When it rains it pours (and that’s bad for the Obamites)

Obama sweating

In the past four years, conservatives have felt disheartened by the Obama deluge.  Since he first took office, conservatives have been playing defense on so many things:  ObamaCare, changes in the military to allow gays to serve openly and women to serve in combat roles, attacks on Israel, a non-declared war in Libya, caving in to Iran, announcing defeat in advance in Afghanistan, attacks on Second Amendment rights, far-Left political appointees, etc., etc.  You know that I’ve frequently blogged about feeling disheartened and overwhelmed.  The only victories that have come down the pike are Obama’s having to retreat from his attacks against Israel (but a little more on that later) and the Democrats’ recent gun control loss.  The first came about, not because of anything conservatives did, but because reality interfered with Obama’s grand plans.  The second seemed to come about because of conservative efforts, but it also happened because it turns out that Obama’s second term is not going to be as shiny as the first.

This time around, Obama is on the receiving end of the “if it rains, it pours” expression.  In the last week, all the straws he thought he’d gathered neatly in his hands have been scattered to the winds.  Here’s my list of the last two week’s worth of scandals and mishaps.

1.  The most recent round of Benghazi hearings revealed that Obama’s hand-picked Secretary of State bungled affairs in Libya so badly that four men, including an American ambassador, died on a teeny plot of U.S. soil, at the hands of terrorists affiliated with al Qaeda.

2.  Those same hearings revealed that a significant part of Hillary’s failure resulted from her need to align with Obama’s officially stated policy position on al Qaeda:  It was decapitated when Barack Obama, practically single-handedly except for a small assist from some expendable Navy SEALS, killed Osama bin Laden.

3. Those same hearings revealed that, while the attack was going on, both the President and the Secretary of State got some much-needed sleep to prepare for the next day’s campaigning.

4.  Those same hearings revealed that Obama absolutely refused to send help, whether because it would have interfered with his political narrative, or because he was afraid of “coming on to strong” in the Muslim world, or because that would have interfered with his beauty rest.  We don’t know the motive; we just know the fact.

5.  Those same hearings revealed that Obama and Hillary (and by using that term I mean the entire chain of command that ends with them at the top of the heap) worked frantically to create a cover-up pinning the attack, not on al Qaeda, but on an obscure, slightly shady Christian film-maker, who languishes in prison even today.

6.  Obama’s Justice Department, headed by Eric “Fast & Furious” Holder, tapped 40 different phone lines at Associated Press, including it’s official line in the House of Representatives.  Associated Press, which has been an untiring water carrier for the administration — touting its agenda, hiding its troubles, attacking its enemies — might just have been mugged by reality.

7.  The families of the 17 SEAL Team 6 members who died on August 6, 2011, when a Taliban rocket took out their insufficiently-armed helicopter (and killed 21 other military personnel) are on the warpath.  They claim that it was Obama’s and Biden’s boasting about SEAL Team 6′s role in the Osama bin Laden killing that paint a target on their sons’ (and brothers’ and husbands’ and fathers’) backs.  To rub salt in the wound of seeing their brave men die, not in the service of their country, but as necessary sacrifices to Obama’s political ambitions, Obama’s Pentagon, when it conducted the official memorial service at Bagram Airbase in Afghanistan, refused to allow these men’s Judeo-Christian God even to be mentioned, but invited a Muslim Imam whose invocation, of necessity since it was an Islamic prayer, cursed them for being infidels.

8.  News broke that the IRS deliberately audited conservative groups who were seeking tax exempt status because their primary goal was education.  Any groups with giveaway words in their names such as “Tea Party,” or “Patriot” or “Constitution” were swept up in the effort.  In addition to audits, the IRS also asked intrusive questions aimed at eliciting information about donors. Although the IRS tried to claim that the problem was a local office, it quickly became clear that the directive came from Washington and that the IRS has known for years what was going on and denied it.

9.  The dust had scarcely settled on this IRS revelation when it emerged that the IRS had also targeted pro-Israel groups, who advocated policies different from Obama’s “get Israel at all costs” approach to foreign affairs.

10.  And the dust was still floating on the IRS’s attack on pro-Israel groups (and do keep in mind that Israel is America’s ally), when it emerged that the IRS had leaked to a Leftist advocacy group tax information about organizations on Obama’s political enemies’ list.

11.  Obama’s EPA granted almost all waiver requests from friends of Obama and denied almost all waiver requests from Obama’s political opponents.  Coincidence?  I think not.  This isn’t a huge scandal — yet — but it could develop in interesting ways.  I mean, we all understand that the EPA is filled with far-Left political hacks.  That’s why it’s not as shocking as the IRS scandal.  We’ve always assumed that the IRS is an equal opportunity money grabber.

11.5  It’s not really an administration scandal, but the verdict against Kermit Gosnell, which came from a jury that was 3/4 pro-Choice, shows that the Leftist pretenses about late-term abortion, and life-birth baby care (which Obama opposed) is starting to float into the public awareness.

I haven’t looked at the headlines in the past half-hour, but I suspect that more sordid scandals are popping up now that the dam is breaking.  Conservatives find all four corners of these scandals (Benghazi, IRS, Navy SEALS, and AP intimidation) disturbing.  Leftists, predictably, care only about the IRS and the AP intimidation.  Whatever.  As long as the media starts taking corruption in the Obama administration seriously, it’s all good.

Here are some good links for more information about the scandals.  (You’ve probably noticed that I was too lazy to hyperlink any specific facts, because I had opted for this end-of-the post data dump.)

Richard Baehr talks about the President’s silence as his lies are revealed.

Leftists may be right to pretend Benghazi is not a problem, because the public doesn’t care.

Barry Rubin explains why Obama will not be getting any further mileage out of attacking Israel.

The Anchoress has a perfect visual to explain Jay Carney’s role in life right now.

Richard Fernandez asks whether the breaking wave of scandals is just a cosmic coincidence or if we’re witnessing a breaking p0int.  I think it depends on how angry the media is about the AP story, and how fearful they are about a politicized IRS.

Bryan Preston helpfully sums up the four major scandals (no, make that five major scandals) currently plaguing the administration.

Michael Ramirez has the perfect cartoon.

And my friend Wolf Howling has two great posts summing up precisely what’s wrong with the whole Benghazi debacle:  the lack of a military response (which goes straight to Obama) and the reason, contra Obama, that there is a “there there.”

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  1. Danny Lemieux says

    I am so interested in your response to the Gosnell Trial, Book.
    Over the years, those of us that love you as our friend and have stayed faithful to you have seen you evolve on the issue as only a seeker can. Care to elaborate? Has this trial changed anything.

  2. Charles Martel says

    I wish I could be as hopeful as others that this cascade of scandals means we’ve finally reached the tipping point with the thug regime now in power. But I have several strong doubts as to why all this rock tipping to expose the vermin underneath won’t really bring about the disgust and changes that we right-wing knuckle walkers are hoping for:
    —Despite the media’s anger at the AP scandal, it will die down once the Obama regime sacrifices a few lower-level functionaries. We are in “Who are you going to believe? Your loving husband or your lying eyes?” territory here. The whores of the media will believe their loving nancy boy pimp. (Go read up on the psychology of abused women if you think this take is off.)
    —GASP, the IRS targeted pro-Israel organizations! Wait until the millions of progressive self-hating Jews hear about this! =crickets=
    —Book’s careful enumeration of what the Benghazi hearings have told us is pearls before swine. Most Americans don’t give a crap. We’re at the point where a low information sensibility and outright cynicism have merged in one dastardly marriage.
    —Sebelius’s unethical trolling for money from the very people she regulates is just that: unethical. But since when does Washington care about ethics?
    —The Washington GOP is a collection of weak-chinned cowards, preoccupied with perks and power far more than with love of country.
    And so on. For us regulars here, the immensity of the thug assault on the republic is breathtaking. For the rest of the country, not so much.

  3. jj says

    I don’t think I was kidding a day or two ago when I posited that liberals may be a different species than we are.  In the midst of all this I  see people like Juan Williams, Alan Colmes, Beckel, et al change not a hair on their pre-fabricated opinions, and I just wonder what it’ll take.  As I said, if the little son of a bitch knocked over a bank in broad daylight killing two bank guards in the process, they’d still find a way to excuse him, and they’d be aided and abetted in that by the media.  None of this will add up to anything, I’m afraid – except a further diminution of what it once meant to be an American.

  4. SADIE says

    The “lame duck” entered office already crippled with delusions of grandeur. He’ll limp through the next 4 years with “bumps in the road” and will be carried to the finish line because there’s always another election. 

  5. says

    “We’ve always assumed that the IRS is an equal opportunity money grabber.”
    The Left can infiltrate and take over any organization from the top down and the ground up in 10 years. People underestimate the power of the Left at humanity’s peril. They’ll see what it gets them soon enough.

  6. Libby says

    We’ve seen Obama manage to get away with so much in the last five years that I have little hope that the current scandals will finally break the spell. He will only fall when (if) a majority of the MSM turns against him.This will be no small feat considering it was just a few months ago that the MSM jettisoned their own precious hero, Bob Woodward, in favor of maintaining Obama’s narrative.Which reminds me – anyone hear from Woodward lately?

  7. Spartacus says

    Well, Martel,  jj, and Libby, I see you’ve already staked out all of the good “dour contrarian” space here, making it pretty hard to be a contrarian at all, except for being a happy contrarian.  Now, happy contrarianism is weird and unnatural, and I don’t like it one bit, which makes me an unhappy happy contrarian, so I hope you’re happy…
    It is true that the great mass of hardened leftists will not be shaken off of their collective hive by a few “bumps in the road.”  And many Low Information Voters will remain blissfully ignorant of all scandals in the news, and possibly even that there is a thing called news.  So, most libs and LIVs will not be moved from their respective positions (to the extent that the LIVs are actually aware of having positions).
    First, folks with names like Reagan, Horowitz, and Bookworm all started out on the other side.  But, as truth-seekers, they were willing to re-evaluate basic assumptions when prompted by events.  And events such as these, which tug at the carefully painted mask of the Left, are even now bringing new converts into the light.  They always do, as Truth is one of the immutable principles of the universe.  Adherents of the Great Man theory of history will point out that any one of these new converts might be the next Washington or Reagan; determinists will prefer to describe an impersonal shift in the attitudes of society which would make another Washington or Reagan more likely; regardless, actions have consequences, whether we are able to see them clearly at the time of their happening or not.  History is dreadfully predictable… except when it isn’t.
    Second, each and every one of these truth-seekers is worth saving from lifelong belief in Evil.  Regardless of any practical political consequences, we should rejoice for their sake, as any victory of Truth has value in and of itself.
    Third, we are heading into a time of great transition.  Hanging a sign around the neck of Evil that says, “Evil” is a very useful thing to do.  Our frame of reference these past few decades is one of burning much of our on-board fuel in an attempt to influence a trajectory that was mainly set long ago, and whose inertia has been difficult to influence by more than a few tenths of a degree.  But as we slingshot around Mars and head back toward Earth, we may find those little thrusters to have quite a bit more effect.  A clear-eyed people navigating the turbulent waters of upheaval is far better than a ship of fools doing the same (to add one last, mangled metaphor to the mix).
    OK, that’s enough happy contrarianism for one day… my skin is starting to itch.

  8. jj says

    I think the magic phrase, Spartacus, is “truth-seeker.”  They were always rare birds, and I simply ask: see any of ‘em out there today?  In the media?  (Think Williams, Pelly, or Sawyer are “truth-seekers?  By any definition?)   In the government?  Among your left-handed friends?  Reagan was a truth-seeker, absolutely – how many pages would you like me to take up here listing democrats who are not now, and never will be?
    This is a fight – and the republicans have to pull their heads out of their asses and recognize that it’s a fight, and therefore start fighting.  Much as I like Charles Krauthammer, he was 100% wrong on the tube last night talking with O’Reilly with his: “don’t pile on, don’t incite, don’t say anything; just let the truth come out” BS.  If there’s one thing history has taught, it’s that if you don’t talk about it, don’t point it out, don’t get on top of and all over it, don’t prod, and don’t get strident about it – the truth damn well does not come out.  I don’t know what channel Charles has been watching these last years, but he could not be more wrong.
    I’m watching Holder on TV right now, with his smug, empty-headed face hanging out, and it’s perfectly obvious that he has it figured out, even if Krauthammer doesn’t.  He knows he doesn’t have to tell the truth, he knows he can distance himself, he knows this no threat to him or Obama at all.  The job of the attorney general is to enforce the law – period.  Nobody invites him to comment, nobody gives a shit what his opinion may be: enforce the law!  When Holder decided not to do that when it came to “his people” in Philadelphia, and  nobody even slapped his wrist for it he figured (correctly) right then: “well this is a goddam joke, so I’ll just do whatever the hell I feel like.”  Which is what he’s done.  The flames in  hell will have frozen into sculpture before he and Obama are in any danger, because nobody in the senate is going to say a word, and only the senate can get serious about nremoving either of them.  Democrats control the senate, and that’s that: take it home, put it to bed, and don’t worry about it for the next three and half years.  Screw America, screw the good of the country, screw the rule of law (which is a joke anyway, Big Law all being democrats and donors), screw the American people, and screw the American experiment.  And what are you going to do about it, that vanishingly small percentage of Americans who (a) know what the hell goes on, and (b) care?
    What you’re going to do is nothing.  And when even people like Krauthammer say: “don’t get excited, don’t start yelling – that just strengthens them – and let the facts come out” then you know you’re done.  In Washington DC when, (without screaming, yelling, pushing, prodding, and as much noise and focused attention as possible), has a fact ever come out?  I’d like to know when that happened, Dr. Krauthammer, I really would.  And if that’s the attitude republican leaders, particularly the admired and thoughtful ones like Krauthammer, are that goddam wrong, what are you going to do?
    The truth coming out is always a breech.  You have to get in there, get your hands bloody, take a deep breath, and haul.  It never makes it on its own.

  9. Spartacus says

    Trust me, jj, I fully understand that only a fraction have a willingness to re-evaluate; that only a fraction of those will actually be moved to do so at this time; and that people who make a living by obscuring the truth are among the least likely candidates.  I do not expect impeachment, or a wholesale slaughter of Jurassic Democrats next November.  Even most Republicans in DC will need to be replaced, on the grounds that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, and those old dogs went there to be conductors on the gravy train that never ends, handing out tickets for free lunches in the dining car to all of the smiling people who will in turn love them, respect them, and make them feel important.
    That said, there are seeds being planted here, and that’s a good thing.  The Left’s reserves of political capital will be drawn down in order to power through this.  Their base will remain with them, but no longer so much in awe of the styrofoam Greek columns in the background.  The conservative base will be reaffirmed and reinvigorated.  A few wobblers in the middle will wobble more to the right.  The elections of 2014 will not bring justice, but will continue the recent trend of above-historical-average turnover, and sharpened differences among the new arrivals on both sides, setting the stage to ventilate a bit more of the stagnant air.  These things won’t save us from the interesting times ahead, but will help us argue more successfully when they come that they were not the result of a failure of the constitutional republic, liberal democracy, and the free market, but rather their betrayal.
    It isn’t salvation, but the future is getting slightly brighter.

  10. Charles Martel says

    I think my extreme caution regarding how the Obama scandals will play out is a case of taking seriously the adage, “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.” I’m still hopeful that there is a large remnant reservoir of sanity and patriotism in this country. As to how far and wide an effect it can have, I don’t know.
    What I do know is that there is no such thing as a permanent trend. If the American experiment in freedom is doomed because it has too many enemies and lukewarm supporters, I also think that the Islamo-Marxist war on the world is doomed because both philosophies are built on hateful fantasies. Reality inevitably intrudes, either in the form of shithole cultures that, incapable of adult thought or creativity, devote their time to defending the honor of their females’ pudendas, or thug-style “people’s democracies” that, no matter how many people they murder, cannot produce wealth or an objective worldview. Sooner or later a rival system, based on real science and a spiteless theology, arises.
    Still, because I don’t think I’ll live long enough to witness America’s rescue, I’m a bit gloomy.

  11. Danny Lemieux says

    That’s my concern, too, Hammer: that I live long enough to see it.
    Progressives believe that history’s trajectory is an exponentially upward curve (as long as we do what they say), based on zero evidence and zero appreciation of history.
    However, we conservatives know that nations and civilizations can rise, shine brightly and bury themselves in darkness for centuries before they reawaken, if they ever do (Rome, Byzantium, China, the Mayans). We conservatives recognize that civilization is but a thin veneer of stability floating on a turbulent sea of molten lava. It doesn’t take much to subsume it.
    That being said, our nation has shown a tremendous historical resilience that may carry us through this current crisis. Our nation’s first fascist progressive leader, Woodrow Wilson, did much damage but he gave way to Calvin Coolidge. Ditto for FDR and those two Clinton grifters, Bill and Hillary. This, too, shall pass.

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