Two posts that I thought you’d find interesting

These posts are completely unrelated.  They both came through my inbox, though, and both intrigued me.

The first is from David Swindle, explaining why he hates Game of Thrones.  I couldn’t agree more, both with the comment from “Recovering Lutheran” that David quotes at the top of his post and with David’s own take on the show.  It’s typical HBO fare, and HBO leans to the left of Left.  It’s Pravda TV, aimed at using “documentaries” and movies to undermine basic American beliefs and values.

The second is about the Arabs’ long game against Israel, with their anti-Zionist message, which hides a push for Jewish genocide, gradually triumphing in the world’s mind over Israel’s push for freedom and her existence as the sole democracy in a world of Muslim tyranny.

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  • lee

    I have never seen “Game of Thrones.” I have absolutely no desire to. If I was briefly curious, Mr. Swindle has reassured me that my initial conclusion was correct. I pretty much gave up on HBO series some years ago.

    We’ve sunk to the lowest common denominator on tv. Pornography–from sexual to fetishist (and by that, I mean the graphic violence shown, because that is what the graphic violence is really about, I believe) has been normalized. The “anything goes” attitude toward sex has reduced the “social lives” of college students to ridiculous “hook-ups” that mean nothing, but are very damaging. (Not least of which the health risks of “hooking-up.” Does any other species have the array of STD’s that humans do?)

    I find it truly disturbing that a show like “Dexter” is as liked as it is. The protagonist is a serial killer! (BTW, in looking “Dexter” up on Wikipedia, I learn that a toy company is releasing an action figure based on the series.) The shows about vampires and other creatures that were monsters of my youth, have romanticized evil. (BTW, not long ago, a kid was murdered by other kids, egged on by one who claimed to be a vampire. They drank the murdered kid’s blood!)

  • Charles Martel

    Lee is spot on when he equates bloody violence and gore with pornography. I suppose we should be thankful that in place of the Roman arena we can can see humans torn apart in the privacy of our own homes via the wonders of CGI.
    We really are in the post-Christian era where the wholesale downgrading (and degrading) of human life is in full swing: unlimited abortion, the looming Obamacare death panels, increasing acceptance of the death cult that is Islam, the sacking of the universities by third-rate intellects.
    Hunker down. It’s not only going to be a bumpy night, it’s going to be a long bumpy night.

  • Ymarsakar

    Game of Thrones is about rape, incest, and various other things like that. In essence, perfect for Hollywood indoctrination. They even get paid for it.
    Now THAT’S how you fight a war. Get paid for destroying your enemy. Sell the capitalist the rope we’ll use to hang him with.

  • Ymarsakar

    Oh btw, when I say rape, I mean they have this scene, from what little research I was willing to do, where one of the women is raped by some tribalist or something or other. They were artistic enough to even show you her face while she was on her stomach, while the actors did their deed. Sort of like that stool dumping artistic play somebody else did.
    So pornography, watch out, the Hollywood and world wide stuff are “liberating” women! They are creating better competition! Artistic, lively, competition.

  • Libby

    I’ve known for years that HBO was intentionally mainstreaming/normalizing deviant behavior, not just with their popular shows, but with a lot of their more under the radar filler (the “documentaries” on strippers, porn industry, streetwalkers, etc.). A lot of their movies and mini-series have a strong liberal bent, too, such as “Game Change.” HBO is included in the base package of a lot of cable offerings, so it’s become almost as hard to avoid as MTV and MSNBC.
    *Disclaimer: I’ve enjoyed some of HBO’s productions such a “Band of Brothers,” “Harold and the Purple Crayon” & “The Wire” despite the over the top sex & violent parts that permeate their adult programming. I haven’t had HBO since moving to a satellite provider that has HBO as optional channels.

  • Ymarsakar

    Internet is worth paying for. TV/Cable tv… not so much.

  • ripple

    Is that right, Libby, that HBO is included in some basic cable plans? In my experience it’s always come at an extra price, although they might give it away for a few months to new subscribers.

  • jj

    Guys?  It’s a show about a Medieval society.  (Imaginary of course, but based on about 750 AD – early Medieval.)  Medieval societies were not kindly and warm-hearted places.  Life in those days tended to be nasty, painful, and short.  As history must have taught you, a lot of what we might regard as “deviant” behavior was normal and routine.  Bloodbaths were common.  Rape was certainly common. From the beginning of time the winners indulged.  Unfortunate, but history.  It was an ancient practice when the Romans did it to the Sabines, and 2,695 years later it was just that much older a practice when the Russians did it to every German female they could get their paws on in the waning days of WWII.  I more or less disagree with most of what David and Lutheran have to say.  I gather they don’t like it, which is fine, I’m hardly an addict myself.  But some of their reasons don’t make much sense.
    I’ve done the books, they’re not particularly well-written – though you certainly have to give Martin some credit for sheer endurance, if nothing else.  Like PG Wodehouse writing a Jeeves novel: he must have a page of outline for every page of story – how else to keep everybody straight?  However, well-written or not, they have sold, world-wide, as few other literary enterprises ever have.  Like everything that does that, from Jaws to DaVinci Code, somebody’s going to front the money to get it on a screen.  In this case HBO, with the BBC along to handle most of the production.  It’s a period piece, and if you don’t like the period you won’t like it.  Face it: the period sucked: cold water, no vodka, no no medicine, plenty of thought-out as well as casual brutality, no cigars, not much concern.
    The difference lies in what you can show today.  Who was bloodier than the Romans?  (Other than Joshua, I mean.)  Can’t remember when I first saw Spartacus, but we didn’t watch him – or any of the other 49,999 with him – get nailed up along the Via Appia.  We just saw him once he was up on the cross.  Today you wouldn’t show all 50,000 of them getting nailed up either – how boring would that be? – but you’d probably show Spartacus himself getting the treatment.  So you either imagine it for yourself, or in a later, less/more enlightened and/or honest age they show you more.  (Your imagination was just as bad, maybe worse.)
    I’m not a big fan, but I don’t see a big problem, either.  Don’t see it as nearly the mess, in a cultural sense, that Dave apparently does.  His first line baffles me a bit: “It’s a textbook example of everything that sickens me about our culture today…”  It’s not about our culture today, Dave.  What do you mean?  If you mean that what you think is wrong with our culture today is showing it, then say that.  If you lean more toward the Spartacus model and you don’t want to actually watch the Roman and slave armies collide in blood-soaked, severed limb detail, then say so.  I see it as an imaginative story of a time that is not now in a place that is not here, rooted in Medieval reality.  You don’t like it, that’s fine, you’re allowed.  Don’t watch it.

  • Ymarsakar

    That excuse gets rather old.
    The question isn’t about whether this is historically accurate. But even if it was, this accuracy is supposed to teach/entertain people what again? That their modern world should be like this, perhaps. Or that it’s “okay” for things to be like this since everyone “does it” or everyone “watches it”. Preparing them for the Totalitarian Regime where everyone will have their daughters be the sex slaves of the Ruling Class, perhaps…
    People don’t get it. They don’t comprehend social engineering. They have never participated nor studied its work in progress and successes.

  • Ymarsakar

    You’ll be watching it whether you like it or not, people. Get used to it.
    By the time the Left is done, you’ll be buying insurance and cars and your slave collars from Leftist backed Fortune 5 companies. HBO or no HBO. Game of Thrones or no Game of Thrones.
    You’ll be watching it. You’ll be paying for it. Whether you Like it or Not.

  • 94Corvette

    One of the better motivational books I read decades ago related that if we were to enter a fast food establishment with garbage on the floor, vermin scurrying around and filthy employees, we would turn on our heels and walk out, fearful of what diseases we might catch by eating there.
    Yet, in the name of ‘open minds’, we will watch the video version of this and sicken the mind. 
    What kind of logic is that?

  • lee

    I live in a time warp. We have no cable, no dish, and no functioning HD antenna. We watch DVDs of old movies and tv shows: Perry Mason (both the tv show and the 1930’s movies), Ernie Kovacs, John Wayne, Tex Ritter, the Thin Man series, Mannix…