The up and coming generation — scarily passive sheeple

When I was growing up, there were quite a few slogans young people were urged to remember:  “Question authority.”  “Never trust anyone over thirty.”  “Power to the People!”  “Tell it like it is.”  “Do your own thing.”  Especially after Watergate, we were a generation that was warned never to trust the politicians.  We were supposed to question everything.

In retrospect, of course, we were being manipulated.  We weren’t really supported to question all of the authorities in our lives, nor were we supposed to disbelieve every politician.  Instead, we were being steered into questioning and challenging a traditional status quo based upon the constitution and Judeo-Christian values.  Nevertheless, the notion of questioning authority was very real.  We didn’t assume our teachers were right.  We were sheeple (all young people are), but we were sheeple that still tried to run in the opposite direction of the existing political class and its agenda.

Today’s generation of young sheeple has no desire to create a break-out herd that challenges the political status quo.  Modern young sheeple do not question their teachers or their politicians.  Instead, they accept hook, line, and sinker every fact — and it’s always Leftist facts — thrown at them.

The best example I’ve seen of sheepleness — the current generation’s complete and mindless acquiescence to the anticapitalist, environmentally insane, politically correct, anti-white racist stuff constantly being thrown at them — is a truly clever, marvelously done video by Jon Cozart, a sophomore at the University of Texas, Austin.

Jon is a talented lyricist and a wonderful singer, with a great range from almost bass all the way up to tenor.  He’s become something of a YouTube star, and it’s quite obvious why.

Jon’s latest effort is “After Ever After — DISNEY Parody,” which uses familiar melodies to imagine what happened to the Disney characters after the movie ended.  It’s good, really good.  Clever lyrics, wonderful performance.  The only problem with it is that it’s a perfect encapsulation of sheeple subservience to PC, Leftist crap.  (Pardon my language.)

In my youth, which wasn’t that long ago, the rhetoric of our time (“question authority,” “never trust anyone over thirty”) would have had us challenging all the stuff that was spewing from Washington, D.C., and inundating us from the front of the classroom.  We would have sneered with youthful cynicism at the Climate Change stuff, the anti-American stuff, the non-gays are evil stuff, etc.

This generation, however, cannot hop on the establishment bandwagon quickly enough. Today’s young people have no curiosity.

If you’ve ever read Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time Trilogy, you must surely remember, in the first book, the way Meg, Calvin, and Charles are transported to the planet Camazotz, which is completely controlled by the evil IT.  What makes IT so evil is that IT demands complete conformity.  IT punishes anyone who dares to try to be an individualist.  In doing so, it stifles everything that is good and loving.  We have turned our young people into children straight from the school of Camazotz.  They swear a lot, drink, and do drugs, but they are incapable of independent behavior, thought, reason, logic, or analysis.

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  • JKB

    Book, you and I are of a similar age but the “question authority,” “never trust anyone over thirty” wasn’t of our time, it was of the middle boomers, the WoodStockers.  The greatest conformers of all time.  It’s just they embraced the cult ideology put out by the pre-boomers.  Ever wonder why those they followed were not born after the war?  When the Abbie Hoffmans and such fell, the WoodStockers drifted into this cult or that.  
    But as a kid on my crew observed back around 1993, the Baby Boomers grew up to make everything they did illegal for their kids to do.  Not just illegal, but life destroying, felon illegal. 
    I’ve always consider those of our age, the Lost generation.  Officially, late boomers but with little in common with the WoodStockers.  We had to fight for left over jobs, suffer high school scored to Disco music and generally find ourselves mired behind that giant clog of WoodStockers.  
    Now, one thing the WoodStockers were successful at, was killing critical thinking.  Heck, they’ve even made “critical thinking” a thing.  In decades past, it was called educated for those who could do it formally and just thinking for the common folk.  But now it is a thing.  A thing, they can’t even teach college graduates these days, when used to be it was something to be supported and not suppressed in the elementary student.  But if the little darlings are pushed to think rather than parrot, they might ask hard questions, realize the BS and, dare we say, decide not to be good little socialists.  The very sad part is that these hard times aren’t causing them to break the indoctrination and start exercising freedom of thought.  

  • Oldflyer

    Book, when I was growing up we respected authority, and seldom questioned it overtly.  Of course, it may well be that authority deserved more respect. 
    Or perhaps we understood that the world was a lot more serious than we were prepared for in the 40s and 50s.
    I guess the 50’s are known in some quarters as the ” Beat Generation”, but the people I knew were not that sophisticated. 

  • Bob Agard

    I am proud to say that my three, ages 12, 11, and 9 are independent thinkers, not swallowing the politically correct indoctrination. I have linked to you here:

  • Bookworm

    That’s great, Bob, that you’re raising independent thinkers.

  • Kevin_B

    As you know, Bookworm, I’m a fairly young bloke (23 years old) and I must say I recognize much of what you say in those of my generation and a bit younger and older. I’ll just be honest too, I should not, cannot and will not claim to not be guilty of this myself as well.
    I personally try to think critically and independently, to encourage myself to continue doing so, and to, if possible, encourage others to do so. I like reading, researching, looking things up and learning, even if it is many times difficult. It’s not an easy road, especially not if you’re already a person with marked depressive and pessimistic tendencies. In any case, I feel I often do not fit the mold of many of my generation (although I’m still sort of part of it) and I don’t even feel like I really fit into the conservative mold.

    As to swear, drinking and doing drugs… I’m a teetotaler (now that’s something rare amongst young people, expect for Muslim youths) and I don’t do drugs and despise them (partly because I’ve seen some of the consequences of drug use). And swearing, well, I’m certainly guilty of that, but I try to keep it down and won’t do it in front of my parents, grandparents, other families, teachers et cetera.

    Bob: continue to do so, please, and good luck with it!

  • Ymarsakar

    Of course they were being manipulated. Only those at the bottom amidst the uneducated masses can so believe that they have any power over the rulers. It’s merely one faction against another, for the reins of power, and the dupes below are merely used as cannonfodder for one faction or another. The poor slavish fools in Iran and Cuba actually believed that their protests and revolutions against the Shah and against the Cuban government pre Castro, was actually going to disempower the greedy and cruel. They merely exchanged one problematic system of government for one guaranteed to be cruel and evil. If they were alive today (they aren’t), they might be feeling a bit of regret over their youthful recklessness, ignorance, and gullibility. They were cleaned up out of existence by the rulers they installed, of course. Can’t have any of these protesters around standing in the way of the New Reich, after all. And why didn’t the previous governments erase those protesters from existence like the New Reich did? Probably because they were not corrupt, not evil, not ruthless, not cruel enough. So they had to be replaced by Someone That Was. That is the natural way of things in nature: the strong survive for a time, only to be eaten by the stronger.
    Historically aristocrats have used peasant fools as foils and disposable assassins in order to maintain face, dignity, and honor, while the aristos ready the palace for their coup. The foolish peasants actually believe that they will be elevated to aristos after the revolution is over, as they were promised. As they were promised. They will be elevated all right. 4 feet above ground, then 5 feet below in a mass grave. That’ll be their reward, as always, for being tools instead of humans with free will.
    “In my youth, which wasn’t that long ago, the rhetoric of our time (“question authority,” “never trust anyone over thirty”) would have had us challenging all the stuff that was spewing from Washington, D.C., and inundating us from the front of the classroom.  We would have sneered with youthful cynicism at the Climate Change stuff, the anti-American stuff, the non-gays are evil stuff, etc.”
    In truth, however, what the youths of the 1960s merely did was follow the sexual lies of their peers instead of some elder age authority or overall mainstream society. They did as they were told. Now, they do as they are told. Difference? Not much. They are still being controlled by the same people. Just as blacks are still being controlled by Democrats, slavery or no slavery. The reach of power transcends time and space, remember that. The same is true of love, but the Left doesn’t love you nor does it love America nor will it allow anyone else to love anyone else, but only be absolutely obedient to the Left’s utopian Deus Ex.
    The “rhetoric”, as always, is to use emotion and logic to control people’s behaviors. They are mostly weaklings, but they are a lot of weaklings.
    Tools and slaves were never designed to have such a thing as independent thought. Perish the thought.

  • Ymarsakar

    Btw, “We weren’t really supported to question all of the authorities in our lives, nor were we supposed to disbelieve every politician. ”
    Wrong word on ‘supported’.
    If the people wish for a dictator, an absolute tyrant to tell them what to do in this Fed up world created by the Left, then that is what they will get, whether they deserve it or not. The question is whether their Lord will be a Dark one that fights for Evil or a Lord of Light that uses the purity of power to cleanse injustice and weakness from the people. It could go either way.
    The naive idea that one can fight against this, reverse it, by “voting” in the ‘will of the people’ via a dumb as hell and easily corrupted mechanic as democracy… well, that’s something else.