We got your bargains today on books about bargains!

An internet friend of mine, Michelle Horstman, has worked with her husband to write a book about getting the most out of garage sales — a useful skill at the best of times, but a real winner during an endless recession. It’s a fun, easy-to-read, very practical guide and, today only, the book is free.  If you have a Kindle or Kindle apps, you really have to get yourself a copy.

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  • Gringo

    I haven’t purchased that much from garage sales in recent years. CraigsList has been my bargain hunter locale of choice, as you can more easily locate a specific item than you can at a garage sale. Of course, you usually have to drive more with CraigsList finds. A local used bookstore has  some very good books for $1, but you have to keep showing up to find the books. I have a bookcase filled with such bargains, such as hardbound copies of  David McCullough’s biographies of Truman and John Adams.  Unfortunately, my reading doesn’t keep pace with my accumulating. Since my bookshelves are nearly full, most of my subsequent book additions will be in e-book form.
    Maybe I will purchase it. What the hey.