Dianne Feinstein responds to the failure of her gun control bill

I wrote this for Mr. Conservative, but it works just as nicely here:

When the Sandy Hook tragedy occurred, Senator Dianne Feinstein ghoulishly whipped out of her filing cabinet a gun control bill that she’d had waiting for just such a moment. She shilled it endlessly. She schmoozed with British carpetbagger Piers Morgan, with both of them decrying how evil the gun owners and the NRA are. She assured Americans that all veterans suffer from dangerous PTSD, making them too mentally ill to own arms (a loathsome theory that the Veterans Administration is apparently acting upon). She even said that, in today’s America, it’s legal to “hunt humans.” She made all these statements despite being the kind of liberal hypocrite who thinks her life is worth protecting with guns – it’s your life that’s not worth protection.

In additional to almost delusional, and definitely selfish, behavior, Feinstein also put forward a nonsensical ban that attacked imaginary “military style assault weapons.” Her bill was a little bit of personal vendetta against certain guns and manufacturers, and a lot of fashion commentary about what a “bad” gun looks like. It was clear early on that her bill didn’t have a snowball’s chance of surviving.

Still, one has to give Feinstein credit for fighting on. Today, she made a last gasp push to shame her fellow Senators into voting for a bill that is meaningless, inconvenient, unconstitutional, and statistically unlikely to protect any of the nameless “families” to whom she called out:

I know how this is going to end — and the despair and the dismay of families standing out there whose safety we need to protect, and we don’t do it. I am really chagrined and concerned. If anybody cares, vote at least to prospectively ban the manufacture, the sale, the importation of military style assault weapons. Show some guts!

Fortunately, not only did those who believe in gun rights stand strong, but Democrats also recognized that, unless you’re lucky enough to be a Democrat Senator from California, voting for Feinstein’s bill would have been political suicide – proving that supporting Second Amendment rights saves lives, at least in the political sense.

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  • mdgarnett

    for me, “show some guts” means standing up to the left and doing what is Constitutionally correct.

  • DL Sly

    I read a comment earlier today on another site that seems to have been whitewashed (can I still say that or is it RAAAACIST now?) by pretty much everybody.  Adam Lanza did try to buy his own gun but failed the background check — yanno, the law doing what it was supposed to do.  So, instead he went back home, killed his mother and took her guns.  Was his intent to kill her, too, or just those at the school?  We’ll never know.  However, it does seem as though the naively conceived and implemented (good intentions and paved roads et al) infringement on the 2nd Amendment cost Adam Lanza’s mom her life.  In other words, to paraphrase the lunatic fringe’s phrase, “If it costs one life, is it worth it?”
    Food for thought.

  • JohnC

    Organizing for Action sent an email to the group’s mailing list today.
    “Yesterday, 45 senators chose to ignore their constituents and stand with the gun lobby.”‘
    “And because of Senate rules, this minority was able to stand in the way of a bipartisan measure to expand background checks for gun sales.”
    “A lot of people are reading the headlines today and wondering how these senators had the nerve to get up there — right in front of victims’ families from Newtown — and cast that vote against something that more than 90 percent of Americans support. I’m one of them.”
    “Yesterday was round one. We will keep fighting.”

  • jj

    This one does not have to give Feinstein credit for anything – and won’t.
    Gallup asked a simple question two days ago (or maybe it was three): “Gun control – do you give a damn?”  4% of the respondents said it was a big deal, they cared, and they were talking about it.  96% of the respondents didn’t consider it an issue, didn’t care about it, and weren’t talking about it.  (The economy remains much more important to them.)  Which means that our congress, senate, and clown in the white house have spent the last four months blathering endlessly about something nobody – but a couple of them – cares about.  They have wasted uncounted hours, our hours, dealing with a non-issue.  Uncounted hours, and uncounted gallons of righteous indignation expended on a non-problem.
    The correct response to Organizing for Action is to send them the Gallup survey, and point out that quite the contrary of what they seem to think, evidently the senators went precisely along with the wishes of their constituents.  This makes yesterday in the senate practically unique in Washington in the last four years, as the only body to – at least this once, maybe by accident – do something their constituents actually wanted them to do.
    And I know I’m a terrible person, (I have relatives to remind me of that): but I am now worn out on the families of Newtown; fed up with them being props for liberals and trying to shove their agendas off on the rest of us; and no longer care if I never see, hear, or hear about any of them again.  They have exhausted me – as has Gabrielle Giffords, whose sole distinction is she got shot.  Other than that she’s a blow-in-the-wind (she’s from Arizona, she used to be a defender of the 2nd Amendment) liberal.  I’m sorry she got shot, I’m glad she didn’t die, it pleases me she’s getting better, (she’s becoming blonde again), God bless her – now shut up and go away, Gabby.  I know your story: I’ve heard it 7,000 times.  I know what you think.  I don’t need to hear another word from you ever again, on any subject.
    I must be in a bad mood today.


    jj – As you and the Gallup poll confirm, politicians in Washington do not read polls. They have no interest in the economy or jobs – they control the economy, in the loosest sense of the term, and have a job in an even looser sense.

  • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

    jj:  If you’re a horrible person, I’m one too, and for precisely the same reasons.  I assume you read James Taranto, who is equally fed up with Gabby’s gabfest?  If not, you must. You’ll like it.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Only those born to rule have lives worth protecting. The rest…

  • jj

    Hadn’t read it until you brought it up – have now read it.  Like it.
    I’m capable of being “guilted” just so far, then the party’s over.  (I mean, if someone’s trying to play on my guilt for something I didn’t do.  If I did it, well, okay: then I can feel remorse and guilt forever.)  I didn’t shoot the Giffords woman, and I didn’t shoot anybody’s kid at Newtown.  So: “how can I look those Newtown parents in the eye?” – it’s easy.  I owe them nothing.  Having done nothing to harm them or theirs, I have already bestowed upon them more of my attention than they merit.  A guy walked into the school and killed a bunch of people.  Okay, I feel bad about that, but don’t try to make me feel guilty about it.  My only relationship to it is that I’m one of the 99,999,999 other people with guns who did not do it.  And I’m disinclined to feel guilty about those things I didn’t do.
    So at this point when Giffords or a Newtown parent appears on my screen, I either do something else until they’re gone, or I find another channel.  They have no right to more of my time. 
    I never stole land from an Indian.  I was never unfairly incarcerated and abused in a Turkish prison.  I never owned a slave, or ever was a slave.  I didn’t wander in the desert for forty years.  And I didn’t put one into Giffords, or anybody from Newtown.  I decline to experience guilt about these things.

  • 11B40

    Wasn’t it Senatress Feinstein who first said, “You can take my Senate seat when you pry it from my cold, dead ass.” ???