There’s something richly symbolic about the fact that Obama’s limo broke down in Tel Aviv

And another post that’s pure me, only it showed up at Mr. Conservative first:

The Daily Mail's chart showing the President's limousine in all its glory.

The Daily Mail’s chart showing the President’s limousine in all its glory.

It shouldn’t have been complicated – if you’re responsible for the president’s huge, hi-tech, armor-plated, gas guzzling limo, and if that car is taking a trip overseas with the president, you make sure that everyone knows that this gas hog takes ordinary gasoline, not diesel.

Someone on the Obama payroll forgot to take this basic precaution, leading to a humiliating moment for American prestige during Obama’s recent trip to Israel: his car wouldn’t start.

According to Israel’s Channel Two, the wrong fuel caused the problem:

The Americans filled it up with diesel, rather than petrol.

Speaking with the New York Times, however, Edwin Donovan, a Secret Service spokesman, said that the Secret Service didn’t actually know what caused the breakdown:

“We experienced mechanical trouble with one of the cars,” said Edwin Donovan, a spokesman for the Secret Service. “We don’t know the cause.”

There have been media reports that the vehicle had been filled with diesel fuel rather than gasoline.

Donovan said the Secret Service “did not have a read on what the specific issue is at this point.”

Donovan sounds as if he’s engaged in face-saving bureaucratic-speak. Right now, we’ve got our money on the Israeli version of the story. We’re also taking bets here that, while no one in the Obama administration was fired or punished for the deaths of four people in Benghazi, if this Limo-breakdown was indeed a fuel failure, someone’s going to lose his job.

In politics, as in so much of life, image is everything. When one considers the complete disaster President Obama’s Middle East politics have been (he’s made no progress in advancing peace between Israel and the Palestinians, he’s overseen the economic and structural collapse of myriad Muslim nations, and the Muslim world hates him even more than it hated George Bush) a broken down car in Israel seems like the perfect metaphor for Obama’s Middle Eastern strategy.

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  • Earl
  • Oldflyer

    Stuff happens.
    Friend of mine was the personal pilot of General Krulak, USMC, who was then Commanding General of Marines in the Pacific, and widely expected to elevate to Commandant.  Friend was loaned to the then  Commandant for a tour of Southeast Asia because he knew the area intimately.  Before departing Bangkok, he went out and checked the airplane, including running the engines.  Commandant shows up accompanied by Thai Royalty, and the plane would not start. A solenoid had failed on the previous engine shutdown. The Commandant was furious, and threatened serious repercussion.  Fortunately Gen Krulak was able to protect my friend from truly dire consequences, although he did lose a plum assignment in the DC area that had already been promised..
    So, suppose he had not been so diligent and had not run the engines just before the General arrived?   Presumably that solenoid had exactly one more cycle.
    You just never know.

  • jj

    I would be completely unsurprised if they filled it with diesel.  Completely unsurprised.  It would be emblematic of his administration’s whole act. 

  • Charles Martel

    When I realize that compared to the wonder brains who are now leading this country to the sunny uplands, I am a mere knuckle walker. So I understand that I am in no position to judge somebody at a high government level who does not know the difference between gasoline and diesel fuel. He/she has sooo much on his/her mind. I know I would fall apart were I thrust into such a high level of responsibility, taking care of the president’s car. 
    As Glenn Reynolds so fondly says, “We are in the very best of hands.”

  • Michael Adams

    It would be interesting to learn whether Israeli Diesel pumps have a nozzle that won’t fit into a gasoline filler tube.  Someone must know. I realize that Martel has the general idea right, that almost everyone around The One is ignorant about so many things* we proles know from junior high school, if not elementary grades, which makes it easy to believe any doofus report about them.  Nevertheless, I would not want to get trapped in one of those myths like the ones created around Presidents Reagan and Bush I. The provable facts are bad enough.
    *Assault weapons, anyone?

  • Jim

    I’m confused,  the graphic details  “6.5 litre diesel engine”  This would make sense to move an 8,000lb limo.
    Maybe some were confused over by the difference between petrol (gas) and fuel? (diesel).  Hopefully they can save the engine  –  Thanks

  • Kevin_B

    They really seem to be making themselves into a laughing stock, aren’t they? In all their hair-brain stupidity and incompetence, I think it’s entirely plausible they put the wrong fuel into that limo. I wouldn’t be surprised if that actually happened and they’re just trying to cover it up and save face. I just imagine what the Israelis could be thinking.
    If you read the chart at the top of the post though, it does state diesel engine, weirdly.
    In any case, if they poured the wrong fuel into that limo and actually started the engine, this could prove a costly affair. It depends a bit on the type of engine and the age of the engine, but as far as new/recent engines are concerned, starting it up with the wrong fuel could very well ruin it.

  • Mike Devx

    Is this like adding 2 cups of salt to a recipe that calls for 2 cups of sugar?  “Hmm, they’re both a cup of small white granules, what’s the difference?”
    Actually I’m reminded of an old Warner Bros cartoon.  Small smart mouse, big fat dumb mouse.  Small smart mouse catches his shirt on fire.  “Quick, I need water!”
    Big dumb mouse runs over to a barrel with a word stenciled on its side. “P-E-T-R-O-L.  That spells, water” he says.  He rushes it back to smart small mouse and dumps it on him.  Flame-WHOOSH!  Crispy black small smart, and very mad, mouse.
    If Bugs Bunny had filled that limo with diesel instead of regular ol’ gasoline, Daffy would have walked up to him, paused a moment, and then said, “You’re dethspicable.”


    I am only surprised “the beast” wasn’t filled with water – the occupant believes he can walk on it ….

  • Ron19

    The holder that replaced the front passenger seat sent an alarm to the engine computer that there wasn’t a golf club bag in the limo, preventing the engine from starting.
     The on-board GPS had not been programmed with the location of a golf course.
     The on-board computer was not showing a ribs drive-thru nearby.
     The poor limo was just worn-out from all the time spent away from the Oval Office.
     The driver was told to wait until the big black campaign bus had arrived and parked two blocks away.
     The President saw his TOTUS was still on the sidewalk.

  • cerumendoc

    According to the picture; the engine is a diesel.  It makes sense since the ‘car’ was built off a Chevy 2500 (3/4 ton) pickup truck.  Therefore, I can presume that someone put gas (petrol) into the tank. Easily made mistake to those of the elite who never, filling put their Lexuses  (or Lexi?), had to sully their noble personages with the green hosed pumps down in back of the gas station.  Real men and women, not metrosexuals, do diesel.
    That will trash the injectors that cost about $500 a piece.  Therefore, since that’s an 8 cylinder engine, we taxpayers are stuck with a $4000 bill to replace those injectors.  Since when does the president of our Constitutional Republic rate a golden carriage, BTW.

  • MacG

    When I saw that pic of the Beast on the flatbed tow truck it seemed fitting somehow. Perhaps if the tow truck had US Taxpayers as a logo it would be a picture of a broken Government being carried around by us.  Or a picture of the inefficient redundancy of two vehicles needed for one job.

  • Charles Martel

    Ron19: LOL!

  • beefrank

    Somehow this entire story, like this administration, smells fishy. If I am to believe the videos on NATGEO, History and Military Channels, all presidential vehicles and supplies are flown by US military transports into a  international location including jet fuel and gasoline which is tested and secured until the POTUS vacates the location. As we now know there are duplicates for AF1, limo and motorcade vehicles. Nothing is left to chance.  Are we to believe some federal worker with a security clearance placed diesel fuel into the gasoline-fueled POTUS limo?  Is not that similar as trying to attach a EV plug to a Humvee?  If ‘fuelgate’ is correct, someone lost their security clearance or was reassigned.  

  • Mike Devx

    beefrank, you said, 
    Nothing is left to chance.
    Never underestimate the power of the Obama administration to screw anything up!
    Diesel vs regular gas?  Since it’s not explicitly listed in “Rules For Radicals”, it must not matter!