And you thought “rich radicals” was an oxymoron

Join with Zombie on a head-spinning journey to the ultra rich enclaves in Palo Alto, where Obama’s deep pockets — Silicon Valley’s rich radicals — celebrate and enrich a president who then castigates and insults them from his bully pulpit in the White House.

And is it just me, or is Obama unlike any other president in that he never stops fundraising.  That seems to be his primary job, with governing the nation slipped in when he gets the time.  Since I don’t like the way he governs, I probably shouldn’t complain.  Anyway, we all know that Valerie Jarrett’s probably doing the real heavy lifting back in the White House, leaving her cover-boy to raise money.

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  • Charles Martel

    Back in the day, when the Nazis were plotting the invasion of England, they had a master list of 2,300 leading citizens marked for arrest and death as soon as the Wehrmacht could mop up final British military resistance. Among the names were Churchill, Virginia Woolf, E.M. Forster, H.G. Wells, and Sigmund Freud.
    Considering the revelations spewing forth from D.C. these days–what Rush is now calling a slowly unfolding coup–I have no doubt that Obama’s fascist minions already have a list of people they’d like to have, uh, re-educated, Bill Ayers-style, once the Democratic Party, New York Times and NPR give them the final nods of approval. Besides El Rushbo, you can be certain Zombie is on that list.

  • Bookworm

    Mr. Hammer:  We’re all on that list!  But yes, Zombie is near the top.

  • zombie

    Charles Martel
    “…you can be certain Zombie is on that list.”
    “…Zombie is near the top.”
    Gulp! Well, that‘s certainly reassuring! I can certainly sleep peacefully tonight
    About 5 days ago, after the IRS scandal broke but before the Verizon/phone and all-internet-activity surveillance scandals broke, I found myself unconsciously self-censoring my vocabulary choices in a private email to a fellow blogger. I originally wrote something like “Round up the troops for a blogstorm!” or some such, and then felt uneasy, and went back and edited it to say “Round up the folks for a blogstorm!” because I was struck by the thought that if I used a military metaphor not only would the email be automatically noticed and flagged for closer inspection by some algorithm but that in my subsequent trial for threatening the President the words “round up the troops” would be used against me by the DOJ lawyer as an obvious implication of violence. Seriously. I caught myself thinking this before I was even conscious of what I was doing.

    Consequently, I started to write an essay about how the real chilling effect of the IRS-targetting-conservatives scandal is that it has induced paranoia in everyone who has ever opposed Obama, and that now we are all watching our backs, self-censoring our language, more afraid to speak our minds, and if we overcome that fear publicly, it only makes us more anxious privately.
    And then the phone/internet scandals broke. Yow. Now the paranoia isn’t even paranoia any more, it’s just realistic acknowledgement of the new reality.
    Due to incidents that happened a few years ago, I know for an absolute fact that I was targeted by Media Matters for illegal harassment after I destroyed their credibility in a post (that was also about Obama, of course). The amount of man-hours they must have put into their harassment still boggles my mind — it’s not something that could have been done by just a few people over just a few days of effort. It must have entailed office-loads of people toiling for months. Later, in a now-forgotten mini-scandal, it came out that the Obama Administration is working directly hand-in-hand with Media Matters, who basically do Obama’s bidding when dirty work must be done.
    Thus, I was already sure back then that I was on whatever kind of “list” the administration has.
    Whether that list becomes a Weather Underground-esque list of the 25 million conservatives headed for the “re-education camps,” or a list of people to harass and destroy with the power of the federal government, or just a list of people to harass online with hacks, DOS attacks, slanders and trolling, remains to be seen.
    2017 can’t come fast enough.

  • Michael Adams

    Well, the re-ed camps may be cruel, but the population ought to be very interesting.
    Ymarsakar’s outlook on all this is pretty saturnine, saying that resistance will be futile.I thought he was too gloomy, until I began to hear, recently, that the armed services are being systematically purged of people whose political reliability was suspect, from the Commie point of view. Still, they do seem to be still afraid of “military-style assault weapons.” Rifles are so seldom used in crime; pistols so seldom in insurrection.

  • Ymarsakar

    Resistance with a bunch of people who think victory is achieved by voting and talking (or submitting and dying) is certainly futile.
    Wars are only won through determined effort. Not by welfare sheep recipients and belief through religious truth. No matter how many people believe in a religious truth, that doesn’t make them victorious in war. It may help though.
    The reason why people aren’t able to fight effectively is because they don’t know how to fight effectively. They have no idea what it is they are up against. Thus their chances are low.
    And btw, you guys can be high up on the list if you want with your facebook pages and what not. I’ll leave that to others.

  • Ymarsakar

    Oh another btw, I’m just a normal internet keyboard warrior. No more special than anyone else. 
    Here’s something I wrote in comment for a Neo Neocon post.

    When I heard Michelle Obama’s speech in 2008-9… I intuitively felt something. Something very close to enlightenment. She said something like “Barack will never let you go back to your lives as usual, uninformed, uninvolved”. There was a force, a flow of history (fate), to the way it was delivered and received.
    My analysis of the Left’s Utopia and America’s strategic, tactical, and logistic infrastructure was already complete by 2009. The details were revealed in the later years, but the final conclusion and the overall work, was done.
    If you can’t fight them, join them. If you can’t join them because the Light has not shined down upon you… then perhaps you need a religious awakening to social justice.
    DQ often intoned or suggested that he wanted a Democrat (light) to debate with, using logic. My logic and arguments didn’t matter. Maybe because people knew intuitively I wasn’t… that. I wasn’t that guy on the debate team you could talk to like you and I were operating by the same rules.
    The Left has done some of what I envisioned. I only hope they continue to do so.
    Only when people suffer will they ever desire to change themselves for the better. Torment is the key to rebirth. As for a soul, so will it be for the nation. Let Torment be the New Social Justice. Let the Light of Heaven shine down upon the unbelievers.


    I am not ever gonna make the Best-Dressed List …so, we’ll be on their “shit list” – they’ve been on mine for ages.

  • Ymarsakar

    When the rich people supported Castro’s revolution in Cuba, they thought it was a good idea to promote social justice. Noblesse oblige after all.
    After the revolution… those people were never heard from again.
    Hahaha. Yea, their money (blood, soul and bodies) all went into Golden Toliets for Castro. And if he didn’t have em like Saddam… he should have gotten em before he died.
    They have no idea what the Left is. America has no idea of the true nature of the Left.