• harvey

    Amidst all the discussions of the Benghazi coverup, IRS, AP, fast and furious, … the (to me) most significant issue that is NOT being aired out is the question of what the President and former Sec. of State did/did not do when informed on the night of the assault on the Benghazi facility.
    There have been issues/speculation… that there was no effort made to send any sort of aid to those under attack, and, quite the opposite, relief forces were told to “stand down” (including the mysterious yet unexplained relief of a Navy Admiral on a carrier? in the Med. during that time frame). If so, this is a failure, lack, breach, of epic moral and ethical behavior at the highest levels. IF, indeed, no effort was made to send aid (even arriving marginally or too late) and the President and or Sec. of State essentially allowed those individuals to die (and as rumored “went to bed”)- this is an affront to ethical and moral behavior, antithetical to our military tradition* and values (NO man left behind).
    If true, it is a COLOSSAL failure. It is way beyond political but at a level of Ethical and Moral behavior failure. The SURE knowledge that no effort will be spared to succor our men and women under attack is a pillar of the morale and dedication of all service personnel in the pursuit of their mission.
    Next down from the moral and ethical aspects of this issue being ignored, is the old truth for those of us who have served, as well as any leader or manager from the “greenest” to most experienced, is a truth that “take care of your people, and they will take care of you”. This issue needs a good airing out and a whole bunch of sunshine!
    *check some of the examples from the Vietnam war of the efforts to rescue downed pilots, Korean retreat from the Chosin Reservoir, or the effort in WWII to rescue a trapped battalion of soldiers by the “Nisei ‘Go for Broke’ ” 442 Infantry Regiment

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Obama gets a bit fat smile on his face whenever Americans are killed or tortured. Suffering is a goal, much like his golfing.
    People don’t have to believe it. They didn’t believe it in 2008-9 either.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    The Left exists to perform crimes upon humanity and engorge themselves on the pleasure of sadism. That is all.
    You cannot forget what you have never felt. Those who have never felt true hate for anything in their lives, will never understand. They cannot remember, for they never knew it in the first place. They have no conception of will or the power of emotions.

  • beefrank

    Let’s not forget this emerging story regarding the SEAL Team VI members killed in the helicopter crash in Afghanistan a few months after the OBL raid.  Family members have come together to demand answers surrounding this ‘rescue’ mission they were on.  Some in the SOP world are claiming it was a token payment for the OBL raid.