California taxpayers are funding free condom deliveries to children as young as 12

(I was halfway through writing this one before I remembered that it was for Mr. Conservative and not for my own site.  Now that it’s up there, though, I can reprint it here, and make my friends a part of the conversation.)

You know what your 12-year-old daughter needs? Free condoms. Even better, she needs to have those free condoms delivered directly to her in discrete packing, along with lubricants and other items to facilitate her burgeoning sex life. And you know what would make this free delivery service best of all? If it by-passed parents entirely.

If you’re writhing in agony reading those words, be grateful if you’re not living in California. The California Family Health Council (CFHC) has a Condom Access Project (CAP) that mails condoms to children 12 and over for free. Put another way, California taxpayers are funding a program that purchases, packages, and ships condoms to underage minors. Think about that for a moment: If an adult has sex with underage minors, it’s statutory rape and the adult is imprisoned and reviled. If a state facilitates sex for underage minors, it’s Progressive and admired. Go figure.

An obviously excited CAP recently issued a press release boasting that its program is expanding to teens in Fresno and San Diego counties. All that the kids need to do is go to a snappily designed website called “,” fill out a form, and they’re in business.

Showing the cognitive difficulties that afflict career Leftists, that buzzy little CFHC press release is a classic case of the “Butterfield effect.” For those of you unfamiliar with this term, Fox Butterfield, a well-known Progressive journalist, gained notoriety for writing several articles in which he discussed what he thought was an inexplicable paradox: even as prison populations rose because of tougher sentencing rules, crime rates fell. He couldn’t even imagine the possibility that the tougher sentencing rules caused the falling crime rates.

In its press release, the CFHC proudly notes that it’s expanding its condom program, even as it says that “STD rates among California’s youth ages 15-19 are increasing.” Hmm. Could that rate increase be because the State of California is actively encouraging teens to have sex? (Not to leave the feds out of this equation, they used $423,500 in stimulus dollars to study “correct condom use.”) And could it be because teens, once allowed to do risky, are notorious for being irresponsible even if you give them all the necessary tools for playing it safe? This is why young teens don’t get driver’s licenses and older teens have expensive insurance: no matter the rules and the safety devices, teens are careless.

The announcement about the free condom program arrives at the same time that the FDA ruled that girls as young as 15 can buy the “morning-after pill” without parental consent. The morning-after pill is a powerful hormone cocktail that causes the uterus to reject a newly implanted zygote. In most states, teen girls cannot get their ears pierced, shoot paintball guns, or get a fake tan without parental permission, but they can put toxic quantities of hormones into their growing bodies, all without their parents knowing what’s going on.

Leftist governments hate families. The family unit is the strongest statement of individualism. The way to destroy the family is to use that most powerful of all human motivators – sex – to seduce the child away from the family and into the arms of the beneficent state. The state, which doesn’t love you, still gives you what you need for sex (condoms, The Pill, lubricants, instruction books). Then, because you’re a teen, when all those fail the state gives you the toxic medicines (hormones, antibiotics) and risky medical procedures to save you from your mistakes.

Conservative parents understand the message: “Mom and Dad are so yesterday. Turn to the state, which will give you everything you need.” Are those truly loving parents who happen to be Progressives ever going to wise up?

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  • Ymarsakar

    Sex and orgies were originally designed by cults and ancient civilizations in order to control the next generation. They make perfect cannonfodder or suicide murderers when applied correctly.
    The fact that it benefits the Left’s ruling class of old white guys to have access to a bunch of free sexually available girls is merely a side benefit.

  • erisguy

    Come watch the slippery slope in action.
    Homosexuality isn’t the only born that way gender which Leftists wish to normalise. The various -philias (pedro, necro, zoo, etc.) are as natural, normal, and respectable as homosexuality. 
    I once watched a promiscuous, bisexual woman proclaim she had sex with every man she met in order to destroy families even though her true lust was for women.

  • Libby

    Not only is this upsetting on principle, its upsetting that the state believes this is a service it should provide to people of any age (?! why just deliver condoms – why not food, clothing, etc. if people are so g**d**** helpless?!) and that they choose to spend money on this at a time when they really can’t afford to.

  • Wolf Howling

    This is a dual war on religion and the family.  Teaching that sex is ethically, morally, and physically consequence free has been part of the left’s playbook for at least 150 years.  
    It really is beyond the pale that any government actor believes they can do this without parental approval.  Of course, it is virtually indistinguishable from the similar secret program that NYC was running in their schools with high minority attendance.
    Does the majority get to vote on this – whether it be free condoms to 12 year olds in California or open access to Plan B abortion pills to “women of all ages,” to use the language from the federal complaint.  The fact that this can occur through the courts or through the regulatory agencies, at least one stepped removed from the ballot box, is maddening. 

  • Ymarsakar

    Totalitarian bodies have no need for a vote. That was just something the dumb masses needed to convince themselves they had a say. “No vote will go uncounted” indeed. As if the vote of a slave mattered much in the long term.