The continued African-American death wish

Here’s a concept to keep in the back of your mind as you read this post:  Black people — especially black men — in America are murdered at a rate far greater than their representation in the American population.  While blacks make up less than 13% of the population, more than 50% of those murdered in America are black (and, if you drill even further down, you’ll see these murders happen primarily in Democrat-run cities).

And now to my post….

Ebony magazine has hopped on the Trayvon Martin bandwagon by using four different covers for its current edition, all of them showing famous black men wearing hoodies.

Ebony magazine covers

Trayvon, of course, was wearing a hoody the night he attacked George Zimmerman and died as a result of that attack.  The jury concluded that, given the undisputed evidence that Trayvon was attacking him, Zimmerman was acting in self-defense.  Importantly, Florida has a self-defense law called “stand your ground,” which means that, if someone is threatening your life, you don’t have to try to run and hide — you can fight back, even if it means you kill the attacker. Neither the prosecution nor the defense referenced that law, but it existed as a subtext to the case.

On the right hand side of each celebrity cover, you can see the phrase “Repeal Stand Your Ground.”  This reflects the fact that the race hustlers latched onto “stand your ground” as an inherently racist doctrine.  In the world view they’re selling to American blacks, “stand your ground” laws are actually official permission to lynch black people.

Logical minds (that would include mine, of course), see a problem with the race hustlers’ world view:  given that black man are proportionately more likely to be killed than any other group in America, it makes sense to give them the optimal ability to defend themselves against attempted murder.  Absent that right, they are sitting ducks.  The perpetrator thinks, “Hah!  I’m going to shoot you regardless of any laws, because I don’t give a flying f*** about the law.  But you — well, you might care about the law.  That means that there’s a good chance that, if you’re even marginally law-abiding, you either won’t be armed to defend yourself or, if you’re armed, you’ll hesitate to act for fear of getting in trouble yourself — which gives me enough time to shoot you dead.”

When we refuse to give law-abiding citizens arms, and we ensure that the laws fail to give them an affirmative right of self-defense, we’re committing a peculiarly Darwinian experiment, one that sees us, as a society, do whatever we can to stamp out the genes of law-abiding citizens in favor of those people who engage in feral, murderous, amoral, and immoral behavior.

I posted it yesterday, but I’m going to post it again today.  Please watch Elbert Guillory’s video on behalf of his Free At Last PAC, and please consider donating to the case.  It’s time to counter the racist Leftist Darwinism, one that sees African-Americans a helpless, albeit periodically murderous subspecies, with tidal waves of well-founded faith in the brotherhood and equality of all people, regardless of race, color, creed (if their creed rejects religious totalitarianism), or national origin:

Please consider contributing to the Free At Last PAC.

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  • ami

    Once again, the screams of ‘raaaacissstttt’ are very loud and the thoughtful dialog completely missing.

    Larry Correia posted this to his blog recently about Stand your ground, legal issues surrounding it and some very clear explanations (meaning a regular person… me… can understand.)

  • Charles Martel

    Just as the Jews are plagued with self-haters, blacks are plagued with sell-outs like Jackson, Sharpton, Holder, Glover, Fox, Winfrey, and the NAACP, who are all in what it comes to doing Massa’s work. Inveigling most of one part of the American population into voting like zombies is far more important to the Democratic Party than the fact that to produce a zombie, you have to kill a mind.

  • erisguy

    They will not be turned from their path of self-destruction.

  • MacG

    Well according to this Tampa Bay Times interactive statistic chart show that blacks use stand your ground laws to successfully defend themselves more often than whites are successful in claiming said law.

  • Wolf Howling

    At the same time LBJ was proposing legislation to “help” the black community, the then Conservative standard bearer, Barry Goldwater, was taking a stand against the Civil Rights Act of 1964 on the grounds of federalism.  He was right on the law, but the optics, combined with far left grass roots activism, drove blacks right into the arms of the left.  Since then, no, and I repeat, no conservative or Republican administration has made a push for the black vote.  To do so means running the gauntlet of the racial grievance industry.  At least up until the last decade, that tactic has been rational.  No need to waste money and end conservative political careers. But we are now long past the time when Republicans should be making a huge push for the black vote.  One, the liberal agenda has utterly failed blacks.  Two, the Obama economy has utterly failed blacks.  Three, blacks are second rung citizens in the Liberal Pantheon – with moneyed interests (i.e., teachers unions, radical greens, radical homosexuals) firmly above them.  Whenever the moneyed interests come in conflict with the interests of blacks, blacks lose.  There is no better example of this than Obama ending the DC School Choice program at the insistence of public unions.  That program gave DC’s poorest black children the opportunity to opt out of our nation’s worst public school system and attend the same schools that Obama’s children are attending. This is not 1964 anymore – despite how the racial grievance industry wants to portray America, particularly in light of the Zimmerman case.  White racism is no longer an external cause of the problems in the black community.  One woman, at one of Rev. Al’s rallies to lynch George Zimmerman held up a sign that sums up everything about the state of racism and the complete canard of today’s racial grievance industry.  To quote from a woman who obviously has benefited from the teacher’s union inner city education model: “Racisms Alive.  They just be hiding it.” When the racial grievance industry cannot point to actual racism in society, it is now time to go after the black vote.  True, the entire weight of the racial grievance industry will fall on us, but so what.  It does that already – and there is only so long that they can keep screaming “racisim” to cover up objective reality.   I spent my life in ultra integrated society in the military.  None of the many blacks that I served with, under or over were in any way different or any more out of touch with reality than any other American.  Bottom line, there is a huge portion of the black community that is amenable to a conservative message.  It is just a matter of making it a focus and refusing to back down to the Reverend Al’s.  Senator Guillory’s effort is a good start.  We need to be demanding that Reince Priebus and Karl Rove join him. 

  • Ymarsakar

    It’s easy to use such methods to keep their slaves down. After all, it’s indistinguishable from how Democrats got Southerners to vote Democrat all the time. Racism and institutional racism is indeed alive. So is slavery. Until the enemies of the Left co opt this and use it to attack the Left, blacks will be hard to free from their chains.
    Or are people going to fall back on that sad sack of an excuse, that the Left or Democrats have “good intentions” towards blacks, that this isn’t based on heir historical eugenic, caste, and race based superiority programs?

  • raymondjelli

    The name Bernie Goetz is being remembered and the Left is now using that name as another talking point as if the Goetz case didn’t underline the problem.  When lawlessness breaks out and people can not trust the government to police the streets they will take to defending themselves.  It is inevitable that they do so and we all have a right to do so.
    It is an inversion of reality that somehow these men were targeting others. Men like Zimmerman and Goetz whatever the case may be in terms of how they reacted would not have acted as they did if in their lives there were not real threats that normal people should not have to live with.  Men like them peacefully go about their business.  There are plenty of others who are in a very different business and take full advantage when areas come under economic and social distress.
    The liberal attack dogs and the race hucksters know this but it is far more convenient not to talk about that angle. Most of those people are not relevant when times are good, streets are safe and the economy is growing.  They need the breakdown to feed and dysfunctional and corrupt local governments love them because they support a negative status quo and not more demanding (and less profitable for the corrupt) reform.

  • MacG

    “Three, blacks are second rung citizens in the Liberal Pantheon – with moneyed interests (i.e., teachers unions, radical greens, radical homosexuals) firmly above them. ”
    Even second wrung works here.  Shame really.

  • erisguy

    Where is Ivory magazine with its counter-cover:
    We are all…
    Aaron Sander
    Heather Muller
    Ann Walenta
    Christopher Newsom
    Channon Christian
    Nicole Brown Simpson
    Craign Pepin
    Brian Cirigliano
    George Zimmerman

  • Earl

    We are all Christopher Cervini:
    We are all Daniel Cicciaro Jr.:
    Only “we” aren’t.  I, for one, would NEVER go to someone’s house and shout threats, so my chances of being shot by an angry (or scared) homeowner are vanishingly small.
    Likewise, only a small percentage of black people in this country would sucker punch a neighborhood watchman who was following them through a gated working-class subdivision after dark….so that their chances of being shot by someone afraid for his life are equally small.
    The jackasses posturing on the cover of Ebony are working out their own mental and social problems by exacerbating the racial tensions in our country….tensions that enrich a small minority of people and make life worse for the vast majority of Americans of whatever color or ethnicity.  That makes them “evil” in my book.