The wheels are coming off the climate change bus

I haven’t blogged about climate change lately because any serious blogs about science change require science talk — data and stuff — and I simply haven’t had the energy to acquaint myself with and regurgitate all those numbers.  After all, that’s what the marvelous Watt’s Up With That blog is for. They do the science so you don’t have to.

Not knowing the numbers, though, hasn’t kept me from knowing a few principles with absolute certainty.  Here are my principles:

  • Al Gore is an idiot and a con man.  If he advances global warming, there’s a very good chance it’s false.  Knowing that saved me from damaging credulity.
  • The earth has warmed and cooled repeatedly.  As any history student knows, in the early middle ages, the earth was warmer than it is now, which is why Greenland wasn’t called Snow and Ice Land.  A mini Ice Age hit in the late middle ages, which is why pictures of royals in the time of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I show them attired in such heavy, furred clothes.  It wasn’t just for fashion, it was for warmth.  The Thames actually froze while Elizabeth was queen.  The earth started warming at the end of the 18th century.  We’re at the tail end of that warming period.
  • Science cannot predict next week’s weather with any accuracy.  How can it predict the next bazillion years of the earth’s warmth.  Moreover, the temperature gauges upon which “scientists” rely are placed randomly and, quote often, in positions that attract warm from heat vents, airplanes, etc.
  • Climate Gate showed the leading climate “scientists” lying about and suppressing facts like crazy.  They wouldn’t have to do that if the facts supported their theories.
  • The sun is bigger and more important than we puny humans are.
  • Pollution is awful.  I remember the filthy air and water in the late 1960s and early 1970s.  There is much virtue to being good stewards over our earth and using our wealth and knowledge to keep our environment clean. This is not, however, the same as turning ourselves back into a pre-industrial Third World nation to appease an overheated Gaia.
  • When global warming “stopped,” and the Left suddenly announced that henceforth we would deal with “climate change,” not “global warming,” that was a sure sign that there was no global warming.  When everything in the world fit neatly into the “climate change” theory, even if today’s facts proved that yesterday’s theories were false, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that the whole anthropogenic global warming/climate change thing was a money-making scam for some and an article of blind faith for others.  Obama summarized that latter point when he had the audacity to say, after he won the Democrat primary, that “this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.”  When a Democrat with a shady background declares himself the Messiah, you’re being scammed.

With this knowledge behind me, I am not the slightest bit surprised to learn that the mainstream media is finally catching up to the fact that climate change isn’t happening.  As you and I know, it is now, and always was, a way to enrich the cognoscenti, and to transfer First World wealth to anybody but the First World (including the scam artists at the leading edge of this con). Sure, the faithful are still trying to claim that something awful is happening even thought nothing is happening at all, but those of us who refused to drink the Kool-Aid know that we’re finally seeing the end of this decades’ long scam, one that cost Americans billions of dollars and lowered their standard of living.

Here’s one thing I can guarantee, though:  The Left, its actors and acolytes, will never apologize for the children made terrified by the thought of a burning earth, or for the billions of dollars and Euros and Yen wasted on this shell game.  Instead, they’ll let a decent period go by during which time they don’t report on the earth’s climate at all, and then they’ll come up with a new scam to take our money and make us very afraid.Sick earth global warming

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  • David Foster

    Modeling certain kinds of complex systems is very, very tricky. I recently read about a supercomputer being used to simulate jet engines in order to evaluate various possible noise-reduction strategies. The supercomputer included TEN THOUSAND processor cores, all working together to simulate ONE jet engine in what appears to be something slower than real time. And this is for a problem where (I believe) the basic physics is quite well understood.
    Climate modelers could do with some humility.

  • JKB

    I blame the decline of religion.  When you are raised with the Resurrection coming, well, not right now later, you finally start to see the con.  It helps you see through cults and other end-of-timers.  Especially when you see those promoting the scam making loads of cash.  
    I’m not saying you shouldn’t follow Christianity or other religions or even a more moderate environmentalism, but watch out for the scammers.  They form an end of humanity myth and then sell it like their lives depend on it.  All organized to extract money by abrading emotions.

  • Mike Devx

    This is a very good summary article on the recent “Marcott” study that attempted to raise the global warming alarm again.  It sure looks like blatant data manipulation and outright fraud to me!
    Methinks they are becoming truly desperate.  This Marcott study was a truly pathetic attempt.


  • MacG

    Thanks for the reminder to look out for the scammers. There are plenty of wolves in sheep’s clothing placing stumbling blocks in the paths of those who may otherwise seriously look into the whole Jesus thing.
    Jesus said no one knows the day or the hour of his return only the Father in Heaven does so when I see titles like “88 reasons Why The Rapture Will Be in 1988: The Feast of Trumpets (Rosh Hash-Ana) September, 11-12-13” and its sequel “The final shout: Rapture report 1989”  by any one setting a date much less by the same guy I really pay them no never mind.  Kind of like The Davinci Code that got so many all intrigued about hidden meanings of the Bible.  Aren’t the plain meanings hard enough to comprehend?  Do we really need to go looking for something more mysterious?

  • Pat26.2

    Very good summation on the AGW hoax. 

    Re: Computer models. David Foster makes a very good point that computer modelling is very difficult, even with a closed system where all the inputs are known.

    The Earth’s climate is an open system where the inputs cannot be known in advance. We don’t know what the sun is going to do. We don’t know what cosmic ray densities will be as we circle the core of our galaxy (cosmic rays impact cloud formation), and we don’t really know much about the ecological impact of CO2 concentrations increasing. Satellite imagery suggests the planet is getting greener, which makes perfect sense, because plants thrive on increased CO2 levels.
    I’ve been in commercial computing for 40 years. My current fate is adapting healthcare systems to cope with Healthcare Reform. Let me say that the deadlines aren’t looking good, because we are supposed to be done by August but no one yet knows precisely what we have to do. Be that as it may, one of the most important documents that emerged from Climategate was a text file called “HARRY_READ_ME.txt”. It is a set of notes from a lone programmer who took over work on one of the leading climate computer models from some guy named Tim.
    Here’s a link to the file:
    Even if you are not a computer professional, you get the sense of frustration this person felt as he tried to revive the computer model just to reproduce its earlier published results.
    He is using Fortran, one of the earliest programming languages, and one of the worst, if you want to write bug-free code. Been there, done that. 
    Here’s a choice quote that demonstrates my point:

    “In other words, ‘nf’ is set in the first conditional set of statements, but in the alternative (starting on #62) it is only set AFTER it’s used.”

    A modern programming language would not allow you to use a variable until it has been set. Fortran doesn’t care. It would be like cashing a check before you had written in the amount of the check. No would would know what amount you meant. In a computer, it would just take what happened to have been left over in that chunk of memory. Could be 0, -10,000, +987,654,789: who knows.
    This does note bod well for confidence in this climate model. It is so poorly documented that Tim’s successor cannot get it to match previous runs. It is full of bugs. There is no rigor in any of the processes. 
    So, you have a climate model, written by non-professionals, that can’t replicate it’s own results, and is full of bugs, yet the world is expected to invest billions of dollars to avert the dire consequences this model predicts? 

  • Spartacus

    Mrs. Bookworm — All excellent points, although I am reminded of one more that I often think of as “the nail in the coffin,” and must share.
    The documentary, “The Great Global Warming Swindle” makes several points of the “Smack!  QED!  And the prosecution rests its case!” variety, but the one that stood out to me most was the correlation between global temperature and CO2 levels.  There is indeed a very strong and positive correlation between these two, just as the warmists say there is.  The catch?  Temperature leads and CO2 follows, with a lag time of about 800 years.  And this makes perfect sense, since cold ocean water can hold much more CO2 in solution than warm ocean water.  So when the Earth cools and its oceans follow (over about 800 years), CO2 is absorbed at greater levels out of the atmosphere and into the oceans; conversely, when the Earth warms and its oceans follow (over about 800 years), CO2 comes out of solution and re-enters the atmosphere, and the CO2 level rises.
    In other words, the lightswitch and the lightbulb are indeed connected, but it is not the lighting of the bulb which retroactively causes the flipping of the switch, as the warmists would have us believe.
    So, in the interest of intellectual curiosity and openness, I Netflixed An Inconvenient Truth by The Prophet al Gore (peace be upon him), to learn more about his famous hockey stick.  Boy, was that a disappointment!  Anyone who wishes to repeat this scientific experiment is obviously free to do so, because unlike the original data of the Hadley Climate Research Unit, all copies of An Inconvenient Truth have not been destroyed.  But for those who wish to save two hours of their lives rather than listen to off-topic stump speeches about al Gore’s sister dying of lung cancer and his son getting hit by a car, allow me to summarize.
    The Prophet al Gore does indeed show a wall-sized graph of two lines representing global temperature and CO2 levels.  But does he show the 800-year lag, with temperature leading?  This is where you hire a director of photography who is trained in the “Steven Seagall fight scene” technique.  “Which means what?” you ask.  Three guys with knives are rushing Steven Seagall, you see in a very zoomed-out scene.  Then, there is apparently some brief whacking-of-badguys action, you infer from a very brief, confusing, blurry, and zoomed-in scene.  Then, the resolution scene, in which you see three badguys lying on the floor and Steven Seagall standing victorious and looking very tough, once again in very clear photography.  Such is the technique used to frustrate anyone wishing to pause-zoom-pan right-zoom-pan right-zoom and discover the secret of global temperatures and CO2.  Trust me: I tried.  Had The Prophet al Gore used Bruce Lee’s director of photography, his career as a prophet would have ended in 2006.

  • Danny Lemieux

    I think that we Bookworm aficionados can take great credit for having held fast and (Charles) martelled the fraudulent aspects of AGW into rubble at least a decade or so ago. I recall with fondness how we hammered ABC, Zachriel and all the others that tried to snow us with their ideological talking points only to be sent packing licking their wounds. I would be very curious to know their mindsets on AGW today. Are they even self-aware enough to realize how easily they were duped. I suspect not. 
    What still amazes me is how firmly people still hold on to this religion or ideology…even now, as the AGW theory crumbles around us. Obama now looks absolutely ridiculous trying to force through new legislation, regulation and taxes based on “climate change” assumptions. Talk about bitter clingers!
    To JKB’s point: I believe that this (falsely attributed) G.K. Chesterton quote was right on the mark: “When people stop believing in God, they don’t believe in nothing, they believe in anything.”  I suspect that these same people will be all too ready to jump on the next apocalyptic Jim Jones Kool-Aid bandwagon that comes along.
    If only they hadn’t done so much harm to humanity in pursuit of their unicorn ideologies. As Book said, billions and billions and billions of wasted resources that could have been put to so much good. I wonder if Al Gore can still be pursued for securities fraud?

  • KellyM

    “The Left, its actors and acolytes, will never apologize for the children made terrified by the thought of a burning earth, or for the billions of dollars and Euros and Yen wasted on this shell game.”
    Kind of like the Nuclear Winter\Ice Age propaganda we children were fed in the late 70s? Just loved sitting through those film afternoons when it was too cold to go out at recess (-20F with a wind chill) listening to the august tones of the narrator droning on and on.