How to Gum Up the Works?

Saul Alinsky was a wicked man, and perhaps the wickedest advice he gave his acolytes was “make them play by their own rules.”

So here’s a thought experiment: What are some non-violent acts that resistors to the current federal regime could commit that would royally gum up the government bureaucracy and perhaps starve the beast of funds–all the while playing by its rules?

Please ransack your imaginations and offer some tactics. To get things started, I’ll offer two:

Create a Geezer Shock Corps (not pronounced “corpse,” Barry) where tens of thousands of old farts like me who really don’t have anything left to lose engage in acts of civil disobedience. We’ll flood the courts and jails with old-people stink and cost the gubmint an arm and a leg to keep us locked up. When the Feds begin mistreating us–and they will, because it’s their nature and we’re going to cost them a lot–even the Whore Media will get off its knees long enough to report the elder abuse.

Fill in the wrong race or sex on every application for college or government funding. Force the authorities to reveal their criteria for determining who belongs to which race or sex. Sue them for violating what the Supremes have said is every person’s right to determine his/her/its own take on what makes the universe run and his/her/its place in it.

Any and all ideas for non-violently sabotaging the elitists who have hijacked our country are welcome.

NSA Disclaimer: Chuck Martel is not calling for the violent overthrow of you cretinous yahoos. He simply wonders what intelligent people might do to get you all in a panties-tied-up-in-a-bunch tizzy.

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  1. jj says

    Hell, I’ve been doing that stuff for years…  I also have the great benefit of genuine hazel eyes.  Depending on what I wear and how I stand in the sun, well…  my passport thinks my eyes are brown; my driver’s license opines they’re green.  Registration goes with brown; CCL, green; boat license green; WGA West ID brown; hospital ID green – it’s good for some minor amusement!  (I’m simple, and easily pleased.)   

  2. Dfs says

    I’ve been wondering about this how to stage a conservative insurrection, seriously, for quite a while.  I haven’t been able to come up with much:
    I don’t e-file my taxes and make sure as many forms as are necessary, and perhaps even a few workpapers, are included in the envelope that goes to the IRS.
    I don’t fill out anything that arrives with “Your response is required by law” on it, namely that survey from the Census Bureau that lots of people get every now and then, as well as a multi-page form the USDA wants me to fill out because  have an 18% interest in some barren land in West Texas.
    I’ve thought about what would happen if everybody were to apply for everything, whether we’re eligible or not, thus overwhelming the system.  But I’ll bet that most of us who have a high level of frustration with the government also have a high frustration level with government forms and are unwilling to use the time we have away from work in that fashion.
    Beyond that, I’m stuck.  I pray that the intelligent and devious minds who post here will have more, and better, ideas.

  3. Robert Arvanitis says

    Go Galt. They can’t tax intellectual property. So generate just enough cash for daily living, and live just at their own self-defined taxable limit. All the rest goes towards deferred assets. If you are a writer, write. If you are an engineer, solve other peoples’ problems and let them (plumber, carpenter, baker…) solve yours.
    Barter?  Heavens no!  Just coincidental kindness.  Let them pursue every nickle and dime and lose money every step of the way.
    They can NOT make enough examples to make it matter.
    The Irish did it.  Before them so did the Indians to the Brits.
    The beauty of it is that they know that you know that they are powerless.
    I’d say ****’em, except they don’t deserve the pleasure.

  4. weathtd says

    When the Census long form arrived, I refused to fill it out.  After 8 threatening phone calls and 4 visits to my door where they were told to get off the property, I answered some of the questions.  Q.   What is your race?  A.  Asking that question is a violation of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.   Q.  What is your ethnicity?  A.  American.  Response, that’s not one of the choices listed.  Counter, that’s the only answer you’re going to get.   Q.  What time do you leave for work?  A.  None of your damn business.   Most of the other questions were answered by telling them to check with other agencies that already have the information.  The supervisor got so frustrated they hung up on me instead of me hanging up.  When they threatened me again I told them to go ahead and call the US Marshal.  Still waiting!

  5. biancaneve says

    If transgenders can “self-identify” their sex, why can’t we all self-identify our race?  And if Elizabeth Warren can claim to be Native American because she feels like it, why don’t we all do the same?  Let’s all claim to be minority status and apply for every minority benefit there is.

  6. Mike Devx says

    Going Galt is a definite solution… but it won’t gum up their works.
    Charles has one right idea: Nonviolent resistance with arrest that causes them to have to process you. But it will go on your record, and you’ll spend the night in jail.  Still, if you’re willing to pay that price, it’s worth it.  Just don’t do it alone.  THAT will not gum up their works.  You must organize a group and have them arrest and handle you as a group.  And a multi-city demonstration such that many cities in your area are forced to deal with you all is even better.
    I’m putting my thinking cap on.  See what I can come up with.

  7. Robert Arvanitis says

    Charles is talking about gumming up the works directly, which hurts their COST side.
    But going Galt starves the beast, kills their REVENUES, and by the way, raises their enforcement costs intolerably.
    Hit’em everywhere, I say.

  8. Spartacus says

    - When your doctor is pressured into uploading your digitized medical records to that great big federal database in the sky, sue the feds for making him do it.  Assert that there is a right to privacy for what happens in a doctor’s office.  Cite Roe v. Wade.  Watch them squirm.
    – or –
    - Surreptitiously transplant an endangered species into the landscaping of your favorite useless federal facility.  Sue to have the facility shut down.  Many environmental lawsuits are eligible for government funding of both sides, so it might not cost anything.  (Bonus: Transplant the Delta Smelt.  Double-bonus: Polar Bear on a floating block of ice.)
    – or –
    - Make a batch of popcorn.  Wait for the gum already in the machine to work into all the gears:

  9. says

    If you really want to gum up the works, look up O Keefe’s project Veritas.
    Propaganda is the weapon most underestimated by insurgencies and counter insurgencies alike. Information is power, in a fashion, and that’s why dictators often attempt to control the media.

  10. Michael Adams says

    Chuck Hammer said a mouth-full of good stuff. Reading Rules for Radicals closely, and doing as they do, I would think that filing endless lawsuits, one following another, could conceivably tie everything up for the next three years. Stonewalling subpoenas, if they do it often enough, creates voluminous propaganda against themselves, which is the very most essential Rule. The Demagogue Party have used this to very malevolent effect, in Colorado and Alaska. Looking at the Great Chessboard, here, I see that they will first try to do more of the same, and then try some sort of end-run. If Republicans were better politicians, we’d already be thinking of this, and the next move after it. Alas, so far, we’re not.

  11. Charles Martel says

    “If Republicans were better politicians, we’d already be thinking of this, and the next move after it. Alas, so far, we’re not.”
    Michael, I think you just wrote the preface to the Great Awakening that is taking place among Republicans. I replied to a Prince Reibus e-mail a few days ago and told him to take my name off the GOP solicitation list. I really have no interest in supporting ball-less wonders like McCain, McConnell, Rubio, and Boehner. If those she-men can’t get it through their heads to put up a fight when the U.S. is facing existential danger, they never will.
    So, with luck and effort, your sentence may soon read, “Conservatives are better politicians and are already thinking of this and the next move after it.”

  12. Caped Crusader says

    DEAR COUSINS: (and this includes all of you)
    There is a higher percentage (at the present time and until further info develops) that we are ALL descended from EVE a common ancestor in East Africa. Does that not make us all African-American?
    I propose that we all change our race to AA and challenge the government to prove otherwise. Since all liberals believe in established science, as with global warming, they would be hard pressed to deny, n’est pas?

  13. Caped Crusader says

    Edit of previous
    DEAR COUSINS: (and this includes all of you)
    There is a higher percentage of scientific agreement (at the present time and until further info develops) that we are ALL descended from EVE a common ancestor in East Africa. Does that not make us all African-American?
    I propose that we all change our race to AA and challenge the government to prove otherwise. Since all liberals believe in established science, as with global warming, they would be hard pressed to deny, n’est pas?

  14. says

    Theoretically Rules for Radicals would work against the Left. But it won’t, at least not to the same effect.
    What the Revolution used to achieve power, they will not let anyone else use against them. They will have specific counters to such things. Doesn’t mean it won’t hurt them, but it does mean that all the excuses for why Khomeini wasn’t tortured and executed by the Shah, won’t do you any good because the Left will merely get rid of you. The Shah didn’t get rid of Khomeini and so the Shia theocracy took power and wiped out the naysayers afterwards. If the Shah had the will and ruthlessness to wipe out Khomeini, the Shia theocracy would have had a harder time.
    Thus Revolutions are often about replacing one corrupt and useless regime with an even more corrupt, but more ruthless and evil one.
    There are exceptions like the US; patriots fought when the entire population wasn’t on board and often wasn’t willing to give up the fruits of middle class prosperity, that is why they could produce the miracle under divine providence that occurred. Waiting until the entire population is “with the Revolution” is not victory. A population that tries everything it can to use political persuasion, and fails, will be left with the last resort of war. Which is another way of saying they have lost before they have begun to fight, if they waited that long. Miracles don’t always happen though.
    People who wait too long to revolt, often cannot fix the situation and will need to use terror to keep the raging mob in check. For if the crowd cannot fight the regime, it will fight you once you overthrow the regime. Much of the work of a Revolution is cleaning up the bodies after final victory happens.
    So what is a successful Revolution? It’s one where people don’t wait until the entire system blows up and everyone loses faith in it. Because recovering such faith would be almost impossible. Instead, internal and external reforms are easier to undertake. And a revolution is probably the most convenient way to force reforms. However, if the entire nation doesn’t support the revolution, then the patriots must rely on external support (French).
    Who is going to support us in our next revolution or civil war, though? How long are we going to wait until the “last resort” of war? If war is the last resort as many people who wish to avoid says it is, then isn’t appeasement and slavery going to be utilized before war?

  15. Charles Martel says

    One of Communism’s greatest maxims is “heighten the contradictions.” Ymarsakar is correct to say that the regime now in power won’t allow or be swayed by Alinsky-style tactics. Our lawsuits would be thrown out of court and our demonstrators would be violently arrested and harshly punished. But those reactions would strip the mask off the regime–heighten the contradictions–and force it to resort openly to the exercise of naked power. When the lines are that clearly drawn, a decisive showdown will become certain.
    So, as Ymarsakar asks, what version of France will come to our aid? I can’t think of any nation on earth outside of Israel that would even think about coming to the assistance of American patriots in a civil war. However, who says we would need a nation to help our resistance? The Chinese have been diligently working for years on a means of disabling the U.S. military and federal infrastructure electronically. I assume that for every cyber geek in Chinese captivity, we have a freelance conservative or libertarian geek of our own. Our geeks’ ability to literally stop the beast by cutting off its communications or screwing with its logistical capabilities could be our own internal, home-grown, latter-day France.
    Another thing to keep in mind is that our military and security people pay some very good brains to sit around trying to think like and anticipate the jihadists. If you have few resources but relative freedom to move around in a land you despise, you can commit a lot of low-tech mayhem. If you pile on the incidents–fuel raging forest fires in several states, sabotage poorly guarded power plants, phone in hundreds or thousands of bomb threats, hijack trucks and use them to block highways—you can strain an infrastructure to the breaking point. The country is simply too big for its own military to patrol, and our increasingly militarized police forces are in many cases police farces (Boston bombers, anyone?).
    I am not suggesting any of these actions. What I am suggesting is that we imagine what creates the greatest fear in the regime’s experts. What kinds or frequencies of attack exploit the greatest vulnerabilities? Figure those out and keep them in mind if Obama’s thugs become even more brazen and emboldened. 

  16. Spartacus says

    Colorado.  Boston.  France.
    There is a movement in ten counties in northern Colorado which would like to become North Colorado, and secede from the People’s Republic of Denver.  This particular idea has a 0.00% chance of success, because neither Denver nor DC is about to sign off on the idea of adding two deeply conservative senators to the US Senate, and most folks across the country are unwilling to consider new ideas outside of a relatively narrow scope, regardless of the merits.  Adding another star to the flag?  Waaay outside that scope.  (Bunch of weirdos want to make everyone buy new flags?  Pffft!  What… ever!)  But what if those ten counties and Wyoming mutually agreed to an annexation by Wyoming?  And if the people of those ten counties and of Wyoming voted on it?  At that point, it starts resonating with the “democracy” and “free choice” instincts within most Americans (and no one has to buy a new flag).  Much more importantly though, it restarts a process that stopped 64 years ago, and has been out-of-sight-out-of-mind since then: the drawing and redrawing of state lines.  Given the increasing divide between Right and Left which is geographically visible, this might be another “shot heard round the world,” and start a small avalanche of such redrawings.  This would be a nightmare for The Left, partly because of their loss of influence over conservative areas, and partly because to enforce their will against any nullification movements in such areas, they would be forced to mount up in armored vehicles and look like the thugs they are, enforcing their will against peaceful Red County folks wearing happy-face T-shirts and waving American flags.  Horrid PR.
    And that brings us to Boston.  In the original Tea Party, a bunch of tea belonging to some rich merchant may have been dumped into the harbor, but the only other property damage was a broken padlock, and the Tea Partiers were careful to present the owner with a replacement padlock.  And while they may have been dressed up as Indians, there were no Hollywood costume specialists there at the time, and certainly no actual intent to fool anyone.  Just a bunch of fun-loving guys from the local pub after a pint or two with some very silly “Indian” costumes boldly sticking it to the rich and powerful and conscientiously taking pains to see that no financial harm came to anyone else, and that no one was injured.  Great PR.
    May God richly bless the French, but we don’t need them.  Or anyone else.  If 30% of a country of 300 million retains conservative, traditional American values, that’s 90 million True Americans.  We’re mixed in with a lot of folks who don’t appreciate the Founding Principles, and therefore diluted, but ultimately, 90 million True Americans can re-forge any political system if they choose to do so.

  17. SADIE says

    We’ve all read the headline and story …  IRS Sent $46 Million in Tax Refunds to 23,994 ‘Unauthorized’ Aliens — All at the SAME Address in Atlanta.
    How to gum up the works? Seems to me, the ‘works’ are pretty much already gummed up. Short of leaving the country, re-entering as a foreigner illegally, demand all the rights denied us in [pick location of choice here] demand asylum and free benefits. For good measure, threaten any three-letter department that you’ll go directly to the NYT with a story and be creative – what the hell, write a book, the Times will review it, applaud it and it will take ages before they discover the truth, if ever.  I am working on my new identity and dropping the ‘e’. Call me - Sadiya, burka-clad oppressed woman. 

  18. says

    The COIN methodology discovered in Iraq by General Petraeus and others, will effectively crush any insurgency, whether led by patriots or communists. However, the COIn philosophy is mostly incompatible with the Left. If they do use it, foreign sources of military or some other kind of aid will be required to balance things out. I have never heard of an insurgency that, lacking resources, manpower, and tech, were able to defeat more numerous and more technologically superior foes.
    If US patriots obtain greater tech or other advantages, then foreign assistance would be more sabotage than cake. If US patriots are targeted using the COIN methods successfully utilized in Iraq… not much of the resistance will be left.
    No matter whether the veil of illusion drops from people’s eyes or not, 100 WACOs and their requisite body bags of women, men, and children, will still be required.
    Such a price cannot be avoided forever, even by the people who abhor war and cruelty.
    It is because it cannot be avoided that I feel hate as well as sadness, love as well as regret. There are simulations of insurgencies and mafia style organized crime and the resistance to it seen by me…. the resistance almost never has an edge or good odds against the occupation if the occupation is evil and the resistance good.
    The common sense expectation is that freedom fighters, the resistance, and rebels have an easy time propaganda wise (free cease fires) and military wise. In reality, that’s not the case. It’s only easy against people with gentle ROEs like the US military or the dying British Empire in India. Pure unbridled COIN, as practiced either by competent humanists or incompetent cruel tyrants, is far more effective than the insurgency’s options. It’s not an easy thing to accept, but it is what it is. If humanity could have came up with a way to defeat these odds, they would have.
    And if America is the example of that miracle, then America’s fate will be its own explanation.
    Effort in war is not meaningless. Fighting to the end is not meaningless. Dying free and not enslaved has meaning. But I was taught not to sugar coat things nor to accept such products of a mythological empire. Whether people strike out in hate or in sadness, what will matter is the military resources of an empire and its rebels.

  19. Mike Devx says

    A significant revolt won’t happen during the Obama years.  But Obama is just a tool of those who seek complete government control over every aspect of our lives.  It won’t end when Obama leaves office in January 2016.  He’s done a serious and damnably effective job of advancing their agenda.  They’ll be looking for their next Obama.
    If things continue as they are, there *will* eventually be a broad, national protest movement. It will apparently burst out of nowhere, as did the Tea Party, and surprise everyone when it happens.  Hard to tell what the exact trigger event will be in advance, though.
    The protest will be 95% non-violent.  But similar to the 60′s hippie movement, which had its small contingent if violent protestors (think Bill Ayers and the SDS). the conservative protest *will* have a violent contingent, those who think the government has crossed certain lines that demand a violent response.  The media will taint everyone in the protest movement with those who become violent.  It won’t matter.
    I think the far left will find one or more Obamas to effectively lead their cause.  I think the protest response to that will occur.  This will all happen within twenty years.  I just can’t say for sure exactly *when*.
    Those will be very interesting times.

  20. Danny Lemieux says

    The big problem that we face, though, is that Obama is not the problem. The people that vote for Obama are the problem. And there are many of them. They are sheeple believers that cannot and will not connect consequences to the product of their ideas and actions.
    So, they will need to find others to demonize in order to justify their beliefs and actions. A good case in point is the Zimmerman-Martin trial: I am just floored at how so many people that I know, who consider themselves to be good people, have exhibited such a clear lynch-mob bloodlust based on a few snippets of (false) information gleaned from the Liberal/Left mainstream media.
    How easily they are led and how unthinking and self-unaware they are: how can you even start a conversation about democratic (small “d”) principles and civics with people like that? They are the problem.

  21. Charles Martel says

    Danny, I agree. My wife and I had dinner recently with two couples, both extremely liberal, whom we have known for years. Everybody around the table is aware that I’m a conservative, so the conversation usually avoids overt politics. Still, the liberal mindset oozes out in even the most casual exchanges.
    For example, references in passing to something Rachel Maddow (!) said, without a whit or trace of awareness that the woman specializes in mendacious Marxist swill. They simply cannot detect propaganda. Sneering references to “for-profit” colleges or other private enterprises, and dismay that the America’s Cup yacht races on San Francisco Bay will not monetarily benefit the poor people in San Francisco’s oppressed neighborhoods. The causal assumption that black flight from San Francisco is the result of racism (rather than savvy old black couples cashing in on houses now worth 10x more than they paid for them and moving to low-crime areas where they can have an actual backyard). The unstated belief that black people are the city’s property and that the city is mismanaging its possessions.
    The couples involved have two Ph.D.s and two MBAs among them. Yet they are so cluelessly reactionary that I have to stifle either hysterical laughter or groans when I hear their absurdities. So when I read you referring to low-info dolts who are ready to sell this country for a mess of pottage, I realize that the rot runs all the way through the intelligence spectrum. From college kids and school teachers at the low end of the spectrum to psychologists and bankers (my friends) at the top, the span of doltery is enormous.

  22. Caped Crusader says

    Eisenhower’s warning of the military-industrial complex pales in comparison to what is today’s greatest danger to our survival, and a term I have never heard, namely the government-educational complex. Education today, especially in the non scientific fields, seems to be, “learn only and regurgitate back only what we teach you, and nothing else, and never think for yourself at all. Kids today are sucked in, acquire needless debt, and taught Pablum as entry to a decent job. Similar to the song i a G&S opera where a man rises to First Lord of the Admiralty by never thinking for himself at all. We have become an ever increasing nation of Stepford people.

  23. says

    I repeat my declaration and prophecy from before. If Obama is not elected in 2012, civil war will become inevitable in the US in 50-100 years. If Obama is elected in 2012, civil war becomes inevitable within 25 years or less.
    That is the sum total conclusion I derived from all the information and analytic resources I have obtained at that time.
    Thus while I cheered on Sarah Palin’s entrance to the candidacy in 2008, I said almost nothing about political victory for patriots vis a vis Romney’s Presidential candidacy. Because It Did Not Matter. All Romney could have done was slowed the corrosion and cancer by a few decades. The politicians do not understand what is happening, except the ones that do and profit from it.
    If politicians understood, why do you think they democratically voted in a Chancellor called Adolf? They did so because they thought it would fix their factional infighting and the nation’s problems as a result. Those who cared the most for their people, nominated their people’s destroyer.

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