Meanwhile, the view of the scandals from the Left

I really love Facebook.  It helps me hone my epigrammatic skills, since I believe it demands some brevity; it allows me, in sneaky fashion, to expose my liberal friends to articles and ideas that don’t normally appear on their horizons; and it allows me to get a window into what ordinary liberals (as opposed to internet activist liberals) are thinking.

For the past week, as scandal after scandal emerged — Benghazi, AP, IRS — my friends have been conspicuously silent.  They’re starting to re-group, as the memes beginning to flow.  I’m not seeing the overwhelming deluge of posters that they latched onto after Todd Akin opened his mouth, but they’re definitely headed somewhere.

On the Benghazi scandal, we have this one:

Trying to relitigate Iraq

Who cares that the intelligence leading up to the Iraq War was the best available at the time? Who cares that much of it proved to be true? Who cares that Plame and Wilson were inveterate liars and self-promoters?

For the Left, Bush is the magic inoculation: Because Bush was once president, there is nothing Obama can do wrong because no matter his culpability or wrongdoing, Bush was worse.  Nyah!  The fact that the Benghazi incident reveals politically-motivated failures, lies, and negligence simply doesn’t matter, because Bush was worse.

Even if one accepts, solely for the sake of argument, that Bush indeed was exactly as morally culpable for carelessness and cover-ups, that’s a dreadful standard.  “Hey, I know I killed those two guys, but you can’t arrest or imprison me, because Charles Manson was worse.”  “Yeah, okay, so I killed millions of my own countrymen, but what are you going to do?  Mao killed more.”

The fact is, though, that Bush was never guilty of anything more than relying on bad intelligence — or for making bad decisions based upon good intelligence.  Nothing he did was done behind the scenes, nor did he walk away during the night, leaving Americans to die.  And there’s no evidence whatsoever of a cover-up.  After all, post-Watergate, it’s been received wisdom that it’s not the act, it’s the cover-up that’s the problem.

The other thing my Leftist friends are finally catching up with is the umbrella thing.  This poster is now making the rounds:

Umbrellas and presidents

When one of my Facebook friends posted that image, and repeated the question (“What’s the difference?”) I politely pointed out several differences:  First, the other umbrella holders are not Marines. They’re Army or aides, and they’re clearly along to lend a hand, not stand guard. Second, Marines do not carry umbrellas, and for the Commander in Chief to demand that they violate standing orders is bad. Third, Marines only carry umbrellas for women, which makes the president look wussy in the midst of scandals that have even his acolytes questioning his leadership abilities (because he’s either ineffective or corrupt, so they’ve chose ineffective). And fourth, the President’s own words were dreadful: “They’re going to look good next to us.”

(Incidentally, after Hillary’s famous, dishonest, prevaricating, cover-up question “what difference at this point does it make?” I would suggest that Democrats/Progressives henceforth avoid that question entirely.  It invariably means that it makes a big difference, and not one that looks good for them.)

Those words yield themselves to two interpretations, both dreadful. Either Obama thinks of the Marines as props (which is entirely possible given how Michelle framed herself with troops in dress uniform when she handed out the Best Picture Oscar) or he actually thinks that his overwhelming God-like-ness will make the Marines — the Marines! — look better. Or, as some wit showed in a poster:

Obama the Marines and an umbrella

The one thing that none of my liberal Facebook friends has dared to touch is the IRS scandal. I know why, too. Doing so would force them to admit one of two unpalatable things: (1) either they think it’s okay for the IRS to be used for partisan purposes or (2) they would have to acknowledge that conservatives were right that Obama’s administration is corrupt and that big government is a dangerous infringement on individual liberties. They choose silence.

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  • Charles Martel

    Actually, they will come around soon enough to your first choice, Book: It’s OK to use the IRS for partisan purposes when it is plain to all right-thinking people that the organizations it is harassing are anti-black, anti-woman, anti-gay, anti-progressive, anti-abortion, anti-gun control freaks. The duty of a benevolent government is to expunge reactionary opposition to enlightenment. Onward to the sunny uplands!

  • Libby

    The Left has been blaming everything related to this natural disaster on Bush. He’s even been blamed for the global warming that allegedly caused it because he didn’t sign the Kyoto Protocol.
    After enduring that spectacle the Left can’t suddenly claim Obama has no responsibility for either the Benghazi attack or the IRS scandal.

  • Caped Crusader

    Face it!
    “We ain’t livin’ in America no more, we live in Chicagomerica”.
    Any questions?

  • Danny Lemieux

    I, too, have had Liberal FB posters try the “Bush was culpable for 9/11” meme. My response is to point out that the intelligence failure that resulted in 9/11 was because the the Clinton Administration “wall” that was created between the FBI and CIA by Jamie Gorlick and the fact that the Democrat Senate stonewalled Bush’s FBI Director appointment until less-than a month before the 9/11 attack.
    As far as Katrina is concerned, read this recent article by former Deputy Chair of the DNC, Donna Brazile, who lauded Bush’s actions to get help to New Orleans following Katrina. The reason that Katrina was so devastating for New Orleans (versus Mississippi, which bore the full brunt) was that Democrats Gov. Blanco and New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin were incompetent, corrupt and so hyper-political they would not let GW Bush and the Federal government send help until it was way too late.
    When Libs and Progs try to pull off this stuff, push back HARD! 
    “We ain’t livin’ in America no more, we live in Chicagomerica”. 
    Which means that we’re no longer Americans, but “Chumbalones”. 

  • Michael Adams

    It’s probably too complicated, of course, for most Lefties to understand it, but, if President Bush (whom may God save!) was lying about Iraq, then the Clintons, Bill and Hill, John Kerry, Al Gore Jr., Howard Dean, and a host of Demagogue Party wonks were also lying, while Bush was still Governor of Texas, and even before, when his father was President. Saddam only ceased to be a threat when President Bush started talking about doing something about him. It’s hard to be a Leftie, if one has a good memory.


    The Left is so damn predictable. When they’re not throwing out the race card, they dig into their other pocket and pull out the Bush card. For a bunch of passive progressive weenies – they don’t bat an eyelash playing “an eye for an eye”.
    Of course, when you have such a sophisticated man (((cough-cough))) of the world making decisions and speeches and …


    “The one thing that none of my liberal Facebook friends has dared to touch is the IRS scandal. I know why, too. Doing so would force them to admit one of two unpalatable things: (1) either they think it’s okay for the IRS to be used for partisan purposes or (2) they would have to acknowledge that conservatives were right that Obama’s administration is corrupt and that big government is a dangerous infringement on individual liberties. They choose silence.”
    This might be a very good time for you to bring up the subject.  Seriously.  “I’m somewhat concerned about the IRS targeting organizations based upon political stances.  They might  target anyone:  a messy divorce, someone an IRS agent doesn’t like, whatever!  What can be done to ensure this sort of thing never happens again?”
    There’ll be a number of different responses (and reasons for non-response) as well.  Some will confirm that the responders are seriously on “the other side”:  enemies, at least in part.  Some will show some concern:  they might be worth approaching.
    That is not the only approach, of course.  “Someone challenged me with the following, and I don’t know how to respond!  ‘If the murders at Sandy Hook mean that citizens should not be allowed to own semi-automatic rifles, doesn’t the abuse of many organizations by IRS bureaucrats mean that they should not be allowed to pass judgement on these organizations?”
    Best wishes, and God bless!

  • Spartacus

    There’s an old Vulcan proverb, “Only Nixon could go to China.”  Or, if you prefer, Jesse Ventura can wear a pink feather boa into the wrestling ring, and nobody will say or think anything of it.
    It may be that Barack is getting bitten by a bit of that here.  Honestly, the little ‘d’ democrat in me doesn’t really think any able-bodied man should have an umbrella held for him, but the others get away with this small misdemeanor more easily:
    – Reagan — Wood-chopping cowboy who stared down the Russkies and won the Cold War
    – Bush I — Flew combat missions against the Japanese in WWII
    – Bush II — Supersonic fighter pilot, chainsaw-wielding brush clearer, standard Texas alpha male
    – Obama — Plays basketball sometimes
    It’s awkward: you don’t want another William Henry Harrison, but the current solution just looks funny.  Maybe they should update the old podium design to include a pocket on the side where an umbrella can be locked in.

  • Charles Martel

    I think we should just start harping on the fact, via every medium we can think of, that Barack Obama is a sissy.
    Dare him to prove us wrong.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Be careful with what you wish for, Hammer. He may just want to prove us wrong by setting the world on fire. 

  • Ymarsakar

    So when King Obama orders people to be incinerated, raped, and tortured to death, it’s all okay because evil Republicans liked Bush. Is that how it is going to be.

  • Ymarsakar

    “The one thing that none of my liberal Facebook friends has dared to touch is the IRS scandal. I know why, too. Doing so would force them to admit one of two unpalatable things:”
    I wouldn’t say that is the majority reason why. The Left operates on a kind of immune based defense system. They wait until the white cells are finished analyzing the enemy and have developed a counter measure. The Left’s primary main power thus waits to be given the order to attack-defend based upon a plan. That’s where the propaganda FB posters come from. That’s where the “we’re all going to repeat the same big lie enough times that it won’t matter” comes from.
    They wait for orders. Like good little troopers in the war against humanity.
    If they tried to think for themselves and defend their alliance’s evil, they would be as tongue tied and ineffective as most conservatives and Republicans.

  • Spartacus

    ” The Left operates on a kind of immune based defense system. They wait until the white cells are finished analyzing the enemy and have developed a counter measure.”
    I dunno.  Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer metaphors where our side gets to play some role other than a virus… 😉

  • Danny Lemieux

    I suppose the most obvious retort to the Leftists who try to claim that “Nixon was worse” is, “so, what did Nixon do and how many died?”. I doubt (m)any could answer those questions.

  • Ymarsakar

    From the Left’s point of view, we are viruses that must be controlled or eliminated. From our point of view ,they are AIDS, caused by the HIVirus. That which can make the body’s own immune system and antibodies turn on their allies, convert them into virus factories, and export them to unlimited horizons.
    Wars wouldn’t happen if the soldiers and leaders on both sides understood each other and liked each other.

  • beefrank

    It should not be a surprise at the Left’s spin of recent events since they spun the entire 20th Century history to their political advantage.  Prohibition, eugenics (Margaret Sanger), KKK, Nazism, Communism, Japanese internment, segregation, Jim Crow, Vietnam, burglarizing campaign HDQs and electronic bugging of political opponents were all products initiated by the Left but historically removed, minimized or altered to be caused by the political Right.  It explains how the Democrats ruled Congress for almost 40 years, fortified labor and teacher unions, hijacked civil rights, confirmed liberal judges, stole a presidential election, and forced a Republican President to resign.

  • Ymarsakar

    The Leftist Alliance for human slavery and utopian perfection powered by a man made God is fearsome, powerful beyond imagination, and all too often underestimated by naive, ignorant, citizens of the world.
    They will determine when you are born, if you are born, and how much you get to pay to prevent being rendered unto ashe to fuel the slave factories. They will determine that.
    The true nature of evil is beyond the ability of most to imagine or accept. It is too much for their hearts. Their spirits are too weak. Their minds too small to hold unto the concept.

  • Ymarsakar
    Historically, some have comprehended the nature of the Left’s evil. They even wrote about it in a way normal people could understand. Yet, in the end, the logic was not strong enough to break past people’s delusions and weaknesses. They didn’t feel enough. Their survival instincts were not triggered. They did not understand.
    If you read that comment, it adequately explains the true nature of the Left. Yet, people did not understand and will not understand. Because it is not something the mind alone can grasp, no matter your IQ or political know how. It is the heart and the instinct that you must hone first.
    The Left has been advancing in this war of theirs for the last 2 centuries. Yet people naively think that simple politics, debate, and political deals can “fix the problem” and make “everyone happy”. They take the Left very lightly for soon to be slave fodder.


    Danny – “SO” was Andrew Breitbart’s response as well.

  • Ymarsakar

    Sadie, I don’t see his article there. Which one is it?

  • beefrank

    Another ‘difference’ with the umbrella segment is that except for Obama, all the other situations occurred on the road during a travel schedule where inclement weather had to be dealt with.  Obama scheduled press conference was at the W.H. where rain was the forecast and they could have easily moved it indoors.  It is plausible Obama is petulant enough to inconvenience the press for their recent criticisms by exposing them to the elements while he and his Muslim brother were shielded.  It should be also noted he was typically late to the presser. What a guy.


    Obama managed to be late for the commencement speech at Morehouse College as well. So late, that many graduates left before he spoke. Due to security measures, students were not allowed to bring umbrellas. The Chief Drip, rains on everyone’s parade.

  • Danny Lemieux

    It could have been worse. They could have invited Al Gore as the speaker, thereby guaranteeing that it would have snowed.

  • Ymarsakar
    Sadie, the link was still too short and auto went back to the main blog index. But I searched on google and it gave me that link.

  • Beth