Elbert Guillory explains why he is a Republican — and they are words that EVERY American should hear

I’ve already admitted to my crush on Elbert Guillory, a crush that formed when he was still a Democrat, although he must already have been planning to leave that party.  My political crush has just deepened into a full-blown, out-and-out case of political passion.  If you haven’t yet watched this short video Guillory made to explain why he switched parties, you must.  I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say it’s one of the most important videos I’ve ever seen.  The only thing that saddens me about it is that it won’t be run on MSNBC, or ABC, or CBS, or NBC, or NPR, or on any other major media outlet.  I think everyone should see this video, no matter their race, creed, country of national origin, or gender identity.  It’s that good:

I don’t know about you, but I’m still cheering.

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  1. SADIE says

    A pity that it took him almost a lifetime to come to his senses and after the 2012 election. Bookworm, you’ll excuse me if I don’t have pompoms in hand.

  2. johnfromcolumbus says

    I’m expecting the lunatics on MSNBC to attack this fine American.  Much like Dr. Ben Carson, the “liberals” are terrified of Elbert Guillory.  Terrified of the truth.  

  3. MacG says

    After pokin round the interwebz I found this: http://www.atlargeconference.com/Default.aspx?PageID=14932477&Page=1&A=PhotoGallery&PID=44716&Items=40 
    And it dawned on me, maybe later than most of y’all but I never had a good answer to why there are so few black Republicans, why 95% or so are Democrat, why the group think?  The Dems take it as a badge of honor and that they have the right policies.  But as I said, it dawned on me that just as black kids who aspire to do well in school (life) get harassed: ‘What u actin all white fo, Gurl?’, minority adults who have that as their base life experience naturally will not speak out conservative views for fear of being accused of ‘actin’ all Republican’.
    God Bless the At Large Conference.

  4. Mike Devx says

    Another soft-spoken, gentle man who has decided to speak out for conservatism… and who happens to be black.  Those liberals who want the blacks all in their back pocket are not going to stand for it.  But just as with Ben Carson, they’re going to struggle.
    They don’t seem to have a problem ripping apart your more outspoken black conservatives, such as Clarence Thomas and Col. Allen West.  Luckily, the outspoken ones don’t give a damn either!  They too are their own men (and women).


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