Something to make you happy as you head for Saturday night

One of the regular shticks on Jay Leno’s show is for a comedian “take over” one of those gas pump news outlets that have popped up all over, and to surprise people who are peacefully pumping gas.  When Will and Monifa Sims pulled up, however, the shtick went from lame (which it invariably is) to just wonderful.  Watch and enjoy:

And Part II (where you get to meet them):

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  • Ron19


  • Gringo

    They have pretty good voices. Which doesn’t surprise me. There are a LOT of good singing voices out there- not just those who make a living off it.  I once attended a local church’s production of The Sound of Music, which was very well done. In my opinion, only one of the adult performers- all amateurs- didn’t have a professional-quality voice.
    I’ll never look at gas stations the same. Which somehow reminded me of the guy  who used to run a gas station in my NE hometown. He left the gas station business to drive a dynamite-carrying truck in West Virginia.

  • Earl

    That was WONDERFUL!!
    Laughing out loud….good for the health, as well as the disposition!!
    Thanks, BW.