HuffPo’s Ann Coulter article a perfect example of the way the way the Left demonizes conservatives

I’ve noticed that the mainstream media keeps calling Colorado moderate when it reports on the fact that a Democrat legislature and a Democrat governor are trying hard to up-end Coloradan’s Second Amendment rights.  I haven’t paid much attention to Colorado over the years, but I can say this with certainty:  whatever it was in the past, there’s nothing moderate about a present in which the legislature marches lockstep with the full Progressive agenda.  At some point, Colorado stopped being moderate and, politically at least, became Left.  To continue to call it moderate is simply the media’s way of trying to shift the definition of “political center” to the Left.

That’s why I was much struck by a Huffington Post article that described Ann Coulter as “ultra controversial.”  Yes, she’s outspoken, but most of her stands are right in the dead center of American conservative politics.  Heck, she was Mitt Romney’s biggest cheerleader — yet they demonize her.  The following is my take, which is all Bookworm, even though it got published first at Mr. Conservative:


The ultra-Leftist Huffington Post has launched yet another attack against author and speaker Ann Coulter — this time because of Coulter’s take on Sen Dianne Feinstein’s response when Sen. Ted Cruz (R. Tex) reminder her that her attempted gun grab ran completely counter to the Constitution. Dianne Feinstein, unable to mount a credible constitutional counterattack, instead expressed emotion-fueled outrage that someone would dare talk to her that way.

Coulter had a field day with Feinstein’s “helpless wittle me” response. Speaking to Sean Hannity, Coulter pointed out that both Feinstein and fellow “I am woman, hear me roar” feminist Hillary Clinton, the moment they got called on bad conduct (in Hillary’s case, very bad conduct), practically burst into tears.

Based upon these women’s pathetic responses to challenges to their conduct as political professionals, Coulter cracked one of her usual sarcastic, over-the-top jokes, with a little bit of gleeful exaggeration wrapped around a large, solid core of truth:

I used to think women just should not be able to vote. Now I think at least liberal women should not be able to hold office. Every time you try to have a discussion with them, they become hysterical, they cry, and they want to show pictures of dead children. As if our position is “we don’t mind a few dead children.” Our position is “concealed carry” would stop these slaughters.

Except for what are obviously quips about women and voting, everything Coulter said was accurate: in the past few months, Hillary used hysteria to avoid questions about the four men who died in Benghazi while on her watch; while Feinstein has used everything from maudlin statements about children’s dead bodies to shakey-voiced refutations about her constitutional ignorance.

It began by dismissing her as “ultra-controversial.” She isn’t really. Ann Coulter is a solid, middle-of-the-road conservative. She’s against abortion and Islamic terrorism, and for small government, secure borders, and the Second Amendment. If that’s “ultra-controversial,” so is roughly half the country.

What upsets the HuffPo crowd about Coulter is that she tells the truth. She has no patience for political correctness, and she’s willing to force Leftists to face the absurd reality of their policies. For example, HuffPo says that Coulter got heat in February for pointing out that America’s gun crime is a “demographic” problem. Tragically, Coulter is right. FBI statistics show that, if one removes from the equation black-on-black crime (which usually occurs in Democrat-ran cities), America ends up with gun crime rates comparable to those in Europe.

Coulter does not say this to be racist. She says it to point out the liberal policies that turned blacks into poverty-stricken government dependents have robbed blakcs of their God-given right to stand up as moral men and women. The high black-on-black crime rate exists, not because blacks are in any way inferior, but because liberals incentivized them to be so through decades of aggressively-pushed abortions that have decimated the next generation of blacks; welfare policies that have made black men useless and that have destroyed the bond that should exist between man and woman, and mother and father; and a form of soft racism that never calls blacks on their crimes – as one would call any person one respects – but instead says that blacks can’t help themselves. This attitude is the underhanded liberal way of making the ultimate racist statement; namely, that blacks have less moral decency and self-control than whites.

It’s that ugly truth about their own racism, and its horrible effects on blacks in America, that the HuffPo crowd cannot tolerate. They try to shut her up because she holds a up mirror to their faces and says “Your policies have failed – and you’ve destroyed hundreds of thousands of lives in the process.”

Principles aren’t a big thing over at the HuffPo in any event. Its founder, Arianna Huffington, made her career jumping from one famous person and cause to another. On three occasions, she’s been credibly accused of plagiarizing other writers’ work in books he published under her own name. In England, she was a liberal democrat. In America, she married Republican Michael Huffington, and suddenly became a Republican who stuck with him as he won a House seat. She left her husband after he lost a Senate bid and then decided to reinvent herself as a Democrat.

Huffington is an opportunist and a dishonest one at that. It’s scarcely surprising that her publication would be hostile to someone who points out that Liberals have no fixed moral points, and that their policies are terribly destructive.

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  • Earl

    Sadly, Colorado forgot to put up a roadblock on their western border and check ID before they let folks in.
    That state has been Californicated!!
    Pretty soon, the folks who abandoned the “lefty paradise” on the coast, but brought their voting patterns with them to Colorado, are going to have to hunt for another place to move to.

  • Jose

    Ditto what Earl says.  I am concerned about my remaining family there being subjected to lefty lunacy.

  • Libby

    Although we’ve had an influx of Californians, Colorado going Democrat was orchestrated by a few very dedicated and rich progressives, including Boulder Congressman Jared Polis. Other Western states, especially Texas (because the Dems seem to have targeted them), need to combat this Colorado Model’ from being used to turn them into Red states as well. Here’s a decent description of how they did it:
    Regarding Ann Coulter, I see her as similar to Bill Maher on the Left (I know, his intelligence is significantly inferior to Ann’s). They both are quite candid, but like to throw in some extreme language/humor to really drive home their point. As repellent as Maher is, you get a very clear idea of what the Left is really thinking if you listen to him. I find it interesting that only one of them is regularly labeled as an extremist and called out for being offensive.

  • Earl

    The “Colorado Model” depends on getting voters to vote for “progressive” Democrats, and against Second Amendment rights, traditional marriage, lower taxes, restrained spending, etc. etc. etc.
    I don’t think that a great many of the traditional Colorado voters are on board for any of that, regardless of what “four rich liberals” are doing.  Those guys depended on mobilizing voters who were not conservative at their cores and could be swayed by a bunch of lefty utopian advertising plus the demonization of those who disagreed.
    I went to grad school in Fort Collins in the ’70s, and I saw the beginnings of the problem at the time – loads of folks moving in from elsewhere, many of them from California (as I was).  They completely changed the electorate along the Front Range, and they were the perfect targets for those who devised the “Colorado Model”.

  • jj

    I hardly ever see Ann as particularly extreme, and I wouldn’t bet the ranch she was “quipping,” either.  When you look at what giving women the vote has wrought, and you look at the people the female vote has inflicted on us, all the way from Boxer, Fienstein, Hillary, Cantwell and Murray to JFK, Clinton, and Obama – I wonder what leads you to suppose she’s kidding?

  • Danny Lemieux

    Earl, you and I may have been at CSU at the same time.
    I agree – a big part of this is that Colorado (esp. Boulder and Nederland) has always been a magnet for hippies and trust-fund babies. More recently, it has been hope to a massive influx of California refugees determined to recreate exactly the conditions in Colorado that they sought to escape from in California. Very sad! 

  • Earl

    1971-’73, plus most of ’76, Danny….College of Forestry and Natural Resources. 
    At that time, the northern Front Range was in the top 10 of fastest growing areas in the country, and I understand that it accelerated after I left (don’t think there was a connection, though!).
    Big deal on campus was the backpackers v. the cowboys.  One year they declared “Wear Levis if you’re gay” day.  I wore what I always wore – Levis – as did pretty much everyone else, as far as I could tell.  Since then, it appears that the backpackers (or worse, their “descendants”) have won….although it’s still not Boulder (or “Berkeley east” as we called it in those days – I think Ashland, NC has inherited that title).
    Love The Fort, owned my first home there, and laid the foundation for 30+ wonderful years of college teaching, so I’m very grateful. 

  • Mike Devx

    I may be exaggerating slightly here concerning Colorado, but I believe that when trash moves into your neighborhood, your neighborhood becomes trashed.  What more needs to be said to explain what has happened?

  • Gringo

    Ann Coulter pushes a lot of lib buttons. For one, she is a woman- and a good looking woman- advocating conservative policies. Many libs look at her as  if she went off the reservation. A woman is supposed to be on OUR side! She pokes fun at libs, which REALLY tees off the humorless, self-righteous lib element- which constitutes a substantial proportion of the libs, What infuriates tlibs even more is that she delivers substantive political commentary while poking fun at them.

  • LSBeene

    I often read your stuff, but mostly lurk and not comment.  This however has struck a nerve with me.
    Ann Coulter is a brilliant woman.  Let me caveat this by saying there is a huge difference between her books and her public appearances.  In public she tosses out rhetorical bombs that make me cringe – but, your comparison to Mahar is very very apt.  One is lionized for his wit and fast commentary, and one is demonized for her wit and fast commentary.
    In her books Coulter really impresses.  She researches and footnotes with great detail and her ability to research is amazing.  I find myself using her books as great “talking points” platforms when subjects come up in discussions on political subjects.
    What struck a nerve with me is Liberal women like Arianna Huffington and Hilary Clinton are hypocrites, vicious opportunists, and have a fully ingested sense of elitest entitlement complex.
    Arianna Huffington, in effect, SLEPT her way into what she has.  Hilary is a brilliant woman, but so are millions of others – she got onto the national stage due to who she got married and what office he held.  Both remind me of their generation’s “feminist leader” Gloria Steinem who slept with various men who then bankrolled her efforts to promote her liberal version of feminism, which, lol, proclaimed that women didn’t need men.
    Do not mistake what I am saying – brilliant hard working women (see: Coulter for example) can make it big without a man (or with one), but many liberal “feminist” women would never have made it to the A-List of movers and shakers without either 1) Some husband (they didn’t need, of course) bank rolling them / introducing them to the world   and / or    2)  The gov’t funded feminist apparatus “good ol’ girl” system giving them a platform from which to speak.
    Ann Coulter’s books are AMAZING.  She really taught me a lot about history – and I’m an amateur history nerd – and dispelled a lot of myths that I really had no clue were myths.  She has a way of being snarky and tearing up liberal sacred cows.
    The reasons why she is so unpopular with the left is the way she communicates is an affront to all the things they believe :
    1)  She is not “sensitive” to how she says things – meaning she won’t let the left control the language and she won’t play the “gee, I said this in a mean way, and therefore  you win” – she won’t let them play victim and start you off on the defensive.
    2)  She won’t let the left re-write history – which is CRUCIAL to the left.  The left has based their cultural attack on the US on critical theory and has relied on re-written or subjective views of history to do it.
    — Other cultures had slavery – all of human history did – and it was the UK and then the US who lead the way to eradicating it.  But you’d not get that impression if you were to learn history from a leftist.  They have to discredit and destroy the US’s past in order to destroy the basis / foundation of our society in order to build their utopian dream.  If the left were to admit that the Founders were amazing men and their ideas did indeed stem from their Christian beliefs then they (the left) would have no justification for their desire to disassemble our culture (because it’s “bad”) and remake it in the image they want.
    Coulter is a self-made woman who can intelligently and disprove the basis of their arguments – therefore she must be criticized and silenced.  They can’t attack the message, so they attack the messenger.

  • Mike Devx

    LSBeene #10, well said, hurrah!  I think you perfectly captured what is great about Ann Coulter.  I wish we had a ‘Like’ button, for what you wrote!
    I admire the hell out of Ann Coulter.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Earl, I was at CSU from ’77 to ’79. I know exactly what you mean re. cowboys and backpackers.
    I recall a Californian grad student sitting next to me in the stands at a Rams football game (the football weather there were so absolutely perfect!). Out of the blue, he decides to tell me how he absolutely hated cowboys. I asked him how many he knew? All i got was mumbles as his gaze shifted elsewhere. The way he said it, I suspected that cowboys threatened his manhood. Schmuck! 
    Mike Devx, as usual, nails it with a pithy remark. Yes, Colorado has been trashed. Very sad. We always hoped to retire there. Now? Maybe not so much.

  • Charles Martel

    Who is this LSBeene person and why hasn’t he/she been posting here before? I want more!