Muslims? Really!? I’m so surprised — NOT.

White cap

Note “white cap’s” Chechen nose.

As of this morning, the Washington Post earnestly tells us that, with one bomber in custody and one dead, we still have no idea why they did it.  We know that they’re brothers and that they come from Chechnya, a region that’s been having unnamed troubles leading to terrorism.  One was a martial artist.  And yada, yada, yada.  Go in several paragraphs and you still don’t get the words “Islam” or “Muslim.”  However, the WaPo finally concedes that one of the brothers wrote a tweet that mentioned “Allah.”

Hmmm.  Haven’t I heard that word before in connection with mass murder?  Was it a word the Americans on United flight 63 invoked before they saved our nation’s capital from a terrorist attack?  No.  I seem to recall “Let’s roll,” not “Allahhu akbar.”  Is it what Ambassador Stevens went around saying before he was murdered on the eleventh anniversary of 9/11?  I don’t think we so.  We don’t know his last words, but he wasn’t known for talking about Allah.  As I go through the roll call of mass bombings and murders in my mind, I just seem to associate that word with one group.  Yeah.  I’m sure it’ll come to me.

Seriously, though, this is serious.  Once again, we’re facing a situation where Muslims murdered masses and the media is mystified.  After Jared Lochner shot Gabby Gifford, they weren’t mystified at all — “It was a right-wing, Tea Party extremist,” they cried in one voice.  “Inspired, no doubt, by a Sarah Palin ad that placed a surveyor’s cross hairs over Giffords Senate seat.”  When he was revealed as a delusional schizophrenic obsessed with Gifford, the media fell silent.

Even after the Boston bombing, when there was no evidence whatsoever, beyond the peculiar Muslim habit of blowing up large crowds of people, the media knew what to say:  A right winger.  A Tea Partier.  A crazed anti-government killer.  Well, they got that last one right.  They just left out a few words:  “A crazed Muslim anti-non-sharia government killer.”

And moi?  Well, you know that I’ve been leaning Muslim all along, my snide post about anti-running people notwithstanding.  Yesterday, in email correspondence with my “group,” when one of them commented (a little jokingly) that “white cap’s” nose looked like his own, which was a genetic gift from his Assyrian and Georgian grandparents, I knew the answer.  I just knew it.  “Chechen?” I asked.

As for the WaPo, a newspaper that thinks it’s reputable, finally, reluctantly, after yet another person died at the bomber’s hands (a police officer responding to a call at MIT), the WaPo admitted, practically in code, reveals a Muslim connection.  After two lede paragraphs, they get down to the business of describing the killers (emphasis mine in the 5th WaPo paragraph):

Law enforcement officials identified the suspect still on the loose as Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, 19, of Cambridge, Mass. His brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, was identified as the man killed during an encounter with police after an armed carjacking of a Mercedes SUV in Cambridge. Tsarnaev was believed to be in his mid-20s.

The brothers’ alleged motive in Monday’s bombings remains unclear, but they appear to be originally from the southern Russian republic of Chechnya, and two law enforcement officials said there is a “Chechen connection” to the bombings. Chechnya has been racked by years of war between local separatists and Russian forces and extensive organized crime since the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991. The extent of the possible connection remained unclear.

According to a database search, Tamerlan Tsarnaev was a boxer who worked out at a martial arts facility in the Cambridge area. In an Internet posting dated Nov. 2, 2011, and attributed to him by name, he wrote: “The more you know about hell, the more you want stay away from sins and keep asking Allah(s.w.t.) for forgiveness.’’

Eleven paragraphs in, the word Muslim finally appears:

The Chechen conflict dates to the early 1990s. In the summer of 1999, fighters in the predominantly Muslim republic rose up in an attempt to throw off Russian domination. Vladimir Putin, then the Russian prime minister, responded quickly, firmly and brutally to put down the rebellion.

Drudge more usefully leads us to the terrorists’ Russian language Facebook page, using the hyperlink “Wordview:  Islam.”  You don’t say?  Seeing as I don’t read Russian (or Chechen, as the case may be), I actually don’t say.  The page is a mystery to me, but you all should feel happy to check it out.  [UPDATE:  TheBlaze has a translated version.]

Will the public let the media get away with this dance, the one where they first accuse the right and then refuse to admit that it’s the Islamic faith, taken to its literal extreme, that’s killing people?  Will the American people excuse the media for publishing stories, not about Muslim madness, but about worried women and children who just happen to be Muslim, all of whom are terrified that the US will terrorize them?

In the first go-round, of Muslim terrorism, I respected their fears.  In the second go-round, I appreciated their concern.  In the third go-round, I began to think, “If you’re so worried, do something.  And that something isn’t to whine to the media that you’re afraid, that something is to address the cancer in your faith.”

But there’s your answer, isn’t it?  They’re not afraid of the media or Americans.  Non-bombing Muslims know about the cancer in their own faith — they’re either as afraid of it as we are or they’re part of a package deal to give it a glossy smiley face to hide the moral rot.  I’m losing sympathy for your man-in-the-street Muslim.  I don’t wish them ill, but I’m beginning to believe that they don’t wish the rest of us well.

We — the sensible conservatives — suspected right away what happened in Boston.  Is that because we’re anti-Muslim, paranoid racists?  No, that’s because we’ve learned from experience, the same way you learn that if you touch a pot on the stove you’ll probably get burned.  Not certainly — the pot might have been placed there before the heat went on or been sitting there long after it went off — but probably.  The Islamists themselves have trained us to have this knowledge.  They’ve trained us in New York, in Kenya, in Tanzania, in Bali, in Spain, in London, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Pakistan, in Somalia, in Beirut, in Chechnya, and in all the places in between.

A conspiracy is when you take nonexistent dots, connect them with invisible lines, and then announce that the absence of evidence is proof.  A theory is when you take known factors and analyze them to reach a logical conclusion.  And a wise person is one who spits in the media’s eye for its delusional refusal to recognize that a significant sector of Islam (not all of it, but enough) is at war with us and wants to use powerful weapons to take us down.

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    Bravo Bookworm. I wonder how many Bostonians, who have been told to take shelter in their homes, as thousands search for #2, still believe that “gun legislation” should have ever been a top priority.

  • Charles Martel

    The refusal to recognize the adoration of violence that lies at the heart of Islam is one of the left’s doublethinks. On one hand, all Christians are to be despised if any of them commit violence, but all Muslims are to be defended no matter how many thousands of them run around murdering people.
    But as Book notes in another post, logic is lost on liberals.  

  • Jose

    Chechens?  Lucky for all of us they didn’t attack a school, as happened in Beslan.  In Chechnya.

  • Call me Lennie

    And even when the Times gets to the Muslim connection they’re still dancing around the subject — The perps come from a PREDOMINANTLY (so there’s still a chance they’re not Muslims) Muslim republic which was brutalized by Russia.  So even when the connection is made, a “root cause” for the aggression which is non-religious in nature is immediately (as in the very same sentence) given.
    And of course, they’re banking on the fact that a majority of their readers won’t put two and two together and ask, “What the hell does RUSSIAN brutality have to do with killing AMERICANS?”

  • Call me Lennie

    Jose, Beslan is located in Ossetia, a tiny Autonomous Republic of Russia, which borders on Chechnya.  All of which makes this atrocity all the the more amazing, as Chechens actually invaded Russia to commit this act


    “….a majority of their readers won’t put two and two together..”  What about one and one?
    On Tuesday Mr. O was busy ….
    Having a working lunch with Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Zayed of the United Arab Emirates
    and on Thursday Mrs. O was here….



  • Spartacus

    Beslan could never happen here.  We have laws against bringing bombs onto school property.

  • jj

    Oh they all do, Sadie.  They all do.  Most people who’ve never spent actual time there – not visiting the Freedom Trail for a few days, but really spent time there – have no idea what Boston really is.  (This is me being really terrible, Book – but honest!) 
    To begin, it’s a very small place – much smaller than most people suppose.  The population was fewer than 620,000 last year.  (2012 figure.)  Into that you sling over 120,000 students every fall, and there’s a real, noticeable, effect.  College towns tend to be different than most places anyway.  They get twisted from what would have been their natural evolution by the presence of a pile of kids from other places.  Those kids are by definition better traveled, (or they wouldn’t be there), more worldly, and generally better off than most of the residents of Wherever-it-is have ever been – or ever will be.  (Okay, quibblers, Harvard and MIT are not strictly speaking in “Boston:” they’re in Cambridge – but you can walk from the center of the Boston Common to the center of the Harvard Yard in about 30 minutes, and MIT’s closer.  Tufts is about a 40 minute walk from the Common in the other direction.  When Harvard, MIT, or Tufts want to go to dinner and a show, or a museum, or a hockey game – they do it in Boston.)
    Back to the flight deck – Hanover, New Hampshire is not a particularly erudite town: it’s farmers and cows.  But Dartmouth is quite erudite, so Hanover has the reputation.  It gets it because its population is, left to its own devices, about 11,000.  Dartmouth throws in 6,150 pretty literate people, and that – obviously, how could it not? –  skews the whole thing.  Ithaca, New York, is a town whose best days were in the Civil War, it’s a very depressed place of 30,000 people, into the midst of which Cornell pitches 21,000 fairly bright, motivated, literate kids.  What the world sees of Ithaca is pretty well removed from the reality of Ithaca – without Cornell there to skew the perception.
    That’s Boston.  Boston stopped being the “Athens of America” over a century ago, I’m afraid.  The city has a reputation for being a lot more erudite than it really is.  The 120,000+ kids from elsewhere are pretty bright, they keep that old reputation more or less burnished, but Boston taken as a whole ain’t bright.  Or literate.  Or educated.  It is, as it proudly states now and then, a working class town.  A good union town.  Morons, in other words.  (Okay – somewhat unkind words.  But have you been watching the Boston cops perform these last three days?  The light of stupidity shining proudly from their eyes…)  The children and grand-children of Irish and Italian immigrants.  (Go to the movies?  Think the Ben Affleck and other background characters of Good Will Hunting.  The background characters, regular everyday passers-by of Gone, Baby, Gone.  If you’re old enough to remember, the everyday characters of The Boston Strangler.  Everybody behind the stars in Mystic River.)  The real folks, in other words.

    The genuine native Bostonians man the firehouses.  They drive the streetcars and subways.  They pick up the garbage.  They stand in intersections and imitate traffic lights.  They run in disorganized circles when anything happens.  Look at the films of the explosions on Monday: everybody in that crowd was more useful than the cops, the native Bostonians.  They ran in circles, and followed it up with a couple of hours of demonstrating the Standing-Around-With-Their-Arms-Crossed-Looking-Important skill.  (Right now, as I write, the “marathon manhunt” is silent on the screen beside me – there’s a bunch of them grouped in front of a row-house door performing that one again today.
    It’s a union town.  (It’s also, outside the central core, a depressing, ugly, dirty, agglomeration of row-houses and gin-mills town.)  Knee-jerk, unthinking, reflexive liberals.  There’s no doubt about it, Sadie: OF COURSE they believe gun legislation should be a top priority.  It should be THE top priority.  They are property of the unions, therefore property of the government, and that’s it. 


    More than old enough to remember the films you mentioned and familiar enough with Boston to agree with your description.
    Well…looks like the Liberals will be locked up for awhile as the search continues – although I’d be in favor of locking them up indefinitely.

  • Earl

    The bombers were certified Caucasian, at least….they come from the Caucasus!  Do you think the left is going to pick up on this?

  • Gringo

    We — the sensible conservatives — suspected right away what happened in Boston.  Is that because we’re anti-Muslim, paranoid racists?  No, that’s because we’ve learned from experience, the same way you learn that if you touch a pot on the stove you’ll probably get burned.
    I am reminded of spending  Thanksgiving 2008 at my brother’s house – which is the date of the Bombay, India massacre. After 30 seconds of viewing the carnage on the TV, I told my brother, “The I.S.I. is behind it.”  Which turned out to be a correct conclusion.
    You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out these things. Just keep up with the news and filter out the idiots bloviating in the Mainstream Media.
     Regarding the libs who see this as “homegrown” terrorism- such a conclusion does not exactly support the Open Borders they want. [Open Borders or not, I suspect a lot of libs  would like to deport wingnuts to Mars.]
    I liked Earl’s comment.


    Oh Gringo … of course the libs would prefer “homegrown” terrorism – they like everything organic. 😉

  • Ymarsakar

    You cannot expect Islamic allies to use their propaganda to attack their brothers in arms. 

  • Ymarsakar

    “And a wise person is one who spits in the media’s eye for its delusional refusal to recognize that a significant sector of Islam (not all of it, but enough) is at war with us and wants to use powerful weapons to take us down.”
    A significant portion of America is at war with Americans. Until people recognize that, they aren’t going to make much strategic inroads against Islam, good, bad, moderate, or neutral.

  • Charles Martel

    Earl, the irony of the brothers being Caucasians will be entirely lost on leftists. Here’s why:
    1. Have you ever met a leftist who has more than a rudimentary geographical concept of the world? Every leftist knows that the Caucasian homeland is a hog farm on the outskirts of Tupelo, Mississippi, the most backward of the 57 states.
    2. Only the left is allowed to define what a race is. Until today, Chechnya, at least for those leftists who can read a map, was an outpost of Otherness, as in people who are not white. Now that it’s painfully obvious that the bros had/have pasty white skins, David Sirota can maintain with a straight face that his racist rant about white privilege remains standing. (I know, I know, Earl, I’m not as good at cramming my head up my nether regions as the highly credentialed Sirota is.)
    3. Islam is a non-white religion (pay no attention to those Turks, Serbs, and Chechens behind the curtain!). The exception to that rule is when the left needs to demonstrate the Religion of Peace’s universal appeal, where even whites can be seduced out of their attitude of white-skin privilege through the sweet reasoning of Allah’s messenger, Mohammed (preteens be upon him). 
    I realize that my generalizations show a hard, smug and undiscerning propensity to stereotype. In that respect, I would make a splendid Muslim.


    Maybe Sirota checked with Hillary, who “under sniper fire” was perfectly positioned to give a full explaination.