Trying out a totally cool plug-in

One of the great things about getting to know fellow bloggers is getting good tips.  I recently got to meet (via phone) Warner Todd Huston, a regular contributor at Breitbart.  Not only is he a very nice, and manifestly smart, guy, he also gave me a tip about a cool plug-in for WordPress.  It’s called PhotoDropper, and it gives you easy access to a library of millions of free images that don’t have any copyrights attached to them.  Seeing as I am both cheap and honest, I always try to use Creative Commons images so that I don’t have to pay or steal.  The problem is that it’s hard to find those images.  With this plug-in, though, they’re at my finger tip (or maybe I mean to say that they’re just a mouse-click away).

So, within seconds, I get a license-free image with Obama being disrespectful by showing the soles of his shoes.  (Proving, I guess, that he’s not a Muslim after all.)

The Obama's on election night 2008

Another click, and I’ve got Keanu Reeves (you guys know how I feel about him) — for free! It’s not a good picture, but it’s an honest one.

Keanu Reeves

I’ll still go out searching for other pictures. I love Victorian stuff, and I know that’s copyright free, but it’s kind of relaxing to know there’s something out there that relieves me of the worry that I’m cheating.

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  • Tonestaple

    Not so fast, Book.  If he’s Muslim, he might be showing the soles of his shoes to indicate his total lack of respect for us.

  • Bookworm

    Gosh, darn it!  I didn’t think of that, Tonestaple.

  • March Hare

    It may be my laptop, but both of those images seem very dark.  I can barely make out Keanu’s face. 
    Based on Mrs. O’s dress, my thought is the picture of the First Family was taken during the convention, rather than at the White House.  The photographer may have just caught the Obamas in a casual, informal moment.  There are more than a few pictures of me with my feet on the coffee table!  (Usually shoeless.)

  • Mike Devx

    March Hare says: There are more than a few pictures of me with my feet on the coffee table!  (Usually shoeless.)
    Where I grew up, that seems to be  an important difference, March Hare.   *Everyone* knew that you never propped your shoed feet up on a table, but it was somewhat more common when in socks to do so.   Some people still didn’t like that and would tell you to get your feet off that table.  But it was more acceptable.   So ever since, I have always reacted badly when I see someone put their feet up, in shoes, on a table.