wonderful squiblet that puts the sequester in perspective:

If the Federal budget weighed 200 pounds and went to see Dr. Michelle Obama (world renown weight expert and fat butt reduction subspecialist) would she say losing 3 pounds is so severe it would cause death or permanent impairment? Think about it!

That is what all the caterwauling is about! A government so necessary and efficient they cannot find 1 1/2 % that is not necessary!

The fact that the sequester has actually been in effect for two weeks without the world coming to an end reveals how accurate this little story is and how reprehensible the Democrat Chicken Littles were (and are).

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  • Texan99

    It’s worse than that.  I go to my doctor and say, I weigh 200 lbs., but I was planning on gaining my usual 20 lbs. this year.  How about if I cut back and gain only 4?  Great diet plan!

  • MacG

    3 lbs is a lot to a 200 lb 7 foot 6 anorexic.  However since the Government is shaped more like Oliver Hardy or perhaps The Blob, I think your premise holds.  
    Texan99 Great Diet plan for all of those Walmart pics I see showing up on the ol interwebz.  A friend in Texas says that the whole front of the SuperStores are lined with handicap parking for those apparently on ‘your’ diet.

  • shirleyelizabeth

    Have you seen this video going around facebook yet?
     Titled Debt Limit