Is the Syrian civil war mugging Arabs with reality?

It seems that the absolute savagery in Syria is causing a few Arabs to revisit whether Israel and the Jews are really their enemies.  I doubt a tipping point will happen any time soon, but maybe what’s going on in Syria is, for Arabs and Muslims, the equivalent of being mugged by reality.

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  • Ymarsakar

    I doubt it. Jews will always be a convenient target, but these Jews are a bit too hard to put down. So when Muslims closer at hand are easier to kill and loot, they will kill and loot those Muslims.

  • Charles Martel

    I know that underneath the flaming anti-Semitic rhetoric Arab leaders actually look to Israel as the unacknowledged leader of push-back against Iran’s regional ambitions. I remember when the news leaked out that the Saudis had given the Israelis tacit permission to fly over their air space if the time ever came for Israel to attack Iran.
    But this is typical cynical behind-the-scenes maneuvering by elites determined to stay in power by any possible means—a category that includes Assad. For the man in the Arab Street, Jews or no Jews, he exists as a perpetual subject. Like his god, Allah, his rulers treat him as they will. If that treatment occasionally involves savagery, that is the price ones pays for not having been predestined by Allah to be among the elite.
    So individual Arabs, maybe even small groups, may come to the realization that they’ve been fed a very un-nutritious swill of Jew hate, but so what? There is no civil society, no rules of decent conduct, no intellectual tradition, no concept of citizenship that will make any muggings by reality really take. As soon as the new set of oppressors is installed in Damascus, or Assad murders enough people to quell the rebellion against him, life in Araby will return to normal: “Hey, how come conditions here are so miserable? It must be the fault of the Joooos!” 

  • 11B40

    I understand your premise, but I think you underestimate our enemies.  As Fouad Ajami has written, those are the lands of “I against my brother; my brother and I against our cousin; my cousin, my brother, and I against the stranger”.  
    Those there know the tribal Arab Islamic miasma in which they are entrapped.  It’s the kuffars who should not know.

  • Michael Adams

    Martel, Jane Jacobs had a whole chapter on the problems of Araby, the sad circumstance that they have NO Commercial syndrome to speak of, and a huge Guardian group.  People merely try to live in the cracks and crevices between groups of Guardians. As Occupy Resolute Desk “fundamentally changes America” he is pushing more and more of us into a similar position.  It is not coincidence that Third World, Guardian-dominant societies have a fundamental  contempt for  law, law which they know is not in their interest. Ordinary people are made outlaws.
    Siding with both Islamists and illegals is a natural course of action for him.

  • jj

    Have to agree with Martel – the Arabs have been getting mugged by reality for over a thousand years now, quelle difference?   Reality is not a concept that resonates with them.  (And, come to think of it, why should it?  We’ll brainlessly PC ourselves to death, in the long run the morons will win – and they know it.  Their reality is that we’re even bigger morons.)