Israel’s attack on Syria is a good thing all around

Syria's civil war

What the Syrians have done to themselves and each other.

I’ve had the weekend to ponder the wisdom of Israel’s attack against Syria and I’ve concluded that she definitely made the right decision.  I’ll set out my reasons below, but I’d love it if you’d chime in with challenges, further thoughts, etc.

1.  In a day and age of “weapons of mass destruction,” the intended target can’t wait until the weapons are launched to declare war.  The weapons’ very existence in the hands of an enemy is, in and of itself, a declaration of war.  Once Israel knew with reasonable certainty that Syria had chemical weapons and long-range missiles, Israel had to act.  I therefore believe the strike was both reasonable and necessary.  The Israeli people agree, and are very supportive.

2.  Having destroyed Syria’s “easy to launch” weapons, Israel has little to worry about.  She is moving her defenses up to the Golan Heights, which is a smart thing to do, but the fact is that, denied “push-of-a-button” weapons such chemicals or missiles, Assad doesn’t have anything with which to wage war against Israel.  He would certainly have struck against Israel if it was easy, both out of malice and to try to draw people in Syria to his side in the raging civil war.  Now that easy is out, he doesn’t have the troops or resources to abandon the fight against his own people and begin a war against Israel.  As it is, large parts of Syria’s infrastructure have already been destroyed.  This would be even more stupid than Hitler’s decision to attack Russia.

3.  Israel gave Obama a very big gift.  Obama made a terrible, amateur mistake when, during an ad lib, he essentially promised that, if Assad used chemical weapons, America would go to war against him.  Now that Assad has been shown to have used chemical weapons against his own people, Obama was in a terrible spot.  Israel by smacking around Syria’s chemical and missile arsenal has also pulled Obama’s chestnuts out of the fire.  He won’t be grateful — his kind never is — but it was a gift nevertheless.

And that’s what I think.  What do you think?

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    I am not so sure Israel was giving an unintended gift to Obama. Iran has been storing missiles in Syria for Hezbollah and I think the bombs were more about Iran and Hezbollah and less about Syria. Maybe it’s six of one and half dozen about the other, since Obama has no intention of doing anything about Iran. Add to the mix the hundreds of thousands of Syrians who have fled into Jordan (as if they don’t have enough tsoris with the Palestinians) and Christian Lebanon that detests the Palestinians and do not have citizenship.  Palestinians don’t fare much better in Jordan for a myriad of other reasons/laws and limitations. The unanswered question is how many Syrian refugees are Syrian and how many are Palestinians and by example of history will become a more menacing threat to her borders.

  • 11B40

    At the risk of inflicting some gratuitous facetiousness, there’s something about a good scale bombing that can’t help but warm the heart of ex-infantryman.  This particular one, which would certainly qualify for Steppenwulf’s “Earenschplittenloudenboomer” category, was exemplary especially when one’s realizes how firmly we are enmeshed in the Age of Proportionality.
    Now, as not only an ex-infantryman but the son of an ex-infantryman, my twig was bent pretty early in its development. The part of my father’s wit and wisdom that addressed the ending of his war, WW II that would be, went, “The only thing wrong with the A-bombings was we only had two.” Years later, this concept would be re-inforced by my favorite Platoon Sergeant’s recommendation that military action be oriented to “As many as you can, as often as you can, anywhere and any way you can.”
    Back at the end of the Six Day War, I remember asking my father what the Israelis should do about the Arabs. (I don’t think that Palestinians had yet been discovered at that point.) His response, again with that infantryman clarity was, “Take them down to the river [Jordan], point them east, and give them a decent headstart.” still holds up in  my mind better than all the idiot policies that have shown up in the interim.
    Israel and the US have spent too much money, too many lives, and too much time trying to provide Arabs and Muslims opportunities to become members of rational states.  Throughout, they have refused, bitterly clinging to their AK-47s and Islam. Now, we have the Arab Spring breeze filling their Islamic sails, and the US and the West stand around looking at each other like the lonely boys at a high school dance. I would think that the card the Israelis just played should be played every time the Imammies get a little bit froggy. I see no reason at all to believe that being “nice” will be beneficial.
    Islam is the millstone. If you plan doesn’t include constraining, undermining, or eradicating Islam, you don’t have a plan. What you have is a hope.

  • Mike Devx

    Weapons destined for Hezbollah have been destroyed.  That is a military operation I salute wholeheartedly, whoever did it (ahem).   A job *very* well done!  Very well done indeed!

  • Charles Martel

    Islam delenda est.
    Israel just did a hemi-demi-semi-delenda. Bravo.


    John Lee Hooker (first 20 seconds)

  • Ymarsakar

    The concept that Obama would/should be grateful for one of his enemies attacking one of his allies is… not particularly realistic.

  • Gringo

    I hope that Israel got them all.
    Then there are all the missiles and/or rockets that Hezbollah has stored in southern Lebanon, under the watchful eye of UN troops, who were supposed to stop such stockpiling of weapons. So much for the UN.

  • Ymarsakar

    The Un is also allied with Islam and the Left.