Michelle Obama confuses herself with dead Chicago teen

(I wrote this for Mr. Conservative, but it’s another one that could just as easily have been written here.  Indeed, for the writing I do at Mr. Conservative, it’s unusually snarky . Michelle really rubs me the wrong way.)

When the Clintons were in the White House, they loved to insult their political opponents by quoting to them Einstein’s classic definition of “insanity” — “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Under that standard, Michelle Obama is quite obviously insane. Despite the fact that Chicago pairs the strictest gun urban control laws in the nation with the highest urban gun homicide rate in the nation, Michelle took time out from her heavy-duty social schedule to appear in Chicago and tearfully beg for more gun control.

Making this display of Einstein-defined insanity even more appalling, Michelle added to it the typical Obama habit of inserting herself into the story, front and center (because, of course, the Obamas are the most important people in the world, at least in their own minds). While Bill Clinton felt your pain, Michelle feels only her own. When she spoke of Hadiya Pendleton, a teenager who performed at Obama’s Second Inauguration and was soon after killed by gun-fire on Chicago’s strictly gun-controlled streets, Michelle just couldn’t keep herself out of the narrative:

Hadiya Pendleton was me and I was her. But I got to grow up and go to Princeton and Harvard Law School and have a career and a family and the most blessed life I could ever imagine. And Hadiya, well we know that story. Just a week after she performed at my husband’s inauguration, she went to a park with some friends and got shot in the back.

What does that even mean? It sounds as if Michelle had a Beatles’ flashback and was trying to sing I am the Walrus (“I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.”) More likely, though, that mess of words is just a terrible and typical example of Michelle’s “me-me-me” approach to governance. Even in the Valley of the Shadow of a child’s death, it’s all about Michelle’s life, or her alternative life, or her hallucinatory life.

Worse than that, Michelle wrapped up this narcissistic wallow by offering what she claims is the only cure for the horror of Chicago’s homicide rate: Even stricter gun control laws in Chicago. There’s that Einstein-esque insanity. Stricter gun control ensures that Chicago’s violence continues as the bad guys know with certainty that their potential victims, or the community’s potential heroes, have all been disarmed.

But here’s the really irony of it all. Hadiya may be Michelle and Michelle may be Hadiya, but Michelle never travels an inch out of her home without an armed guard surrounding her. Her children get guards too, wherever they go. If Michelle really is Hadiya, and vice versa, the very least Michelle could do is to ensure that Hadiya, and all the other enthusiastic, innocent Hadiyas in Chicago, get the same Second Amendment rights that Michelle freely claims for herself.

If you’re interested in reading about other grotesque examples of liberal hypocrisy, be sure to check out this list of the 25 ridiculous things gun hating liberals have said. And if you want to learn more about the appalling ignorance that powers the Progressive press for the Second Amendment’s total destruction, you need to know that Obama thought that the Sandy Hook shooter was using an automatic, rather than a semi-automatic; that a legislator in Colorado had no idea gun magazines could be reloaded; and that Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns created an ad using an actor who’d obviously never handled a gun.

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  • Oldflyer

    After reading Michelle Obama’s comments, I asked myself if I my feelings are so negative toward her that I missed the point entirely.  Can this woman, who has lived a life so privileged that few can even identify with it, really be equating herself to this slain girl, who died in an urban jungle?  Is there a logic to her metaphor that is just too sophisticated for lesser intellects to comprehend?
    My wife says no.  She is indeed sufficiently narcissistic and  tone deaf that she would substitute herself into the role of the victim.   As to the politics of the statement–business as usual.

  • Charles Martel

    I think the biggest difference between Michelle and Barack’s respective narcissisms is that Michelle is not a borderline sociopath like her husband. Whereas Barack feigns concern for others and sees everybody else as objects to be manipulated or ignored, I think that Michelle retains some remnants of the ability to experience genuine feeling for her fellows.
    Her problem is that she is so self-absorbed and self-centered that she can only filter other people’s experiences through her own laundry list of “achievements”—affirmative action-enabled stints at the Ivies; high-paying, affirmative action-enabled, figurehead jobs; propulsion into the White House via racist, low-information voters using her husband to feel good about themselves.  
    She is obviously a deeply ignorant, uneducated woman, and as such cannot see the world in terms of anything or anyone other than herself. But, it her terribly inept way, I think she was trying to make a connection by pointing out Hadiyah Pendleton’s great “what might have beens.” She is saying that Hadiyah’s future could have been as privileged as her own. Not much of a lament, but still, a try.

  • MacG

    It was the only way she could say “If I had a daughter she’d look like her” without looking like Joe Biden.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Michelle is not an inner city girl. She’s a Chicago machine princess.

  • Mike Devx

    Someone else will have to investigate Michelle’s childhood and Hadiya’s childhood, to determine if they had anything in common beyond the mere color of their skin.  Perhaps there is truth to Michelle’s claim that she sees in Hadiya a mirror of herself.  I don’t know either way.  Aside from that, I’ll give Michelle Obama points for recognizing that she has led a privileged life, and for having empathy for Hadiya and her family.
    The problem of course is gun control.  Mrs. Obama belongs to the faction that believes that we, the citizenry, are the danger, and they wish to see us completely disarmed.  That is their ultimate goal: To turn the USA into England, where the citizens are unarmed, and many of the police are unarmed too.
    Remember the story, not too long ago, of the British lady who saw thieves breaking into her backyard shed, and not for the first time.  In total frustration, she banged on the window, attracted their attention, and held up a butcher knife and shook it in their direction, through the window.  She called the police, the thieves fled – and she was charged with the crime of threatening them with a loaded knife.  (Snark)
    That is the future that the Michelle Obamas seek for all of us.
    So we are apparently going to have a national law go into effect soon expanding background checks for gun purchases.  I have heard that it is a 1,500 page monstrosity.  This tells me that we are once again going to be confronted with insanity, once the “details” of this bill emerge from the murky sewer of Congressional special interest politics.  You will have to laugh, as the only means to avoid crying.
    And we have other recent stories in the news:  Two different cases of people who began recently to take medicine for recently-diagnosed stress conditions, and whose guns were seized and taken away from them.  For medical conditions that, in NO way, indicate a tendency to suddenly engage in violent murderous rampages with guns.  And we have a new law in California that force not only a “mentally ill” person to give up all of their guns, and all of their legal rights to purchase guns, but all family members living in the same home as well.
    Feeling overwhelmed lately, are you?  Over-stressed?  Don’t go to the doctor to get anti-anxiety pills!  The doctor will put you on “The List”, without your knowledge or your consent, and the authorities will show up at your door, confiscate ALL the guns in the house, and put everyone living in that house on “The List” as well.  
    And good luck getting off “The List”, once you’ve been put on it.  “I’m feeling much better now!” you may proclaim.   “Harrumph,” the grey bureaucrats shall intone.  “Let’s see how you’ve done after ten more years.  Then we’ll consider taking you off ‘The List’.”   We belong to them, you see.

  • Gringo

    FLOTUS:  “Haidea’s family was like my family.” And she goes on from there she is like Haidea. I don’t know what Haidea’s family was like, but it doesn’t seem that outrageous a statement. Black from – I assume- the South Side of Chicago. Check. If she got to sing at the White House, I imagine she was raised in a fairly functional family, as was Michelle.  Check. Offhand I doubt that Haidea’s family had the connections to the Chicago machine that Michelle’s father did, which could point out one difference between the two families. All in all, I don’t have much of a problem with Michelle Obama’s statement here.  It sounds to me like : “There but for fortune go I.”  I see more empathy than narcissism.
    In the video Michelle Obama said that she has had “the most blessed life I could ever imagine.” This seems to me to be an accurate summation of her life. However, being blessed doesn’t jell with some of her previous statements, such as [quoting from memory so may not be entirely accurate]  that “America is a mean country.. For the first time I feel proud of my country..” If her life has been  blessed as of 2013 A.D., her life was also blessed in 2008 A.D.,  when she made the above statements – before her husband was nominated for and elected President.  After all, how many people have a $300k job created especially for them- a job which was eliminated when she left it. There is a definite disconnect here.  If you consider your life blessed, and you consider your country to be a mean one and you cannot feel proud of your country, your thought processes are not exactly logical.
    Regarding Michelle Obama wanting more gun control in Chicago when Chicago already has stringent gun control laws and also a murder rate more than triple that of NYC, I am in agreement with others here that we are seeing a classic case insanity as defined by the alleged Einstein quote- doing the same thing and expecting different results. One different thing that the Chicago police could do is follow the NYPD policy of doing a lot of stopping and frisking to find illegal firearms. But that would be PROFILING, as the cops would be doing that in the crime ridden and black  South Side, not in the white and safe  Gold Coast. Which all GOOD PEOPLE know is a  BAD THING.  :)

  • Gringo

    I doubt that the FLOTUS or the POTUS have made any comments regarding the mob of youths – which just so happened to consist of black youths – which ravaged the North Side of Chicago several weeks ago. Could have been a teaching moment.


  • Gringo

    Book, your commenting software is holding up a comment of mine. Or should I say comments, as I sent it again when it didn’t show the first time. All it had was two lines of text and a link.

  • Charles Martel

    Gringo comes close to touching the third rail of contemporary American politics: The sad state of African Americans, one third of whom are mired in toxic, violent ghettos whose pathologies have been manufactured and abetted by the Democratic Party.
    Most blacks understand, if only subconsciously, what a farce affirmative action has been. There is really no other way to explain the seething, deep-seated resentment a Michelle Obama feels. She knows that in the real world she would not have made the cut. It wouldn’t have been because of her skin color, but because she simply lacked the intelligence and wit that are required of somebody who would reach her high station on true merit. Her anger–and there is so much of it!–is aimed at the farce that elevated her. She knows deep down that a smiling, benign, contemptuous racism brought her to where she is.
    So do many African Americans, who share her deep-down realization, and it makes them angry as hell. Nobody likes to think that he has made it on the basis of pity, or contempt, which welfare and affirmative action represent in spades. We are going to have to deal with this sooner or later. The relationship between the races has been so poisoned by Obama and his racist enablers that some sort of reckoning is in store. When that happens, blacks will, as usual, get the short end of the stick. They simply lack the numbers, the organization, and the weaponry to prevail.

  • sabawa

    I cannot add anything highbrow to what has been written above because I’m not smart enough, but the ‘walks like a duck’ analogy seems to me to have been invented for the first couple.   The fall from their lofty perch will be something to behold for surely the stupid of this country will eventually rise up in dismay at the pungent dish of crap they have been served by those two impostors.