Found it on Facebook: Guns in government hands

Yes, bad things happen when people have guns.  But worse things can happen when they don’t:

Guns in government hands

Being a Progressive seems to mean being uninformed and unimaginative. They know only what they see, and lack any ability to recognize what they don’t see, but that nevertheless did, or could, exist.

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  • vinny

    If you want to see photos of the possible Boston terrorists, I put them up on my site. Also a Saudi with extensive links to Al Qaeda who was initially detained and had to be restrained when caught, is now quickly being moved back to Saudi Arabia. How you like our new country?

  • Indigo Red

    I’ve responded to this propaganda several times. The date and figures refer to the first Wounded Knee event Dec 29, 1890. Approx 290 Lakota were killed – 90 men and 200 women, and children. There was no school involved and both sides had guns.
    It’s been related that Black Coyote, a deaf Lakota warrior, not understanding the orders, refused to give up his gun. A struggle ensued between him and a 7th Cav soldier, the rifle fired, and the killing began.  

  • Ymarsakar

    Every time someone puts up a poster, it’s propaganda. The question is whether it is allied or enemy propaganda, and the second question is whether it is true or not.
    Allied propaganda can be false and enemy propaganda can be true .That’s not usually how it works in the US war on human goodness, but still.