Thursday morning open thread

I just don’t have a lot to say right now.  Here are some posts I enjoyed today, though:

The Republican House’s passive-aggressive approach to Obama.

Core issues of evil regarding bombings, abortion, and the media.

And a question for you:  Have you noticed that Obama and fellow Dems have been “shaming” people with the gun debate?  Here are links to a bunch of speeches and hollers Dems use shaming as a form of bullying.  I haven’t quite decided what to make of this, but I’d certainly be introduced in your thoughts and theories.

Obama’s says yesterday’s Senate gun control vote is “shameful”.

Obama says “shame on us” if Newtown tragedy doesn’t result in gun control vote.

Feinstein telling colleagues to “show some guts.”

Gabby Giffords says “shame” on the Senate.

Mother shouts “Shame on you” to Congress after gun control fails.

I could find more examples, but it seems to me that Progressives have been trying for decades to deconstruct away shame.  Suddenly, though, when its an issue that impacts their “morals”, shame makes a big comeback.  In that regard, this Victor Davis Hanson post about post-modern prudes seems very appropriate.

Lastly, of course, my thoughts and prayers are with the people in West, Texas, a town that, long ago, I drove through more times than I can count.

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  • Ymarsakar

    What they are doing is activating their hypnotic commands amongst the populace. Whether it can command the behavior of politicians isn’t their goal. The people who don’t know what’s going on, will be primed to think the way the Left wants them to. That is good if people don’t vote on the bills. It is good if they do vote on the bills. It benefits them either way.
    The Left has achieved political power through this kind of grinding grand standing demagoguery.  The people at the bottom obey the Left or else they know they will feel the pain of social pressure, threats, etc. The people at the top won’t immediately obey the Left, until they get worn down by all the people at the bottom telling them to obey the Left or else. In this fashion the house falls like dominoes. Until they put into power a Leftist at the top, then when the people below try to say that things are bad, the Leftist will ignore them.
    For the “will of the people” had already served its use.

  • Ymarsakar

    Does a nation of promiscuous prudes even deserve the US Constitution, rule of law, or common security any more? Does it deserve good leaders?
    In the end, nations that don’t fall to barbarian invasions, inevitably implode without a war to reinvigorate the human resource.